Generations React To 10 Things That Were #1 This Week (Lana Del Rey, Joker, K-Pop)

– She’s a giant. – Oh, what a good friend. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
be showing you ten things that were number one this week
across movies, music, YouTube, and beyond
to get your thoughts on some of the biggest things
happening this week. – Okay, cool, cool.
I’m probably not gonna catch up.
I live in the ’80s. – (FBE) So do you think you’re
up to date on current trends and popular stuff?
– I’m very trendy. No. – I’m usually–
every day, I’ll just browse trending on YouTube,
so that’s how I just stay on my news. – (FBE) So to get things started,
we’re gonna show you the number one movie trailer
in America from this week. – Awesome. – I’m trying to think of any
movies that come to mind. – (woman) Arthur, I have
some bad news. – Oh, the Joker trailer,
obviously. That was this week? – Oh, it’s the Joker.
Joaquin Phoenix. – (woman) This is the last
time we’ll be meeting. – Oh boy.
Okay. – I’m so [bleep] stoked for this.
Beyond stoked. – I feel like Joaquin’s gonna
be really good. – (gasps) – Ew.
He licked the face paint. – Oh my God. – I’m gonna see the hell
out of that movie. – That was sick. – I’m so excited for this.
I’m not gonna lie. – This looks so gruesome,
but he looks so great. – (FBE) So, that was the
number one movie trailer in America right now.
– I think it’s number one because it’s a villain movie
and there are not that many of those. – (FBE) One of the main
aspects of the film that people are talking about
leading up to its release is Joaquin Phoenix’s performance,
especially as it compares to the late Heath Ledger,
who played the role for the Dark Knight franchise.
– Oh yeah. – Casting wise, I would have
never thought, “Oh, he could play Joker.”
but then the second I saw the trailer, I was like,
“Wow, I feel like that’s gonna be great.” – (FBE) Next up, we wanted
to show you the number one album on the Billboard charts,
but since we just released an episode reacting to
Taylor Swift’s Lover, instead we’re gonna show you
the number one album in the UK.
– Wow, Lover was number one? Wow, I’m surprised by that. ♪ Summertime and the living’s
easy ♪ – I love this woman. – She’s a giant. – She’s a little big,
a little tall, this lady. – What’s her name?
Wait, she looks really familiar. – Dude, I love how she covered
this song. It’s all over the radio.
It’s so good. – ♪ Run to the party
Dance to the rhythm ♪ ♪ It gets hotter ♪ – Am I just too old now?
I don’t know who that is. – Now that was cool. – I really like the song.
Was it Sublime that did it originally? – I just love that song.
A lot of covers, they feel the same, where this feels like a totally
different song. – Like they used to say on
the Dick Clark show, “It has a good beat.” – (FBE) So, that was the song,
Doin’ Time from Lana’s sixth studio album,
titled Norman [Bleep] Rockwell. – Loving the name. – (FBE) Lana said the name
of her album is both a joke and a revelation,
but why do you think she would name her album
this way? – I don’t think I really
understand a lot of things she does. She’s kinda artsy and kinda
angsty, but it’s just like, that’s her.
You don’t really question it. – Norman Rockwell represented–
I mean, I think I know. He represented–
he drew all these pictures of a perfect family
and a perfect middle America. It sounds to me like
she’s saying, “Hey, we’re all here.” – (FBE) Next up, we’re gonna
show you the most viewed video on YouTube this week.
– I’m not gonna know this one, for sure. – (woman) What the hell
is going on, Colonel Luthra? – (man) Kabir has gone rogue,
ma’am. – Dang, he got big muscles. – It’s a James Bond type. – This is like Mission Impossible. – Very intense.
Looks like a good spy movie. – Whoa. – Okay, this is gonna be cool. – That man was ripped.
He could break a glass bottle with his bicep, just like–
(glass breaking) – What’s the opposite
of a chick flick? Whatever that’s called,
a bro movie. – (FBE) So, that was a trailer
for an up and coming Indian Hindi language film
titled War. So we’re curious, was this
something you knew was so popular online
before today? – I did not know that at all
whatsoever. I go on Trending and all I see
is PewDiePie, so… – Hey, if it’s getting a platform,
great. I think we need to see more
of what’s out there. – (FBE) Now we’re gonna be
showing you the most viewed music video on YouTube
this week. – Okay. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – Oh, K-pop, okay. – Some of this K-pop
I keep hearing about. – They’re fantastic, these guys.
I don’t know who they are, but oh my gosh. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪
– I love K-pop music videos. – They just have such good
dance moves. – It’s a really nice beat
and I love it. ♪ Fly high, high, high, high
Flash ♪ – This is a jam. – Very fun.
I’m not surprised that’s the most viewed.
Oh my God, K-pop community, views every time. – (FBE) So, that was a song
called Flash by K-pop boy band called X1.
– X1, they’re good. – (FBE) So, K-pop is regularly
been hitting some of the top spots, especially
when it comes to YouTube. So, what do you think
it is about K-pop that drives such huge
numbers? – Because they’re so cool, man.
Everybody wants to be like them. They’re K-pop dancing so fast
and it’s so cool. I can’t even catch a breath
how cool it is. – I see K-pop, I’m like, “Oh.”
I have to watch. – (FBE) Up next is the number one
Reddit post of the week. – Ooh, I’m gonna take a guess
it’s monkey bro. – Oh, I saw this.
This was so wholesome. – This is so cute. – (man) Can you help me up? – Dude, I want a monkey friend. – Whoa, that’s cool. – Oh, what a good friend. – (man) Good boy.
Fist bumps, yeah. – Oh my goodness.
Chimps just amaze me. – I don’t think people
really realize how strong chimpanzees actually are. – It makes me wonder how
sentient they are, how much–
what level of consciousness they have compared to humans. – I can see why that’s
number one. – (FBE) So up next,
we’re gonna be showing you the number one song
on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. – Okay. ♪ I just took a DNA test ♪ – Lizzo. – ♪ Turns out I’m 100%
that [bleep] ♪ It hasn’t been already
number one? – I hear it on the radio
every other day. – I just like her so much. – Lizzo’s just the epitome
of girl power. I just love her. ♪ You could’ve had a bad [bleep] ♪
– Too many beeps. ♪ Help you with your career
just a little ♪ – This song played at a bar
the other night and I ran to the dance floor
so quick. ♪ Tell it straight to my face
Truth hurts, needed something ♪ ♪ More exciting
Bom bom bi bom ♪ – She deserves everything
she has right now and more. – I heard she plays the flute
or something and I aspire to play the flute like her. – When I first became aware
of it was at the award show and she just–
the one where she came out and she played the flute
and everything, blew me away. – (FBE) So, that was Lizzo’s
hit song, Truth Hurts, which as of shooting this episode
today finally reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
– And I helped so much because I listened to that song
seven times every single hour of every day. – (FBE) So, this song has
actually been out since 2017, but recently became super popular.
The music video has nearly 100 million views and the song
went double platinum and has nearly 300 million
streams on Spotify. – Really? – It kinda took it a minute
to go, but once it caught traction, we love it. – (FBE) So why do you think
so many people are obsessed with this song?
– I mean, it is super catchy. She’s just swagging all
over the place. – It’s a dope [bleep] anthem.
It’s like, “No, [bleep], I don’t need you.”
It’s good dancing music and it just gets you
all hyped up. – A lot of people out there
felt insecure about their size, myself.
Looking at this, there’s a whole happy,
butch group of people now out there, men and women
both because of what Lizzo has done. – (FBE) Coming up next is
the number one breakout YouTuber of the week.
– Oh man. I’m not gonna know this one either. – Oh my gosh. – Oh, I saw this guy.
I saw this exact video. – I saw this video. – No, no. – (man) I thought you were
my ex. Oh my God.
– (girl) You’re good. – She said, “you’re good.” – (man) I feel like the biggest
idiot right now. – Okay. – (girl) It’s okay.
– (man) I can pay for that. – (girl) No, it’s okay.
– (man) This is so embarrass– – Oh my God. – She is so unbothered, too.
I’d be like, “What the [bleep].” – (man) I’m totally just kidding.
Here you go. You can have these.
I’m making a video. I’m actually cutting people’s
headphones and giving them AirPods.
– Oh wow. – (man) Sorry about that.
I thought you were– – I want that to happen to me.
Whenever I watch that, I’m like, “Can this happen to me?” – She must be a very nice person
and he’s very strange. – But granted, what if you
want the headphones? – If someone was to come up
and get into my space like that and I was aware that they
had something in their hand cutting my headphones
or doing any of the kind of pranks that I’ve seen,
I can not guarantee that I wouldn’t retaliate. – (FBE) So, that was a video
titled, “Cutting people’s headphones and then giving them AirPods”
by YouTuber ThatWasEpic. – Yeah, I haven’t heard of him
before, but that’s a funny concept. I like it. – (FBE) The video currently has
over 30 million views after being up for about a week.
A lot of people have noticed that this is similar to other
trends that get massive amounts of views on YouTube
where people do huge giveaways to random people.
Why do you think people like watching videos like these
so much? – Well, I think if it’s–
but he broke something and then replaced it.
That’s not ac– that’s not such a giveaway.
I’m shocked that she didn’t– that she responded so
calmly to a stranger doing that. – It’s helping people out.
It’s the generosity, but no, everyone’s clout hungry
and everyone just wants free stuff.
It’s like MrBeast, except this was a lesser
version of MrBeast. – People like to focus on
the negative a lot, but really, we all collectively
enjoy the nice, fun content of people getting something. – (FBE) Next up is the number one
toy on Amazon right now. – Toy on Amazon.
Yes, of course. – Poopsie Cutie Tooties!
I love Poopsie Cutie Tooties. I am so happy. – Poopsie? – Make unicorn poop. – Poopsie slime surprise
poop pack series. – It’s only $4?
Hell yeah. – I’m not into bathroom humor. – Is slime still a thing?
Huh. – It’s just the same prank thing.
I don’t get it. – I bet you it’s the adults
buying this and none of the kids are really
asking for it. – How is this the number one
toy with 89 reviews? – (FBE) So, that was actually
the number two toy on Amazon right now
because the top toy of the week when we shot this video
was colored pencils and we didn’t really think
that counted as a toy. – No. – (FBE) So, last time
we shot this episode, we gave away the toy
in the episode, which was an Iron Man
gauntlet from Avengers and it actually just came in,
so one of our lucky fans will be receiving that toy
pretty soon. – Yo, y’all are gonna
have fun with that. – (FBE) But this time,
we’ll be giving away Poopsie to a member
of our Superfam at random. – Oh, gosh.
They’re so lucky. – Who wants some unicorn poop?
I know at home everyone’s like, “Please, please.
I need some unicorn poop.” We’re like the people that give away
AirPods to people, except we’re giving away
Poopsie. – (FBE) So up next,
we have the number one reboot of the week.
– A reboot, okay. I like that that’s a category. – Dark Crystal.
That’s what I’m talking about. – Hm, the Dark Crystal.
Yes, of course. – (narrator) The course
of all life. – I don’t know what this is,
but also, I’m not really into the sci-fi stuff,
so I don’t know. – (narrator) Behold.
– Cool. – This is low key scary. – Okay. – Okay, this is so cool,
’cause it’s like the original style that Jim Henson made. – If you watch the behind
the scenes of the other one, it’s crazy what they did. – (FBE) So, this was a trailer
for the reboot of the dark fantasy film
Dark Crystal, originally from 1982.
So the reboot is titled Dark Crystals: Age of Resistance
and it’s currently on Netflix and it serves as a prequel
to the 1982 film. – I will go home and watch it
right now. – I need to go back
and rewatch, ’cause I didn’t know it was ’82.
It’s older than I am and I’m old. – I like when they do
prequels for it instead of trying to
play out the already story. At least it leads up to it. – (FBE) So lastly, we’re gonna
be showing you the number one YouTube
boxing announcement. – Oh God, I already know
what it is. I saw this one yesterday. – (Logan) I don’t think you
realize what you walked into. – Oh man. – Logan Paul and KSI,
round two. Where they can tie again
so everyone’s a winner. – It’s the second tie
of the century. – (KSI) Mark my words,
that mother [bleep] is going down. – (narrator) This is the moment
you’ve all been waiting for. – I haven’t been waiting.
I don’t care. – (announcer) This fight
is a draw. – Oh wow. – I gotta see this. – No headgear.
Good idea. – (Logan) I’m gonna [bleep]
murder that dude, bro. – What? – (KSI) I’ll finish you off
and end your career. – Won’t be tuning in. – My father was a boxer
and I mean, it’s just a sport, but this is frightening.
They’re really mad. – Chill out.
You guys [bleep] tied. It’s some BS.
And they tied because it’s a publicity stunt.
They wanna make it bigger. – (FBE) So that was the official
announcement for the rematch between Logan Paul and KSI.
We covered their first battle back in August of 2018,
but this time, they are turning the fight pro, meaning
no headgear among other things. So, is this something that
you would have any interest in watching come November?
– I just wanna know what happens, but I don’t wanna watch it.
I’m not wasting my time. I wanna watch Manny Pacquiao.
I wanna watch my boy, clearly. – I grew up watching–
I forget what it was. Was it Monday night boxing
or something like that with Schlitz.
I used to watch my dad jump up, “Hit him.
Sock him in the jaw.” This and that and so
every time I tell myself I’m not gonna watch a fight,
if it comes on TV, I can’t help myself
and I watch it. – (FBE) So finally,
before we go, was there anything we missed that
you wished we would have talked about
for this week? – Where’s all the Minecraft
videos, dude? – I wish we would have talked
about the Lion King and the Beyonce movies
and stuff like that. – We got a music video
for Hot Girl Summer and that was number one,
but it happened pretty quick. Maybe next week we get
a little Megan Thee Stallion. – Thanks for watching this
chart topping episode of Generations React. – Be our number one fan
and Subscribe and hit the bell. – Was there anything missing
from our list? Let us know in the comments. – Hey guys, Vartuhi here,
producer at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode of Generations React.
Make sure to check out our Twitter @FBE
for staff and reactor Q&As, company news, and more.
Bye, guys.

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  2. Dumb boy! It’s not #1 because it’s a villain movie. You can’t make a popular movie out of just any villain. It’s number one because it’s the most unpredictable of the villains. THE villain himself. The Joker. Ironically the most dreadful villain and yet he’s a clown.

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