General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (GM ASEP) | Fox Valley Technical College

– It’s amazing the ability
you have to go to school and learn a trade and then take that to the real world, cause you’re working half the semester in a shop is unbelievable. – GM ASEP is a partnership between automotive colleges
throughout the country, like Fox Valley Technical
College and General Motors. It stands for General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program. We work with dealers in ACDelco. We have their students come here and we train them on the latest and greatest technology for
approximately nine weeks and we instruct them on
different areas of the vehicle. And then they go out and they work in an internship and get paid for the next nine weeks. While they’re out in
that internship they work alongside a mentor, so they get to apply what
we’ve taught them here at Fox Valley Technical
College to what they’re doing out in industry. It is a great way to get started and it helps the student
be able to also have some income while they’re going to school. – When I was fresh out
of high school I hadn’t had a place to work and I had an incredible
passion for automotives and I walked in the door and just handed out a resume, unknowing if they were hiring or not. The service manager at that time immediately latched on and said if I could get
into the ASEP program that he would put me in, in a spot and give me a mentor and run with me. So I was very fortunate to have that. – The GM ASEP program is an
excellent opportunity for anyone that’s looking at going
into the automotive field. It gives you the chance to
actually work in the environment where you will be working
when finished from school. – The class schedule
works very well for me. It’s nice to still be
able to go to work before and sometimes after class. As well as not having class
on Fridays or Saturdays, so I can still get hours there. It’s very connected with the dealership. I can use what I learn
in school and apply it right away in the dealership and also that I’m guaranteed
a job once I’m done. I’ve been with the
dealership for a few years but now I know for sure that
once I graduate the program I’m gonna be with that
dealership for a while. – The best part at GM ASEP
I would say would be the nine weeks on nine weeks off portion. I mean you’re not stuck in
class for a whole two years. So it’s kind of nice to
have a break in between. – I chose to mentor and
ASEP student because I felt that Fox Valley did a tremendous job providing me with an education and I wanted to do my best
to pass on my knowledge to the technicians of tomorrow. – My mentor Nick, saw the
work ethic, the ambition and the drive and he thought it’d be a wonderful opportunity for me to own my own shop. And coming in to this
industry at the age of 16 before I started school when
I was still in high school, I knew I wanted to do this. And it’s hard to believe
that by age 22 I did have my own shop and was able to fulfill
one of my life dreams. – I think the GM ASEP program
through Fox Valley Tech has been one of the best
options available for students wanting to move into
the automotive industry and for companies trying
to hire new technicians. – With the technical colleges
you can get a hands-on training with amazing professors, have a job and be close to home in that network. It’s, it’s quite a combination. We simply can’t find enough technicians. This is an outstanding career and the knowledge that you learn today isn’t knowledge that gets filed away and you move on to the next thing. It’s knowledge that’ll
move forward with you and knowledge you can
continue to look back and actually have this worth
where you can fix that car and nobody else might be able to. – You couldn’t have
placed your trust in any better automotive technical facility than Fox Valley Tech given the
quality of the instructors and the facility and the equipment you
have available to you. I couldn’t think of honestly
a better place to go. (rock music)

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