33 thoughts on “General Knowledge Quiz – Can you score a 6 or better?”

  1. I'm confused….I'm 57 and answered all ten of these questions correctly in less than three seconds for each of them. I'd think it more likely than most people UNDER the age of 50 would have a difficult time; most specifically, people under the age of 30 might have an extreme challenge getting these right.

  2. I think you meant no one under 6 would get 6 right…you must be an idiot whoever you are that came up with this lame quiz.

  3. Ridiculously easy. 10/10. The caption is clickbait. Should say 'under 50'. What's the point? I was hoping for a challenge.

  4. Way to easy and I'm 58 yrs old myself. And it takes to long for the question for the answer to arrive. Got a 10 of 10 also like a lot of you did too out there.

  5. WHAT A BULLSHIT: you said none over 50 would score 6 or more??????? These questions are TOO EASY, almost every people from 10 to 100 would score ten out of ten. Even many of these questions SUGGEST the answer…..

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