Gender Identity: Can a 5’9, White Guy Be a 6’5, Chinese Woman?

there’s been a lot of talk about identity lately but how far does it go and is it possible to be wrong we went to the University of Washington to find out are you aware of the debate happening in Washington State around the ability to access bathrooms locker rooms spas based on gender identity and gender expression I think people should feel have access to the facility I think bathrooms could and potentially should be gender-neutral because there doesn’t need to be a classification for differences I think people definitely should have the ability to go into whichever locker room they want I feel like at least public university should do their best to accommodate for those who do not have a specific gender identity you know whether you identify as male or female and whether your sex at birth is matching to that you should be able to utilize the resource so if I told you that I was a woman what would you respond to me good for you okay like yeah nice to meet you I’ll be like why really I don’t have a problem with it I’d ask you how you came to that conclusion if I told you that I was Chinese what would you response be I mean I might be a little surprised but I’d say good for you like yeah be who you are I would maybe think you had some Chinese ancestor I would ask you how you suddenly came to that conclusion and why you came to that conclusion um I would have a lot of questions just because on the outside I would assume that you’re a white man if I told you that I was seven years old what would your responsibility um I wouldn’t believe that immediately uh I probably wouldn’t believe if I mean I wouldn’t really bother me that much to go on my way until you know you’re wrong I just don’t know okay he wants to say seven years old if you feel seven at heart then then so be I’m good for you so if I wanted to enroll in a first-grade class do you think I should be allowed to probably not I guess I mean unless you haven’t completed first grade up to this point and for some reason need to do that now if that’s where you feel like mentally you should be then I feel like there are communities that would accept you for that I would say so long as you’re not hindering society and you’re not causing harm to other people I feel like that should be it okay thing if I told you I’m six feet five inches what would you say that I would question why because you’re not no I don’t think you if you truly believed you’re 65 I don’t think it’s harmful I think it’s fine if you believe that it doesn’t matter to me if you think you’re taller than you are so you’d be willing to tell me I’m wrong I wouldn’t tell you you’re wrong no but I say that um I don’t think that you are I feel like that’s not my place as like another human to say someone is wrong good to draw lines or boundaries no I mean one just go like oh you’re wrong like that’s wrong to believe in X I mean again it doesn’t really bother me what you want to think about your height or anything so I can be a Chinese woman yeah um sure but I can’t be a six foot five Chinese woman yes if you thoroughly debated me or explain why you felt that you were six foot five I feel like I would be very open to saying that you were six foot five or Chinese or a woman it shouldn’t be hard to tell a five nine white guy that he’s not a six foot five Chinese woman but clearly it is why what does that say about our culture and what does that say about our ability to answer the questions that actually are difficult you

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  1. How do these students graduate from University. How about not go to university and just say you have a PhD. I know better yet they can walk around and be the Chancellor of the school or claim you are Speaker of the House. These are sad times… And we need to wake them up.

  2. This Old First Nation's Native American think's in my most humbled opinion it is time for another Civil War … Time to shot every single Democrat and Liberal and Progressive and Socialist in the face in my humbled opinion then we can bury them in the sewer's in my opinion …. ( I love freedom of speech and my opinions )

  3. Lord the one girl is vacant ability to speak the truth..bludgeoned into virtue signalling and unable to simply be realistic..uhgh!
    how pathetic from those who we hope to lead us into the future. They got some shocks coming and better vote Trump since he is keeping them out of a far. Can you imagine this lot defending the country?

  4. Do these people even have a brain? A head? Or is it all just up their asses? No, you can’t just say you’re something you’re not and then tell others to just go with it….

  5. Communist manifesto is creating the most divided,confused,zombies,its all a plan,these kids are npc no future bots

  6. Such is the depravity that our college institutions are teaching the children of the future. They, (the children in the colleges), are quite frankly AFRAID of telling the TRUTH, because they are afraid of offending someone or being politically incorrect! Truth is now wrong, facts are no longer facts, but are subjective. Up is now down and right is now left, as stated in this collection of books I once read, when society fails and evil reigns. Such is our society now.

  7. this is a lot of bs ,because a few of these ladys would be tripping if a man walked in there locker room butt ass naked and just stair at them while they shower they would be upset and they know it .

  8. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    – John 3:16

    Come to Christ guys. He loves you. He is waiting for you 🙂

  9. These people are seriously suffering some brain washing delusion and needs to be investigated. THIS IS INSANE. So an over 50's male. identify as 5 year old girl then he can use their toilets?

  10. Political correctness taken to the extreme creates idiots. Poor, nice, well-meaning brainwashed kids. Guinea pigs in a social engineering experiment.

  11. It’s just a trend people will get over this and come up with something else, not saying that they are dumber than a bag of rocks.

  12. GOOD HELL!! This CAN'T be for real!!! "So If I told you I'm the black Asian Indian Mexican love child of Will Ferrell and Mona Lisa…ageless…gender less….space less timeless and immaterial would you mind if I undressed and masturbated in the girls AND boyz locker room? (nods in agreement like idiot automaton) AT THE SAME TIME!?

  13. They live in a dream world where lying to each other is acceptable, and one day the truth and reality will catch up to them!

  14. Somewhere these people accepted the lie that there is no absolute truth. This allows them to ignore facts and indulge fantasy. Not a paradigm that will serve them well in their future years.

  15. Well it says to me that our younger generation is being led astray completely brainwashed 😳🤔 because I have zero problem telling you that you ARE a five foot nine white male 😂 because you are. I have no problem telling you that you are NOT six-foot-five and you are NOT a Chinese woman in fact you're NOT a woman😂✌ I probably would just laugh and say NO you're NOT I don't want YOU to believe that YOU ARE because you're NOT so that's pretty much that this isn't even regarding political correctness anymore its just craziness it's a Society of children who are being brainwashed into believing garbage!

  16. Very cringy and sad to watch at the same time😰.. I honestly don’t know what to say to those people. Just hope this is not a representative sample of student.

    Look at 1:39 that poor girl’s brain snapped. That question almost caused a nervous breakdown

  17. They are willing to accept another persons mental illness as normal in order to not offend them with the obvious facts. This is a new society that lacks the wisdom to be honest about the facts and encourages others to believe lies about themselves in order to maintain a false peace in society. These mentally ill philosophies will erode society and the rule of law to be of no effect and create a society based on foolish beliefs and chaos! Stop the foolishness and stand up for the obvious facts and truth or be responsible for the resulting chaos because of your fear of offending a special interest group that fundamentally is mentally ill !

  18. Its naive, cruising around like the worlds full of saints, people lie for their own advancement every day walking around in a dream world believing eveything u hear is fukin some of the dumbest shit ive ever seen wtf happened to these kids.

  19. Why anyone would even consider going to college today is beyond me. They don’t educate, they indoctrinate. Colleges are nothing more than places to brainwash people.

  20. The left gives speeches, write papers, talk feelings and dreams…however practically speaking are inhumane and do not understand practicality and reason. Example: how can SF or LA have thousands of humans living in squalor on their streets? How is that loving and caring for others? The underside to that is lefties love money and take so much through non-profits and taxes for themselves under the guise of social services, etc. Remember this is the part of the western culture who started the #metoo movement…me too what? Need more? Want more? Take more? They are vultures.

  21. Students are delusional and can’t critical thinking about surrounding them reality. With mentality like this one world will quick slip to complete madness. Poor brainwashed youngsters

  22. To answer the question posed at the end of the video, I think the answers given highlight a society in which we care more about being liked by other people than we care about objective facts or standing up for what we believe in.

  23. These "thoughtful students" have been indoctrinated by professional mind control manipulators–they are now in a state of total controllability–they will accept ANYTHING they are fed. They will make rotten soldiers however. Rotten workers too. They are zombies.

  24. If told you I was 6 ft five inches What would you say? “That I would question.” Why? Cause your not

  25. We can thank our public school system for helping to move this agenda forward. If a teacher doesn't agree with this nonsense they are looked down upon, ganged up on, and made to feel inadequate until they either accept the agenda or get out of the school system all together.

  26. These college professors have brainwashed, brain- bleached, and brain-scrubbed the common senses of the mind of these young ones. These professors Professing themselves to be wise they have become fools; totally lost in the good and evil of their own hearts. The search engine in their hearts is led by the Evil one and their own self foolishness.

  27. I'm the emporer of the universe and I can walk through walls – FFS do these clowns not get the fact that by saying you believe something doesn't make it true.

  28. Now go interview the Local union shop where real workers in the real world are and ask those questions and see how fast it takes to get thrown out as a whack job… Or go to an aerospace company where decisions are made based on fact and science and see how far your 6'5" Chinese woman comment goes… In other words, ask people who have to make it in the real world versus these teen-age college students majoring in Lesbian Dance Theory or some other "Studies" program.

  29. Millenials are the most brainwashed, weakest and dumbest generation in history. "Good for you" – WTF? The cognitive dissonance in these tiny brains is deafening!

  30. The scariest thing is, that these are supposedly the most intelligent and capable, in the so-called "factory of ideas". The Cultural Marxists have fully infiltrated great institutions. Time to take them back people! Speak out against the madness!

  31. Soooooo, how long until all the planes, trains and automobiles stop running and then the lights go out!!…Like in the USSR,Cuba and now Venezuela

  32. “If you think you’re 6’5, then you are because you believe you are” Well, it’s a fucking fact he isn’t, it’s not an opinion.

  33. We have come to the point where no on will say that "The emperor has no clothes" We are in a time where we cannot say the obvious…. for fear of being labeled for hate speech

  34. Reality denial syndrome. The problem with these illusion supporters is that they are second class illusionists. You have to mess up your balanced state of mind to careless. Reality doesn't matter to them, but Real people should love reality.

  35. Gender neutral – no such thing exists UNLESS sex organs of both male and female are removed – then and only then does gender neutral exist .

  36. is the 7 year old 6 foot 5 chineese girl in your head ? if so then cool but to the rest of us your a 5 9 white guy sorry dude go see your therapist and get better meds

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