GEICO Careers Interview Process (My Experience)

hey in today's video you are going to learn about the Geico interview process there is a lot to learn if you're an adjuster who wants to not have to worry about waiting on deployments not having to worry about joining a bunch of rosters and you don't want to pray for natural disasters like we've all been doing in 2018 stay tuned because at the end of this video I'm also going to give you six key tips that will help you pass this interview with flying colors okay first let me tell you that I apply for the management development program if you're applying to a different position these tips may be the same but they may not be I know for a lot of maybe some of their customer service positions this may apply but I am strictly going to be talking about the management development program or M D P for sure first step was of course the application and if you haven't been applying to insurance companies and you've only been joining rosters you probably haven't been met with the assessment test Geico dozen I took one earlier with Liberty Mutual they're not farmers but travelers also does an assessment you are going to be asked to do an assessment now the assessment the first assessment is kind of analytical it gives you some problems and you really have to solve it in your time is limited I didn't think I was going to pass that portion when I did I was surprised don't worry parts if you put down in the comments that hey I'm taking that first assessment test and you want some tips and knowledge about how to pass that put it in the comments below and I'll put out a video for that later okay so the first assessment not too hard maybe took about 20 minutes after that there was a 20 to 30 minute interview this was just basic the basic details about the the role and who I was I got to know the recruiter a bit after that phone interview there was another assessment this one was a 16 minute assessment and it was a lot harder it you if you have heard of the caliper test then this you know about this second on the second assessment done with the Geico there is a trick to that caliber test and I have a video on that test as well but I need to hear from you again comment below if you are taking that caliper testing you need to see that video once I discovered the caliper test and I passed that there was another interview now this interview took between 60 and 90 minutes it was more about my experience more behavioral questions with these questions and here's a good tip for you with these questions you're going to want to use a technique like the star method or the PAR method I tend to use par because I can get to the results quicker and I believe that's what employers want to hear more of like that problem you had the action you took and the results you saw resolved Tonelli there were some scenario questions in that interview what would you do if and you can see this question on Glassdoor what would you do if someone called like called in and wanted to pay their insurance premium so they wanted to pay your bill right your goal is to get them to do this over the app right but you start to tell your customer about that or like you I don't want that just help me pay my bill okay they're not actually they might just say it just like that right so the question was what would you do in that scenario now on Glassdoor again there's a really good answer for that I used that same answer – to answer that yes sir to me that was a really good answer some other things how do you deal with a difficult customer or how would you handle how would you handle the situation they're talking about a deductible which most people don't understand and deductible and that's one of the reasons why they hate insurance if you have to explain the deductible scenario use a situation like this your insurance policy is a partnership between you and your insurance company what you agree to is in the event of an incident the insurance company will handle a majority of paying for that incident but they still want you to bring a little bit to the table so imagine things give me your insurance company is going to provide the turkey the gym the stuffing the desserts the drinks every single thing but you have to set the table and that is your deductible and you you was gonna eat without plates and utensils in Nice and fours I mean everybody digging into the stuffing or the dressing you know that would be nasty I didn't mention before that I am applying for the MVP for auto claims one of the scenarios that always seem to come up is that people are not going to be happy with their payout or their claim they may have they may have experience with auto claims they might have a repair estimation from somewhere else and they're gonna handle and negotiate you in a situation like that I know in my own experience like in the past I've had customers complain about having to pay the deductible and it's like sir or mr. customer I tell them don't worry about paying the deductible just yet let me get up on your roof and let me check out and do your inspection if your roof doesn't pass that you won't even have to worry about a deductible you can live the next couple storms knowing that your roof is in good shape now if I do need to approve your roof don't worry about your decibel because the numbers are the easiest things to work out but first let me get to my expect inspection that um that sixty to ninety minute interview was a great conversation I had with the recruiter she was so nice and warm and and listened to me here's another key tip that I want you to do whatever your recruiters name is I want you to use their name as often as possible say Tracy in my experience I've had problems with difficult customers we've all had dealing with and you say yes Matthew I have art that's a great question Matthew they are paying attention to your customer service skills Geico is so legit when it comes to being very or like fun no great areas is black-and-white they're listening to everything you're saying they're looking at and thinking about how you're going to be on the phone with their customers or repair guys now after that there was an assessment that I had to take yes another assessment now this is an in-person assessment and to the geico facility and I spent about ah 75 minutes doing some roleplay with a I want to say sake what's the word called but with a made-up company again I the way I prepared for this was I went to glass door and I looked at the different questions and different experiences others had and it really it helped prepare me for this portion of the interview but you can't prepare for this portion of the interview the reason being is you're really just not gonna know what's gonna hit you but I'm gonna give you I'm gonna enlighten you a little bit more than Glassdoor there the day if you get this far congratulations okay you have reached you're getting close to the end of it now there in this assessment what I want you to do is first on shooter try to arrive about twenty minutes early so by time you walk into the door you're like smack that fifteen minutes early in on time early is on time or time is too late to also want you to be dressed very professionally look at the dress code guidelines that they send you and make sure you follow that to a tee right third relax okay this is like this scenario I mean it started it was just like I was intending I feel like I needed a cigarette and I don't even smoke just stay calm according to the assessment processor everybody feels like a little rattled or a little frazzled in which they have more time go into it calm and cool wear watch wear watch wear a watch okay because it's not necessarily that this is time but you'll need to track your time and making sure you're staying on pace because the more that you can fill out with paperwork that they have the more you can go back and read the instructions and and get ready to know like what's coming next because they tell you okay in ten minutes somebody's going to give you a call in 25 to 35 minutes somebody's gonna come in like you had a walk-in and it's gonna be from this repair company you're gonna have to negotiate that out next there was a call from a colleague of yours he came in and handed you some paperwork you had a lot of extra papers there was some fake folders pay attention to detail make sure you filling out your name in the right places make sure you're filling out make sure you take news and baton in between calls and visits yes you get visits during this assessment that you take time to fill out the other paperwork that they're not really reminding you about you're going to also have to like map out your day if you're doing the auto assessment now again this is just for that MVP Auto assessment the customer service experience is all different because like their interview process in assessments all happened in one day their typing test everything happens in one day this wasn't what I had to go through um you're going to be tested on your negotiation verbal communication skills and your reading comprehension as well as your customer service when you have somebody in front of you on the phone be cordial talk to them hey are you ready for Christmas hey how's your day going so far is it raining is it cold yada-yada-yada if you talk to people that's what this role is about 100% customer service use glass door go through every single question that you can glass door was a really great tool and help for me to prepare for this assessment in all the interviews um when there's gonna come times when you are negotiating maintain your ground that's but do it politely and then find ways where you can find your wiggle room I did not waver when it came to certain like labor costs maybe the parts and materials maybe I could I could do because if the parts the parts cost what they cost but labor is always negotiable you can always find cheap labor or cheaper labor maybe not better quality but cheaper labor does exist make sure you're eating through all the materials they provide for you fill in every blank that you can and make sure you're using that customers name Ray Chris they John Billy Joe Mary Bob sue whatever the name is use it I knew some parts I messed up one I messed up one and I told the Proctor who was giving the assessment that but once the assessment is over there's nothing they can do I've been scored that's it don't you know don't lose sleep but get sleep before the assessment day you have a lot of reading material I always think my reading comprehension is not that great but sometimes it's better than not get try just try to get some sleep I already told you about using a watch and use a watch not your cell phone because your cell phone is gonna distract you somehow some way is gonna distract you and you just don't have time to play with this assessment okay I didn't have an interview after I thought I was going to have an interview after maybe I didn't get the position maybe I will get the position according to the proctor they said that they usually do not give the interview the same day so keep that in mind about when you know you're taking time off or you have to travel to get to the assessment because it is gonna be in person go to the bathroom ahead of schedule that's a negative for you and I saw not really I don't know why this didn't like really click for me when I was going through the last door but when people were talking about this mario's that you will go through I really thought it was all going to be like a recorded voice but it was actually live so they really though you went to what you would do for you like your day to day job which is I mean a really great investment because they want to see if you can't pass this like how would you do it in the real field and they don't want you out there with their actual customers messing up their reputation right oh they also go through what happens when someone is on vacation and just make sure if you see any pictures that you look for all the the images all the damages it's not all going to be obvious the process for Geico has been very long it's been over 30 days I do enjoy that they do invest so much time and effort making sure that they are getting the best well they told me I scored above average that I did really well hopefully if you're good with custom like just a friendly person and you good with negotiation and you get those um or you have great reading comprehension you'll do with these tips that I gave you in this video so rewatch it you are going to exhale way pass above average like maybe or just hit a home run I hope that this helps you get your job

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  1. I applied the job w geico , passed the multitasking test. Had 1:1 interview on the same day. But no role play. The hr said she passed everything to her manager and they will get me back within 3-4 days. Is that a bad sign ? Coz there was another girl apply different department had role play, and another guy they told him will call him for role play appointment.

  2. Been a task finding work i have had my 6-20 License now for a month .I Applied for a few companies ..Lol nothing yet .Any suggestions ?

  3. On the assessment test they tell you that you will be penalized if you do not finish it.

    You're not meant to finish it.

    They are testing you to see if you are going to rush the test and make mistakes.

    Just take your time and make sure you are getting the correct answer on each one.

  4. Thanks for this post, you really helped the process with the Caliper test. I feel confident on the assessment, thanks for your advice, which let me prepare.

  5. Interesting. I applied online for MDP position. I was emailed the caliper test. I took that, and now I received another email to take an assessment test. I'm a bit nervous! From reading the reviews and watching your video. This sounds like a long journey.

  6. I filled out the caliper test but before I even started the test I received this email. Your application and the information you've provided have been carefully considered. Unfortunately, you have not been selected for: Management Development Program

  7. Thank you for this video! It really helped me prepare for my interview & I accepted an offer w/Geico!

  8. I got the lcr job and I start June 17. My tip to everyone is to focus on helping out the customer. Try to keep things to lists in order to be more persuasive. Answer the question: “why should we hire you”. The interview is long and difficult so be prepared to be overwhelmed at times.

  9. Friends let me tell you from experience; if you can get a deployment, take it. But, if you get a chance to work "daily claims" as an independent adjuster take it and run, and don't look back! BE INDEPENDENT avoid jobs at all cost. Local daily claims with multiple accounts are the sweet spot, even if you could make more on the road. We're talking $4,000-15,000 per month.

  10. Just took my MDP auto adjuster role play interview today using your tips. I felt like I knew what to expect but like you mentioned it’s difficult to be prepared. I know I made mistakes but overall I think I did okay. I should know by next week if I’ll be moving on! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  11. Do you know if they search your social media outlets like Instagram Facebook Twitter before they hire you: OMG I have ADHD I don’t even think I should even give this a try 🙂 but I’m going to try anyways

  12. Wow great video; but I still can’t get over how you said F U… for someone I keep hearing you say it.

  13. Wow I know I be on your post a lot lol, but I have my interview with them in the morning for claims rep position. We will see how it goes lol

  14. My application went straight to the caliper test, that was tricky. Waiting on a call! Thanks for your video.

  15. I filled out Geico application and pass computer assessments. I went in for interview. 1st phase- Interviewer interviewed me for sales, based off the assessments. They didn't interview me for the customer service job that I replied. Next day, I got a rejection letter in email. Its a waste of my time, Its a bigger waste to reapply for 6 months. Good luck to those who apply at Geico.

  16. Did the interviews that you had with the other insurance companies ask the same or similar questions ?

  17. Great tips, its a very in depth interview process. When do u think you will know if you got the job? Are you looking to stay with them for a while or just to get through the slow period as an IA? And can you please give additional video on those assessment tests. Thank you.

  18. It would be nice to see you talking to others in the industry. It would also be tight to see you at work.

  19. Extremely interesting, thanks for the inside view of the process. Your videos are very important to many of us

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