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that's looking great oh hello everyone Geko here Chelsea the cherry pickers helping me and the mechanicals to decorate the town ready for the big truck parade this afternoon my truck friends are meeting up at geckos garage to get ready for the parade let's go visit them Wow there's lots of big trucks here for the parade but where's Florence the forklift I thought she was joining us oh there you are Florence I couldn't see you behind Fiona the fire truck hmm I think this might be a problem during the parade we want to make sure that all of the trucks can be seen by everyone I think we should parade through the town in size order with the smallest truck at the front and the largest at the back this is no good at all the trucks are all jumbled up we need the smallest truck on the left that's you Florence and we need the biggest truck on the right that's you George who's the second smallest vehicle after Florence it's difficult to pick Tilly maybe or Ryan no it's our road roller Ric now out of Tilly and Chelsea who would you say is smaller Tilly's hook makes her look tall but Chelsea's arm can go taller there just move around a bit and we have our smallest four but now things get tricky as it's time to sort some more max is big but he'd be hidden by Ryan's arm and wrecking ball but Fiona's even bigger she's like a huge red wool we'll put max Jeff and Ryan six let's get them into line with Fiona number seven now we need an eight and nine here our last few vehicles next biggest is Bobby the bus then it's Larry the large lorry because George is enormous so Bobby's eight and Larry Knights which makes giant George the last now every vehicle will be seen when the parade goes past fantastic everyone is sorted into size order and ready for the parade let's go everyone the crowd will be waiting Florence the forklift Rick the road roller telly the tow truck shall see the cherry picker max the monster truck Ryan the wrecking ball crane Fiona the fire truck Bobby the bus Larry the lorry and George the giant dump truck whoa what's happened we've stopped now I can see what's happened Florence is broken down and because everyone's in a line till he can't get to the front to help out Rick the road roller is blocking the way what are we going to do this looks like a job for Helen the helicopter yo Helen hello Helen are we glad to see you garage roof open at speed it's time to help a vehicle in need right Florence I think this is a job for the mechanicals go down mechanicals poor Florence with that wonky wheel we've really been delayed but I'll get Helen to give us a lift to the end of the parade poor florence has missed most of the parade they've had to carry on without her we'll have to drop her at the back of the line oh dear this is no good at all nobody will notice tiny Florence behind giant George and all she can see is George is back this won't do at all but I've got an idea hold on Florence let's get you a better view hello again Florence welcome to the best seat in the house now Florence is the highest in the parade she can see everything from up here and everyone can see her fantastic doctor Papi's invited us to a special fancy dress party at the zoo today we all have to dress up as zoo animals I promised to help my friends get dressed up for the party here they come now [Applause] Bryan Florence Celia Andy Rick Tony Tilly Maisy and Bobby now my friends are here it's time to get them into their animal costumes for the party let's put the truck wash in to dressing up mode do you know which button is the dressing up button that's right it's the green hanger and bo-brilliant now the truck wash is a dressing up machine filled with fantastic costumes it's time to send the vehicles through in goes Ryan the wrecking ball train he's going to make you laugh when you see him all dressed up as a super tall giraffe up next this Florence the forklift but will she dress us today she's a baby elephant all wrinkly and gray [Applause] tsylia the cement mixer is cleaned and sprayed and white she's a stunning zebra like a horse but striked indeedy animal ambulance had better stay away from Ryan we wouldn't want our new giraffe being chased by a fearsome lion Ric the reliable road roller looks like the next one to go couple of horns a coat of paint what a scary looking Rhino here comes Tony the taxi what's going on in there a pair of ears and some white spray paint makes a cuddly panda bear now it's tow truck Telly's turn with her clothes from Halloween she makes a brilliant scorpion those claws look really mean in goes Maisy the mower add a new head that's fake stretch her out add a tongue she makes a brilliant snake and now it's Bobby the bus into the costume provider and out he comes with eight new legs a big huge hairy spider can you guess what I'm dressed up as I'm orange with black stripes and sharp teeth that's right I'm a tiger ah everyone looks fantastic but we've forgotten to dress the mechanicals the chemicals stop messing around and drive into the dressing up machine in go the mechanicals each one disappears and out popped cheeky monkeys with long tails and giant ears brilliant now we're all ready let's head over to the zoo Brian the giraffe Florence the baby elephant see here the zebra and D the lion Rick the Rhino Tony the Panda telly the scorpion Bobby the spider Maisie the snake and the monkey mechanicals here are all the guests hello everyone we've got a visitor here today have you seen him anywhere he's big he's very big he's George the giant dump truck oh there you are George George is usually hard at work in the mine carrying massive amounts of rock but today he's here at geckos garage getting some new tires fitted they are huge George is so big he can't sit inside the garage so he's having his tires changed outside those look great well done mechanicals before he goes home to the mine George is going to visit little brother Dylan the dump truck over a construction site the site entrance is wide but George is much wider uh-oh he's going to knock down the fence watch out George oh dear florence and said are getting the flowers ready to plan to the gardens of the new houses what pretty flowers red yellow and blue don't leave the flowers there those flowers are tall but George is much taller Oh George can't see the flowers and he's going to squash them watch out George oh dear Celia's pouring concrete foundations into that trench the trench is large but George is much larger he's going to drive straight through it watch out George oh dear here's George's brother Dylan he doesn't look very happy about all the mess that George has made today and here comes Helen the helicopter she's checking on the construction work from way high up in the sky oh dear something's wrong I think the construction site oh dear poor Helen we need to get you back to the garage but how can we do that I'd normally call Helen to carry a broken vehicle to the garage but she can't carry herself Helen is very big can you think of anyone that could help get Helen to the garage George that's right helen is very big but George is much bigger he can carry Helen back George is too big for gardening and he smashed the construction gate he messed up caelius concrete that really wasn't great but when Helen was in trouble he knew just what to do no matter if you're big or small there's a perfect job for you well done George you've saved the day the mechanicals will get Helen sorted out in no time a new best head home to the mine we've got important work to do bye Oh Oh the trees watch out George too late Maisie the mower is cutting the long grass along the sides of the road with her giant cutters she cuts the grass nice and short so that vehicles can see where they're going and stays safe Maisy leaves the rest of the grass and wildflowers to grow tall so that bees and butterflies have plenty of nectar to eat that's looking great Maisy now that Maisy has cut the grass verges she's here with a stadium with an important job to do it's the truck Cup final soon so the vehicles are going to be playing football on this pitch that's soccer for all you lovely American viewers the vehicles are over at the garage getting painted up ready to play in the truck Cup final but here at the stadium the football pitch is very overgrown it needs mowing right away so the grass is short enough to play on the pitch is enormous there's lots of grass to cut Maisy's mowing the pitch in lovely straight lines oh dear I think I spoke too soon Maisy's wobbling about and the lines are all wavy I think something's wrong with Maisy steering Oh No now she's cutting shapes into the grass triangle Circle Square rectangle pentagons hexagon and stop that's no good at all we need to get Maisy to the carriage but she can't drive in a straight line for long enough to get there this looks like a job for Helen the helicopter go go Helen okay Maisie let's get you back to geckos garage Garret roof open at speed it's time to help a vehicle in need let's see what we can learn as we make Mazie turn hmm your blades and your wheels seem okay it looks like it's just your steering column that's broken I'll get the mechanicals to fix you right away go go mechanicals it's hard to get on with the mowing when you can't choose where you are going you need to mow in nice straight lines in order to be finished on time the mechanicals have fixed your steering the football crowds will soon be cheering get back to the stadium and fast then you can cut cut cut that grass now that Maisie's been repaired she's making short work of that grass it's looking great and following her is Syd the skid loader with his line painting attachment he's repainting the pitch markings on to the lovely shorts brass fantastic Helen now slowly put Millie down over there on the left oh hello everyone don't worry there's nothing wrong with Millie the motorbike these vehicles are helping Helen with her training exercises it's important for Helen to practice lifting different vehicles and placing them down without hurting them so that she can rescue vehicles in a real emergency Helen's lifting each vehicle and placing them a special order can you guess what the order is that's right she's sorting them by size starting from the left we have the smallest vehicle first Millie the motorbike Rick the road roller max the monster truck Rebecca the recycling truck the owner of the fire truck and up there should be one more here he is Bobby the bus just in time bobby's the biggest vehicle here Helen can you please lift Bobby to the end of the line oh dear Helen I think there's something wrong your winch cable looks like it's about to snap oh dear oh dear that wasn't supposed to happen my army saw but I'll be okay Oh Helen you look badly hurt I'll get Florence the forklift to lift you back up onto your skids and we'll take a look at you the skids our helicopters fate Hallam rests on them when she isn't flying your skids seem okay but your rotors have been damaged your winch cables snapped and you're covered in scratches this looks like a job for the mechanicals go go mechanicals I'm really sorry Helen you're in such a sorry state and the chemicals will fix you up and you'll soon be feeling great they'll swap your broken rotors spray your scratches and much more it's a thicker cable to your winch far far stronger than before fantastic now you're all fixed up let's head back outside and test your tough new winch out let's try sorting the vehicles by colors of the rainbow starting with Fiona the red firetruck on the left next is max the orange bolts the truck you know who comes next that's right it's Rick the yellow road roller after Rick its Rebecca the green recycling truck who's next that's right it's millie the blue motorbike and last but definitely not least it's Bobby the purple bus careful now Helen nice and steady brilliant the mechanicals have fixed you up for major winch even stronger you can lift Bobby up no problem and now the vehicles form a perfect rainbow hello everyone our friend max the monster truck is here for Stadium he's practicing jumps and flips for his new super stunt show max wants to attempt a 360 degree backflip it's one of the most difficult things amongst the truck can do to perform a perfect backflip and land back on his wheels again max needs to flip all the way over not 90 degrees not 180 degrees not 270 degrees but a full 360 degrees that's a full circle Max is getting into position I think he's ready three two one go max go 90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees Oh No Oh max you nearly made it but you landed very hard on your front wheels I think you might have broken something let's check your steering okay max try driving in a straight line Oh zinger now try turning left oh dear oh dear now try turning right oh dear oh dear oh dear that's not good I think we need to get you to the garage right away hello Tilly please can you come over to the stadium right away max need your help hello hilly are we glad to see you maxi's front wheels don't seem right could you tell him to the garage please and can you give me a lift back too garage doors open its speed it's time to help a vehicle in need let's all see what we can learn as we make max turn Max's job didn't go well that landing sure looked so I think his axle might be bent let's lift him to make sure the axle connects to the wheels and helps Matt change direction just look at his wheels sag he needs closer inspection with a broken axle max can't jump this really isn't great I'll call on the mechanicals to get that axle straight go go mechanicals that Max is looking much better now well done mechanicals hmm I think max need more power to complete his backflip without crashing again I'll get the mechanicals to fit his engine with a turbo charger the turbo charger fits on to Max's engine to make him more powerful so that he can go faster and jump further Wow listen to that sounds like Max is ready to try that jump again let's head back over to the stadium Max is ready 3 2 1 go 90 degrees 180 degrees 270 degrees 360 degrees he's done it Oh backflip on a perfect landing well done max I'm glad max completed his amazing jump in the end with a little help from his friends at geckos garage thanks for joining us today we'll see you at the garage again soon if you love this video stop here so you're the first to know about my latest videos thanks for watching

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