Gecko’s Ice Cream Truck Treasure Hunt | Videos For Kids

Hello everyone! I’m meeting up with my old friend Mr Tee
and his amazing ice cream truck today. I’ve asked for his help to organise a surprise
for one of my friends! Here he comes now! Hiya Gecko! Hello Mr Tee, thanks for coming! So, what’s the plan? Well, I think it’s about time that my friend
Vicky The Ice Cream Van had a treat of her own. She’s always so busy serving yummy ice cream
treats to other people that I thought it was about time someone made a treat for her. What a lovely idea Gecko. Let’s make Vicky the biggest, best ice cream
ever. Hop in! So, Gecko, we’ve got loads of ice cream
in my machine in the back, but to make it really special I think we need to find some
treats to go on top. Great idea Mr Tee. Sounds like we’ve got ourselves a Treasure
Hunt!! Hey look Mr Tee what’s that over there,
I think I see a treat box! Open it Mr Tee, let’s see what’s inside! It’s a GIANT bag of sweets! These will add lots of colour to Vicky’s
ice cream treat, and they’ll be nice and chewy too. Amazing – let’s see what else we can find! Look
Gecko – there’s another treat box up here! Send it down the slide Mr Tee! I wonder what it is! Hooray! Its a box of giant waffles. Shall we get back in the van and find some
more treat boxes? I think we need some music, don’t you Gecko? Let’s see if my old friends at the RNLI
have seen anything! Oh Hi Andy! You haven’t seen any treat boxes around
here have you? As a matter of fact I have. Have a look up on deck! Hey Gecko! I’ve found one. Let’s see what’s inside. It’s a huge bottle of my favourite sauce! Good job Mr Tee! I wonder if there’s any treasure around
that pirate ship over there? Let’s take a look in the treasure chest! We’ve found treasure! It’s another treat box! WOW! It’s a bag of GIANT marshmallows. Vicky will love them! Hey look! We’re just passing Claremont Farm! Let’s pop in and see if Farmer Andy has
seen any treat boxes. Hey Gecko! Good to see you again. You’re not looking for a big box full of
treats are you? Yes we are! Go and have a look in my tractor! We’ve found another treat box! It’s a giant chocolate bar! WOW! That’s the biggest chocolate bar I’ve
ever seen! I think that should be enough treats to make
Vicky the most amazing ice cream creation. Let’s go and make it ready to surprise Vicky! To make the perfect ice cream creation for
Vicky, we need the perfect ice cream cone! And I’ve got just the thing. Ha ha! Gecko, that’s brilliant. Right, let’s get cracking. Wow look at all that ice cream. Now its time for some of the special blue
sauce Some sweeties are going on now and more sweeties and some of those soft squidgy marshmallows I think we also need something healthy on
here too. I got these lovely strawberries from Claremont
Farm! Hurry Mr Tee, I think she’s on her way! Hello Vicky – lovely to see you. Me and my friend Mr Tee have a big surprise
for you. I decided that it’s about time someone made
a treat for you, after all of the amazing treats you always give to other people. So we decided to make you Vicky’s Treasure
Treat, served in the perfect ice cream cone! Here you go Vicky – just to say thank you! CUT TO Vicky with ice cream all around her
face looking v happy, with the treasure treat next to her. MAKE SURE WE GET A PHOTO OF IT HALF FINISHED,
and FINISHED. Did you see how happy that ice cream surprise
made her Gecko? I’ve never seen her so happy. That’s given me an idea! Maybe we should go and give some treats to
more people who deserve them! So who’s ready for some free ice creams guys? Let’s start with the amazing crew of the
RNLI lifeboat. You lot deserve a free ice cream, so there
you go. There’s plenty of yummy ice cream for the
amazing volunteers who work in the charity shop, raising money for good causes. There we are Paula, thank you very much for
being such a lovely person to the community. And there’s one there for your colleague as
well. Farmer Andy works really hard down on the
farm. It’s time he had a break and a yummy ice
cream! Nothing puts a smile on people’s faces quite
like an ice cream eh Gecko! I’ve loved spreading a bit of joy to Vicky
and all of these amazing people. Thanks to Mr Tee for making all of his wonderful
creations! Have a think if you could do something special
to put a smile on someone’s face today. I think you can really brighten up somebody’s
day! I’ll see you again soon,

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  1. Iโ€™m 70 Iโ€™ve loved watching this plus so long ve Mr Tees icecream when he came to Cirencester..x

  2. This channel is so under rated, Its one of the few channels I actually like my kids to watch. Keep up the great work!

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