Gateway To Technology – PCSD Career and Technical Education

Jesse Bach: Gateway to Technology is a one-semester engineering course in the Parma City Schools. Gateway to Technology is an introductory STEM course. It’s one of the first times students apply science, technology,
engineering and mathematics in their educational career. Students learn the
foundations of design, line, shape, color, how to transfer power, how to build basic
robotics, a computer-aided design which is a CAD program all the way up to 3D
printing. This takes students to a whole other level of understanding. Students
always think that learning takes place in a silent environment, sitting in
straight rows and desks and that’s just not the fact of the matter anymore. Right
now, learning takes place in an act of a dynamic environment, where the students
can apply everything else they’ve ever learned. The whole PLTW (project lead the way) pathway in eighth-grade you’re introduced with GTT which is the foundations of design then in
ninth grade you can sign up for IED which is intro to engineering and design
which takes everything that you’ve learned and deepens it even further. Then
you can take principles of engineering ending up with Aeronautics your senior
year where you can build drone technology. A lot of people think that
engineering is for geeks and it’s not. The world’s billionaires now start off
as engineers. The heroes that we watch on movies are engineers and it all comes
from starting off in classes like this.

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