Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess | MasterClass Official Trailer

[MUSIC PLAYING] [CLOCK TICKING] Check. Chess is a game of
unlimited beauty, but it's not just
checks and attacks. You have to be creative. I'm here to share with you my
knowledge of the game of chess. But I'm trying to come up with
the comprehensive picture that will be helpful for you
to become a better chess player, and even a
better decision-maker. Let's call it. king g5, king c2, king f6, king
b3, king e7, king c4, king d6, king b5, king c7, king a6. Boom! White lost, yes? Queen takes, then knight f5,
and it's a double attack. Skewer and attraction,
and it's mate. Quite an amazing mate. How can we prevent this
rook from stopping our pawn? Let's pause, stop
the video, and think. You have time to find
this winning combination. Did you see that your bishop
was hanging there? But, then you have knight c5. No, I didn't see that line. That's interesting. So you attack my bishop, then
you protect your bishop. Right. So let's go back, and see
whether we can improve, and what's the
next logical moves. It's about coming
up with new ideas, challenging your own excellence. Find your mistakes. Next time, you
have to do better. I've been thinking about a
few ideas that I never used. The one I want to show,
it's another sacrifice. I like sacrifices. And it's one of my
favorite openings. So just let's have a look. We cannot waste time. Time is precious. If you don't feel that
the game can unleash your creative
potential, then you're already on the losing side. It's not about winning or
losing, but, of course, at the end of the day, it's
about winning or losing. I'm Garry Kasparov. And this is my MasterClass.

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  1. @MasterClass can you tell me which set of pieces is the one at the beginning of the video on those 3 boards? I am very curious because the figures are very beautiful.

  2. Step 1: Be me
    Step 2: Have 1200 elo at lichess
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    Step 4: Have 1400 elo at lichess

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