Gamification in Education

there are certain elements of games that are so powerful for teaching and
learning and if we can include that into our environment that would be great the format of this course is in a blog students take on the role of reporters and readers and I play the role editor of that newspaper students complete some short assignments on the various course topics that we covered over the course of the term and then they post them in the blog we also wanted to make the interaction the interaction, the interaction between
the content and the students and the interactions between students very immediate and that’s what blog can allow knowing that everyone in the class is going to
read their work really motivates them to produce high-quality work you have your name on something and you want it to look the best it can possibly look so when it comes out all together, everyone is producing the very best work some people really embrace the role and
you can feel their argument it really is as if you’re reading something in a local newspaper you believed that person was really saying what they wanted to
say at that point in time rather than so many other cases where you take courses where they just kind of summing up something they were told to say students can choose to write any of the 10 assignments having that freedom to choose which course topics they want to write on which areas they want to explore in more depth really be gives them the sense of autonomy it’s really helpful to be given
guidelines, but your not told what to do you’re empowered to do something that
you feel passionate about when it is self-structured like that, and the gaming aspect made it less of an obligation and more of something that was enjoyable

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  1. I like the snapshot this provides as a general overview of gamification with writing. The fact that students are also publishing their work to their digital magazine brings important authenticity to the learning experience.

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