Games for Toddlers | The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game by Educational Insights | Play and Review

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Hi friends and thanks for joining us on
this episode of What’s in a Game today we are playing the Sneaky Snacky
Squirrel in this game players need to collect all the different colour acorns
before winter comes they’re going to spin the spinner to see what colour they
land on and then use the squirrel squeezers to pick up an acorn and place
it in their stump now there are lots of different things that can happen during
this game besides landing on the colour players could land on it acorn was a two
on it and then they get to pick two of whatever colour that they want if you
land on the winter breeze then all the acorns that you’ve collected get
placed back on the tree and you start from scratch
a sad squirrel means that you miss out on that turn and an acorn with a 1 on it
is the same as an acorn with a 2 on it however you get to pick one acorn of
whatever you choose and then this sneaky squirrel here means that you get to
steal from another player and place it on your own stump instead all right spin
the spinner what colour did you get you’ve got green all right let’s take
our squeezers our little squirrel squeezers and grab a green one you see a
green one I see you green one good pick do you want to help all right
oh we got it and into there alright my turn what colour did I get Grayson
I got red where’s a red acorn for me to grab Oh
do you see a red ACORN come here and help me oh i got it i put it in my log alright your turn to spin the spinner good spin a sad squirrel you miss that turn I’ve got a
sad squirrel too your turn to go good spin what colour grab a purple one with
your squirrel squeezers that is a good purple one you’re gonna put it in the squeezers help put it in good job
what colours do you still need what colour is this blue what colour is this and what colour is this which one of those colours do you want to
pick red that’s a good pick and put it in your log And what’s the second one you want what other one
do you want blue or yellow you want two purple you don’t need another purple you need a blue and yellow which one do you want blue that’s a good pick You beat me good job you win thanks for watching us play Sneaky Sneaky Squirrel
by Educational Insights this game right off the bat has a great shelf appearance
so it has this beautiful artwork the name of it sneaky snacky squirrel kind
of rolls off the tongue and it comes with this beautiful squirrel here nice
and sturdy where you’re able to pick up those acorns it is targeted at ages 3
and up I think that 3 is probably a little bit young to truly understand the
different components of this game and be able to manage the squirrel properly but
it is gonna grow with your child four year olds five or six year olds they’re
gonna love it because I’m gonna start to understand the game a
little bit better and you get that educational value too so you have the
colour recognition that you get to use in the colour matching you have the fine
motor skills with this squirrel itself and then you’re also getting those
taking turn skills and the critical thinking skills
what acorn should I steal what acorns do the other players still need and then
you get to play off of that a little bit more too once you start to understand the
game a bit more really fun game I think it balances the educational value and
the fun really well so it’s not only focused on education but it also isn’t
totally fun without any acknowledgement of other learning skills I do recommend
that you check it out we have it in the description below if you want to see it
there and make sure to subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss our next
episode of What’s in a Game

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  1. Wonderful review. You both looked like you had a great time playing. 👍We just subscribed #28 and like #9.

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