GAME MASTER Hypnotized STEPHEN SHARER with ME in Abandoned Tree House Fort (Code 10 revealed)

hey Sam Sam is Rebecca and right now we are at CVX we are actually at a giant mansion with a bunch of other youtubers and while we were in the room right now we got a text message from an unknown number so I want you guys to watch it with me okay so I am not sure if this is a prank by another youtuber and I have no idea what projects or NGO is or if they're working for the gamemaster but I'm gonna go talk to the other youtubers and see if they receive any type of message similar to body also you guys remember when I explored the abandoned arcade with Steven share and grace share we saw on the villain tour that the game master had circled September 20 seconds which is CVX live and I don't know the game master has something in store for all the youtubers here or what's going to happen it could be a giant trap also I think that the game mastermind of hypnotized Rebecca Q so no I wasn't so we are about to go out we're gonna see if there's any other mystery clues that other youtubers gonna see so creepy you guys anyone here anybody you guys get a message yeah yeah we did what do you think we should do is should we talk to everyone else and see what's going on you get it – yeah I got one Matt got one really yeah I didn't know what to do so we're just like oh this is smack I think we need to go and see if anyone else got a message all right you guys come here everyone Alex hey what's up guys well what's going on guys so I got this even in Greece did you guys get a text message yes one project sir go right yeah I got one okay so what do you think that means he told me that he wants me to figure out what this emoji symbol means it's like a weird star thing you got that same thing – yeah you got a star no no no no are just like an emoji symbol of a nose no arrow yeah mine's a flashlight wash mine's a club it's like a club like on a card okay that could be a good thing I don't want my channel deleted I don't think you Jim and chin so what if we like split up it up and see if we can like find clues yeah must be flying the drone we should split up there is a drone okay you guys so it's starting to get dark I'm trying to look for something related to a club I was thinking to go outside because maybe I have something to do with the game oh wait you guys hear that it's a DM from the game master and it just says a ring ring are the game master and project zorga working together ring ring maybe it's talking about one of the phones inside the manchester beans yeah we have to go inside Matt so I'm inside look for anything related to a phone you guys comment if you think this is right it's like an old-fashioned telephone booth it's so small in here mad like Kenny ping come in okay you guys let me know wait yeah one hold on this silver-screen around the trees inside silver-screen might like the teeth like a TV screen and moving like a movie there's a movie theater here oh my gosh look at this do you think this is what the silver screaming is their screen under your C it is yes there's no though do you guys see anything like this maybe I do not want my channel deleted you guys know I've had YouTube videos deleted grace see anything at all wait back back oh my gosh shambles basket tickle the ivory and read till your heart's content tickle the ivory is piano a piano there's yeah I'm getting no matter another message hold on okay this is really weird first we got a text message from an unknown number but it said it was from Project zorg oh and I'm supposed to be looking for a club and then I just got another video but it's from the gamemaster and it says if you want to know the truth stop what you're doing and listen a key of numbers in each of the spots don't forget to connect the dots so I'm very confused do you guys think the game master and projects or go are working together or do you think this is something separate I have no idea so we were obviously looking for the club clue but do you guys see anything else in this room like maybe a number of some sort or something with dots it's like something shiny back there if you guys saw that let me know in the comment section and thumbs up your comment did you guys see that how did I even look at this tree is this the same thing or is this something to throw me off so this has a number one and then it has four like dots on it oh vector something on the back there's like a rainbow with a bunch of different colors and I have green my number is written in green do you think that means something it's a weird rainbow though and then it ends in black I think we need to go to the next location okay so I guess we should just try the library upstairs because it has a piano maybe that's the right one do you guys think this is right let us know right because it back to the piano oh my gosh this is a really nice G this is a clue remember there's another number add dots to look at this you guys there's like a 1 here and there's dots and then a – do you think that's related to this yeah maybe this is it Z Z Z but then what would this be – is 3 dots oh so it's Z and oh we need to find another clue so it says tickle the ivory and right you said that's like playing the piano right andrey till your heart's content so maybe we need to look in a book or something because there's a ton of books you guys look at this we'll get all these books you guys how do we know which one it's in I have no idea there's like so many can't really see you then okay you guys look I think we should start at the top and then come down do you guys remember when I transformed my stairs into a giant spiral slide wait you guys let me know if you think that the clues upstairs or downstairs it's right here like hanging here okay good because we are running out of time but it's getting dark okay it said you will need this type of transport to be able to leave app or just avoid a monster oh wait a sec there is a pond outside and you guys remember even chair Carter sure they had a pond monster do you think the gamemaster is referring to the pond monster it I don't know you guys let me know if you think that that is it if you think we should go to the pond you will need this type of transfer to be able to leave a port just avoid a monster if you think it's the pond let me know we have to check their mat I can't think of anything else I'm just looking there's a boat you guys I'm getting nervous because it's getting dark outside and I don't want any of my videos store is enormous go to guys the game alright guys so that is the fun it's so big we're gonna go out there I don't know if there's something that we could write on or something related to a port so we'll find out so crazy outside it's so dark you guys oh my gosh back it's a boat it's a boat do you think this is where the clue is if you guys get both you are right oh my gosh this is so scary oh wait it's a five you guys a fight with like three dots you know if you see something else oh my god be careful back it's like oh my gosh stay low stay low okay do you think it's like there's something here okay I'm gonna get off with and then I'm gonna read the clue oh my gosh be careful I'm coming over this is so scary what if there was a plot monster what do you all want to find out so here's the five and it says a wart made of wood does that sound good I don't think there's any sports here I'm trying to remember this place is so big there's so many things we saw a shop where they built things it's like full metaphor wait a sec there is a tree house do you think it's a tree house oh my God look can we both you minute I saw a tree house earlier I have enough fun in it it actually looks very creepy they don't really want to go in the dark but I feel like it might be it should we go you guys comment below if you are afraid of the dark like I am I do not like being in the dark at all I am really nervous no one's in here I just don't know if the gamemaster in projects or NGO are working together careful oh my gosh so we are now at the treehouse I want to put on my GoPro so you guys can see what I see it's getting really dark sorry where you guys what are you doing out here alright so Steven do you want to come in with me yeah and then grace and I we can like look out different side maybe yeah yeah careful what is this thing yeah isn't this crazy Steven look look at that it's a four with da we got those twos yeah when we thought that since the fourth letter is whatever this means it's unlike anything on yeah okay I found another number Oh squish box cannonball – cannonball must be the next location we have to go to which is what do we have at the mansion that has splish much like okay so so far we found the floor which adds up so far I have four numbers it's this hey club the club is what high god that's rip from practical but it's like equal equals some truth must be missing something else in your angle I'm gonna go on this thing what's up there right there's a crumble pick this out yeah check this thing out another piece so my oh my gosh this is so creepy in here people are lettin they mean if you see you're coming these are our did you guys figure out what your litter was yet no we think it might be that mean right or something right turn right because yours was an arrow arrow yeah you guys make sure you go over to their channel where you can figure out what the arrow is right now we're figure another yeah we're still trying to figure that out okay I wonder if like we put all the words together or the code it means something yeah maybe it spells something out oh my gosh okay where else have we not looked here where are these this is a cabin up here – computer this is a hacker trade oh my gosh what do we do with it I know we're gonna go check out the mess that's a plan when you see the video yeah okay if you guys see anything out there let us know hey yeah maybe have something new like that code tent you were talking about earlier Rebecca [Applause] what just happened or are you watching we're trying to get the zip lines going you got it go splish-splash we have to go to the Pullman yeah we gotta go we have to hurry good to go okay what the heck yeah let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go so I have the laptop in my backpack let's go up here there's water which means the pool is somewhere around here okay you guys let me know if you see anything I'm still looking for I believe a number three because they have other numbers I don't have a three did you guys see that hold on all five numbers and here is the code so let's see we saw that that was that that was z2 oh now we finally have three what do you guys see that's three our our okay so door wait a sec for four it's 4.4 dots oh my gosh you guys you know what this is five is three dots three dots where's three dots three dots oh so 0rg Oh the word is door go I'll see you guys there was a rainbow on the back I think it has something to do with all of the youtubers that the gamemaster is targeting I am green so if you guys know let me know check out the other videos there's also splish Splash cannonball which we have not solved yet so maybe if I go to where you can jump off into the pool I'll be able to see the last and final clue something at the bottom of the pool maybe has something to do with coq10 go Ted Rebecca you

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