Game Master FORCE FIELD Spy Gadget Installed at Sharer Family House!! (Hacker Proof)

three two one go oh hey Cher's what's going on so Grace and I just got back from visiting the game master in prison if you didn't already see grace and I were in LA where we got led to a safe house and we found the game master we put him in the back of a cop car and we took him straight to a prison so that's where the game master is right now and we just checked to make sure he was still in jail and he is which is good because now today we're gonna set up a force field around our house so the game master has no way of coming back even if he were somehow escaped from prison so right now the basement has been taped off it's got caution tape all around it but we're gonna rip up this caution tape head inside and we're gonna setup kryptonite blockers and every single form of protection we can to stop the gamemaster from coming in oh okay so I'm about to head inside to the basement I ordered a lot of stuff where we can set up a force field oh just stop the gamemaster that's perfect but first we can't enter yeah we can't enter the basement in this this was just for visiting game master at prison so we gotta go put on some other clothes real quick okay oh the basin's actually let me show you how the basement is it's a little dangerous right now so we got to put on the proper equipment so let's head up let's go good equipment real quickly then we can head back inside perfect chairs come on let's go no shares we're gonna put something else on come inside remember the base is under construction so we got to be careful okay so shares check this out oh yeah sure is we got our hard hats on we got our safety vest we've got our gadgets now we're ready to go down to the basement like I said the basement is completely under construction which is perfect because shares that means we can install this radiofrequency forcefield and stop the gamemaster from coming in and we can install this force field in the wall so it's built into the entire house before the construction gets done yeah construction workers no one can ever hack us again yeah and the construction workers are gone for the day so no one else knows that we're setting this stuff up just me and grace yeah and the sheriff cam of course so uh I think we're good yeah workers are gone no one's here let's get going yeah let's build this but yours prepare yourself the basement is worse the last time I showed you it is completely torn apart so just be prepared the basement is that complete back yeah sure is I went downstairs to go to the Mart room and there was no way out getting through I mean look at this even just the outside of the house what cause it's Troy to this we've got nothing here it's all torn up we've got stones here but it does not even grass here that's how torn up it is it's crazy it's a huge construction zone we're doing that our do you say hi to the shares oh it's good to see you did we tell you we're building a force field so the gamemaster would no longer be able to contact us or anything yeah that's right it's okay you'll still be safe it's not gonna harm you just gonna keep the game at ya we can make even more fun vlogs and everything yeah okay will you go have fun okay have fun bye otter okay well let's go in get that tape off whoa there's one two and look they even caution tape to handle the workers don't want us going in but as long as we go in while they're not here we're not gonna know so yeah we should be good make sure no one's inside no one no check that window over there yeah I think we're clear okay let's go in we know that the game masters in prison so he can't be over here hacking and that's ready three two one well sure is come check this out it's completely destroyed look at this I don't know what the workers are up to whoa where did all my supplies go I have no idea let's go in where's the world's biggest dinner actually hold on before we go in so share is this is a scanner for security systems as well let us know if there's any sort of alarm system in the house right now let's see tester real quick can you see that yeah it's working here we go scanning scanning so far so good scan down here you see it working and I'm here nothing on the perimeter I think we're good yes yes take a look at this look how many wires there are down here in this basement something's not right grace they can't all be for likes does that be like a thousand lights in one room that's way too many something's going on here you know what what we did check the storage closet all over here what it's that wire that's different than any other something's weird we got Dean hack the house before we can put the shield off great hold on you know how my security scanner said there's no security systems active yeah look at this look at this they've deactivated the security system in our house yeah the like the power light's not on it's not working think he activated it there's a reason they deactivated it all right hang on they deactivated everything I means there's no power down here in the basement well there's a light on oh yeah you're right the shares now's the time girls we set up the perimeter barriers now it would be good we can hide over these ducts they cut these ducts open we get high now they can get sealed and all over and we put them in here yes just in case Cheers we don't know if that workers have been working with the gamemaster or not all we know is the game master is currently trapped in prison right now but if he has any people working for him outside of prison we think it could be the workers so now the workers are not here it's time to lay things down so come check out the tools that we got we've got a lot of awesome spy gadgets well I was getting a reading let me just scan this real quick we're good sometimes it just goes off we're good right here before we get into this stuff we must put these on okay sunglasses no Gracie's not sunglass these are not sunglasses these are the laser glasses they're green because they block the Kryptonite so when we're using these lasers in case there's any kryptonite they won't affect our eyes okay so shares we have a lot of tools here you've got some regular tools that look just like a measuring tool but check this out ready you lay this down alright guys watch out this is pretty powerful we press this button here we go three two one whoa did you see that yeah shopkins everywhere whoa there we go look at the points hole legs are there and a laser back to you and the laser all along the ground well if you don't want to step on any of these lines okay you gotta be super careful is this how we build of course exactly but right now obviously this course comes about in the right spot because if we were playing the basement right now it would be saying oh we gotta get this stuff set up properly and that in here is the ultimate tool this is a kryptonite blocker look at this thing yes this thing has tried turbo lasers that's crazy I can't turn it on yet because as soon as we turn this one everything has to be properly measure that okay so let's get measuring and before filled and have no more hackers here anymore exactly so the first step it's pretty easy all we have to do come over here grace we gotta start in the center and we just burst out with okay so stay right there yeah I need to go all the way to this point here so I'm ready I'm gonna pull this thing tight okay here we go connect it to this corner here all right grace I'm touching the corner how long is that it is 31 feet perfect one measurement down and touching how far there this one is 16 feet and 7 inches okay 16 feet 7 inches and we just need to know the distance from here this wall over there this one's really long all right grace and I'm touching what are you reading down there 31 feet perfect sure so we got our three measurements now I can except to try trouble device to get everything yeah I'm excited for this okay so now that we got our measurements laid out we can take this device back this in the corner so sure this is their first device that will help block anyone from entering the house hackers PA master anyone working it'll block anyone from coming in for anything up any signals so check this out so as you solve the four shares this thing has two lasers one from the north and one from the east so if we lay this in the corner right here it should be our first one of the Pens for anyone entering the sliding glass door so there's one siding left for here and one side of a story there and as you saw in previous blogs when the game ass came into the house he entered straight through this sliding glass door became around the corner here and went straight to the poster I was hanging up on that fireplace wall hosting perfect hand it to me steps together not quite grace so how you put this down here but it's not the end of the oh oh alright stand back watch your feet okay here we go ready yes three two one there we go okay check it out so we got our first perimeter set up anything in this field right here it'll stop the hackers so it starts in this corner right here it goes all the way down there you can see it on the cabinets right there and it goes all the way down here to that wall just like that yeah but that's not the only line of defense grace next step is it to keep measured offense hang on what what's up now that we have these perimeters set up you got to make sure to step over the lines next step is a tape measure now Sherry's this might look like a regular tape measure yeah let's look mine but grace it's got a little special device on it check this out ready here we go three two one Oh this is another forceful laser but it blocks four or different types look at that okay kryptonite chrono mine gallium and palladium and right now Jarrett it's not reading any of those signals so that means we're clear we're good there's none of those signals coming through right now yeah sure it's real awesome so we're gonna place this one in the ceiling oh that's a good spot right just Shh don't tell the workers here we go ready yep it's up we're ready to go okay that's our secret chairs don't tell the workers that it's up there now shares it's time for the try turbo force field detector yeah this thing out it comes with his own kryptonite measure earth it does but it measures any Krypton as you can see on the back here there's a silver shield if there's any kryptonite coming through this thing would be glowing so right now we're good no please come in signal okay now we're just going to set this thing up comes with a stand in the device right here okay it's all we got to do is take this device put it on here and screw it in just like this Sherri's check this out the tribe's Peugeot is ready to go yeah you've gotta use them for this one cuz this thing is crazy so we can't look into it yeah y'all get to it at all solar eclipses we couldn't look into it exactly so let's go set this thing up right over here sheriff this thing is going to force fill the entire and I mean the entire basement all the way through the house all the way to the top story let's go old circle Oh everything literally everything while straight down just like this then we'll light this thing off you're in it and three two one go check this thing out how pretty this well it's working okay look at this sharing this is the only way to defeat the gamemaster we've got wives going all over the house look at this race is this completely blocked up it locks up every corner of the house goes all the way to the corner of this room here so anyone that crossed any of this will set off an alarm system well all of a sudden the best mechanisms will jump in and everything will be safe and they even was on the ceiling Oh breaks it goes everywhere it goes all angles check this thing out ready yeah this gives you a better idea of how this thing works you bring any close to the wall you can see everything turn it all different angles this thing is crazy you can bring it up with a ceiling we're in a forest filled with and this is the only way to defeat the gamemaster only way Wow yeah sure this thing is amazing so this thing works we'll go over here we'll use this place it great charities go to other workers so we're going to place this thing just like this right in here and we're good to go wow this is super top secret but it's working it's scanning I think we're safe now yeah we really think we did it no Game Master know hackers coming back in here no nothing one thing that's coming back is it workers tomorrow morning – quick let's get outside we'll tape everything back up come on okay behind the doors the caution tape back ok let's tie this up we want to tie this back up basic just how it was those are always locked like that yep take this one tie this up just like this boom I think we're good yeah okay well shares our house is officially safe from the game after I think we're good yeah we did it oh yeah Cheers comment down below what we should do now now the game masters trapped and smashed like button because of your help that we were able to trap the game master and turn him into the prison oh yeah we defeated the game master so until next time shares you know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace whoa

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