whoa sorry Sophia what the whole pool is green it's like it looks like his floor slime check it out the whole pool is green look at that looks like it's like full of slime oh man yes it was beautiful crystal clear what happened did you see anybody here no did you man what's going on hey hey hey hey there's something at the end of the pool there should we open it I don't know I don't know hold on hold on do you think this is another book from the gamemaster oh my gosh you think he climbed our pool what are you doing I don't know hold on be careful be careful careful careful when you open it what warm what's inside what is that what is that what's this what is this Oh daddy look at this wait is it I remember he left us this once but you think this is the gamemaster again yeah oh my gosh daddy he left not mask again oh man the mouse goes over there you guys remember so you must have cane or check it as anything else inside I'll be careful anything else inside ah look at it steaming Frankie take it out and put on put it over there on the concrete let's pull it out so here we're in man you think the slime I don't know but it's pretty nasty nothing here nothing uh okay well take it right out wait wait what is this it's giving us more silver cider why wait let's take the rest oh look he's giving a silver Vuitton you see that daddy look daddy look what is he trying it look everybody's hiding around you guys give you somewhere in there huh guys if you guys know anything about this leave it on the comments down below this is really creepy daddy put all the silver he gave us how many pieces on yeah I think that's it look wait wait there's two big ones what happened of the big ones thing that's real yeah look let's see what it says no can I see that okay wanna say sunshine minting that's one pound this is an ounce of silver how much is the big one in two big ones royal Kunia make 10 pounds find silver in the back this is like the same one we got last time hey what happened to the summer we go outside I don't know I remember you think he took it him brought it back maybe strength he's trying to tell us something that we need to do something with the silver yeah you should be like melting it no how do you melt silver what are we gonna do that anything a master keeps leaving us a lot of he's like something he wants us to do something with the silver but why did he slime our pool what are we gonna do everybody how are we gonna clean this up not good we have to drain the whole pool now drain the whole thing now how are we gonna get the slime out of you guys ready to drain it is it gonna be take like a week I don't know sometimes I'm happy because he's given us all these like gifts like diamonds and so work okay I'm upset because he's ruining up food and I don't like the fact that he's got it yeah but I don't like you he's creepy this guy checking them out if he's in the woods somewhere guys I'm just checking out screaming a second and then the Seavey's anywhere in their check and the not I can't see him in here Wilson barking so that means you must have been done this like a night or something while we were all asleep there's nothing else people to do we can't clean this line how you gonna clean it but where are we gonna drain it to pretend to drain it to drain it somewhere well guys give us a thumbs up for finding all the silver look it's green Maddie Wow that's all nasty guys let's take the silver inside wrap it up take it inside all this watch the slime go step it bit of slides Wilson don't want this line listen it'll take all of it they call it put inside the box let's take it all that's the contact an expert I have to get rid of this slime so I kind of the fights a kind of a chemical expert yeah maybe you can help us with the silver – to melt it I want to melt this over because I don't like it that's from him he's got all those writings on it we that's legends game master dick hey everybody we had merch coming out that's right go to – Super sisters calm and maddewar – and number two – Super sisters drak extra-juicy Bruce is calm they get hurt right – okay everybody don't forget check out our merch put your email in our website – Super sisters gum okay puh Super sisters that come and all you gotta do is buy a much don't forget get the diamond hoodie I think if you want them to buy merch you have to do push-ups daddy works for me give myself a cheat if you guys you want to share all you guys have to do is comment down below saying to superstition dot-com and buy our merchants course yeah you know by our merch if you want to shut up okay first shout-out goes to ki-hwan heinous there we got Derek Heiser tasered after Derek we've got gaming with Angie Emma and not and Angelina Miller whoo we've got Glen girls thank you Miss ring Samara visit slime and sprinkle sprinkle ich shine oh thank you for all of you guys wrote down and coming through – Super sisters again and number – si yep that's all folks so that's it for today's video guys tell us what we're gonna do with this pool we need ideas we don't know what to do let's go check out the forest they're scared I know well that's what I want to find this guy

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