GAME MASTER Chasing TOP SECRET Evidence Inside Mystery Container! (Clues Revealed)

– Woo, well Sharers, that
crazy snow storm we had is basically all gone. I mean, check it out, the snow is almost all washed away and melted up. Wait a second. That's weird. (door clicking) Where did that go? Sharers, in the last vlog you saw that I got a bucket out of the pond, I brought it up to the house,
I put it by the back door. I don't know where it went. But look at this, the pond's
not even frozen today. It's gettin' warmer
outside, all the ice melted from the pond, but that's weird. Where did that bucket go? Hey, Grace? Grace? Hold on, she must be in the merch room. Grace? – Oh, hey Sharers. – [Stephen] Do you know
where the bucket is? – I think we left it right there. – No, I checked outside
the door, it's not there. – Oh, well um, I'm trying to study this a little bit deeper, to see if I could figure out more clues about it. – Oh yeah, Sharers, check this out. We made a detective board. We found all these pictures
from that antique camera that we think was Project
Zorgo member's camera. – Yeah. – And we kinda made a detective board of wherever we thought
things went in all that, but one thing we didn't
realize is when you get your photos developed
at a photo store, you actually get, like, a
sheet that has everything on it and look at all these pictures. Some of 'em, like, didn't turn out. So I'm wondering why all
these ones didn't turn out. – Yeah, I'm trying to figure that out too. – Yeah, we're trying
to scrape as many clues as we can off these pictures. We've got this clue where we follow these snow tracks into the woods,
which led us down to the pond to find that bucket,
but I can't figure out where the bucket went. – You can't? – No, didn't we leave it
right at the back door. – Yeah, we left it right over there. – Because I ran up from
the hill with the bucket and then I left it outside
'cause it was snowing, but it's not there. – That's so weird, where could it've gone? Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold up. Oh, there it is, that's it. – [Stephen] No, no, no,
Grace, that's an orange cone. – [Grace] No, no, no, look. The white one! – [Stephen] Where? Oh!
– Right there! – (gasping) There it is, oh it went all the way down the hill. Oh, you know why, Grace? Look how windy it is, you
can see the trees blowing. It's super windy outside. And it says it's 33
degrees but it feels like 19 degrees because of the wind. – [Grace] Whoa. – Yeah, let's go bundle
up, let's grab that bucket and then let's figure out
what's inside that bucket, because there's gotta be
clues in there, Grace. We use that Chad Wild Clay decoder, there's gotta be something in that bucket. I don't know why it was
in the middle of the pond. Come on, come back here, Grace. We gotta grab, you might
wanna grab a hat too, here, pink share the love hat. – [Grace] Okay. – I'll put this green one on,
it's gonna be cold out there. (exhales sharply) But let's do
it, bundled up, ready to go. – Bundled up, I'm ready to
go, let's get the bucket before it blows away. (door scraping) – Phwoo! It's cold out here, Grace. – Whoa, yeah, it's freezing. – Okay, it feels like 19 degrees. Okay, oh, it's really wet too. Yeah, Sharers, we had a
big rain storm last night and almost washed away all this snow. Grace, be careful, it's
still very slippery out. – Yeah, it's very steep too. – Okay, but good news is
the bucket is right there. Come on, Grace. Oh, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Careful, Grace, careful. Careful! – Whoa.
– Careful, you got it. – [Grace] It's like a mix
between water and ice. (snow crunching) – [Both] Whoa. – [Stephen] Careful, careful. – Whoa, careful.
– Careful. It's super slippery out. – Careful. – Wait a second, Sharers,
it seems pretty steep to go down here. Actually, I have a really good idea, Grace, hang on, I'll be right back. – What, where are you going? What is Stephen doing? – [Stephen] Whoa, Grace! (screaming) Grace, whoa! – [Grace] Whoa, what is Stephen doing? – [Stephen] Woo! Okay, that was one way
to get down the hill. Wow, Grace. – [Grace] What is that thing? – Look how muddy this is! – [Grace] Whoa. – Okay, well that's one way
to get the bucket, okay. (bucket rattling) It sounds different from last time. – [Grace] Yeah. – Either all the water drained
out of it, or something. I don't, oh. – [Grace] Whoa. – [Stephen] It's so muddy, Grace, yuck. – [Grace] Look at that mud. – This mud is crazy, whoa. – [Grace] Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. Who is that? Whoa, hey, hey! – Get back here!
– Give the bucket back! – [Stephen] Get back here! – [Grace] Get the bucket. (engine revving)
– Hey, get back here! Who is that? Give us the bucket back,
you just took that! – Who is that? – [Stephen] Ah, oh, get it! (engine screeching) Who is that, who is that? They're coming back. (horn beeping) Run, Grace get the bucket! – Get the bucket. – Run, Grace, they're coming back! Run! Take it, take it!
(Grace screaming) Take the bucket, get it, run to the house! – [Grace] Run! Ah, Stephen! (Grace screaming) – Let's go!
(glass smashing) – Oh, ah, you take it!
– Grace! (horn beeping) Grace, they're coming! – [Grace] Run, run! – [Stephen] I got it, I got the bucket. – [Grace] Run! – [Stephen] Oh my God, I got the bucket.
– Get the bucket safe. – Who was that guy? Quick, get inside this house. God, I've got so much mud on me. Quick, quick, get the bucket in. Go, go, go. – Shut the door, shut and lock it. Shut and lock it. (Stephen breathing heavily) Lock it, lock it. – Locked, I have so much mud on me. Who was that? – Oh my gosh, look at all the mud. – [Stephen] Oh my gosh, who was that? – I don't know, Sharers,
do you know who that was? Replay and see if you can
figure out who it was. – Grace, well who else could that be? Isn't that, that's our ATV. – Yeah, you're right, that's our ATV. – [Stephen] Look, they're still
out there, whoever that is. – What're they doing?
– They're out there driving down by the pond. – They're probably trying
to get the bucket back. – [Stephen] We gotta stay
low, we gotta stay low. Get to the mech room,
get to the merch room. – Yeah, something must be
super important in this bucket. – Quick, merch room. – Get to the merch room.
– To the merch room, let's go, get it in there, here we go, close the door. (door clicks) Okay, who was that. – I have no idea, that was crazy. – Hold on, let me just look out here. Just keep an eye out, they
might still be circling around the house. – I just locked this so
they can't come in this way. – Okay, wait, someone's upstairs. – Could that be the same person upstairs? – Hold on, hold on, I'll
hide the bucket over here. Hide it over here. – [Grace] Let's move
this box in front of it. – Move the Sharkini shirts in front of it. Let's go check that out. Who was that? Come on, Grace. – Could they be inside? – I don't know. Either that, or it's Mom
or Baby Otter upstairs. – But I thought they were on a walk, I didn't think they were home yet. – [Stephen] Basement door's open. – Hold up. Who is that? – I don't know. Ssh. – What're they saying? – Are they talking on
the phone or something? (indistinct mumbling) – There's multiple people, right? – It sounds like it's,
like, someone talking to someone on the phone. – Hold on, let me lift up my hat. – Can you hear anything? I'm gonna lift up mine too.
– I can hear a little better. – I still don't know. Hold on, it sounds like they're coming. Hold on, go down. Quick, quick, quick. Hide down here, go, go, go. Hide, Grace, hide. Yeah, hide right there, hide right there. Uh, let's see, I need a spot to hide. I'm gonna go right over here, okay. Hide, hide, hide, hide, hide. (door squeaking) Hang on, Grace, you good? – Yeah, I'm good, are you good? – Yeah, Sharers, I'm good,
I'm gonna hide right here, I can see if someone's
coming down the stairs. – [Grace] I hear footsteps. – Someone's coming, someone's coming, hide, hide, hide. Sh, sh-sh, sh, sh, sh, sh-sh. – [Grace] Oh my gosh, who is that? Who is that? – [Stephen] Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh. Who is that, who is that? They're looking for the bucket. Grace, they're looking for the bucket, they're looking for the bucket. – [Grace] Who is that? – Okay, sh, Sharers, someone's in here. They're right there. They're looking for something. They're looking for something. Where'd they go, where did they go? Stay low, stay low, stay low. – [Grace] Stephen, be careful. – I am, I'm staying, being careful. Did they go into the merch room? They might've gone into the merch room. Be careful. (metal clanging) Get back, get back, get back. Sh, someone's coming, someone's coming. Hang on, there they are, there they are. Who is that, who is that? Are they leaving with anything? Did they leave with anything? Grace, what did you– – Did they take the bucket? – I don't know, gotta go find out. Quick, they left the door open. Where did they go, where did they go? Where'd they go? – [Grace] Where'd they go? – [Stephen] Wait, there, right there. Sh, sh, sh, sh, hide,
hide, hide, hide, hide. Quick, close the door, close the door. Get ready to close the
door, close the door. Where did they go, where did they go? (door scraping) Okay, they're gone,
they're gone, they're gone. We're good, they're gone. Is the bucket still there? Check, bucket, bucket. Yes, Grace, it's still
there, it's still there! We're good, we got it. – [Grace] There is it. – Okay, okay, okay,
whoever that person was, they came in looking for the bucket. Good thing we hid it, I
think we're good, Grace, coast is clear, I think
that person's gone. – Yeah.
– Okay. – That was weird. – Let's just keep doors closed for now on. Something's in this bucket
that that person was after. – Yeah. – It looked like that was the
Game Master or Project Zorga. – I don't know who that was,
but we need to figure this out. – Yeah, something's not right. Grace, we need to get to work. We need to figure out
what is in this bucket and why that Project Zorga Game
Master person was after it. Oh gosh, it's soaking wet. – [Grace] Oh, it's dripping with stuff. – [Stephen] Is that from when we fell? – I think so.
– Or is there water inside this thing? – [Grace] I don't know. – Goodness, okay. Pretty sure this is the
bucket that normally has the koi food in it, right? – [Grace] Yeah. – Isn't that what we use to
feed the koi fish in the pond. – Yeah, I think this is the bucket. – So what could be so important? It's a food bucket for the fish. – [Grace] I don't know. – All right, let's just
get this thing open. Look, Grace, there's like
this child safety lock thing. But, like, it doesn't,
it presses but then– – [Grace] It doesn't work. – It presses–
– I think you have to, like, spin it. – Yeah, but like, I'm
trying to spin it, but it's (groans) it's not open. I need your help, Grace, I need your help. – Okay, let me get to work. (velco crackling) Unstrap, unzip, unzip, unzip because it was cold outside.
– Oh my goodness. Yeah, it was cold. – Okay, let's get going. – [Stephen] Ready, you
push and I'll twist. – [Grace] Okay, I'll push. – Okay, ready, three, two, one. Come on, Grace.
– Why isn't it working? – I don't know, are we
going the wrong way? Try this way, you ready? Three, two, one (both grunting) – It's not twisting. – It's not twisting, let me grab, like, a hammer or something? – Yeah, yeah, maybe we could smash it. – All right, hang on,
tool coming right up. Okay, got some tools, Grace. – [Grace] Oh good, bring that over here. – This is all I could find. I got the safety goggles, check. Got a screwdriver and a hammer. Okay, so what I'm thinking is, like, maybe we press this down
and then we hammer this, like (hammer thudding) this way. – [Grace] Okay. (hammer thudding) Is it spinning? – No, Grace, I don't know what to do. Why is this so hard to open? – [Grace] I don't know, it's like a trick. – Hang on.
– Hang on, I'll hold it here. – I'm getting it a little
bit, did you see it move? – Yeah.
– A little bit more. – [Grace] Twist (gasps), okay. – It's getting there. It's, like, maybe it's
like frozen or something. – [Grace] I'll hold it steady
really tight down below. – And go. – [Grace] Twist it! – It's getting there. (lid scraping) – [Grace] Oh, we're getting there! Keep going. – We're getting there,
it's getting closer. Okay, ready, three. – [Both] Two, one. – Go.
– Twist. Pull. – Okay, almost there. – Okay.
– Maybe I can do this, and bang it out a little bit more. Ready.
– Okay, be careful. Don't hit me. (hammer banging) Yes, that's working, that's working. Yes, keep going. Go, go. – It's getting better. Oh my gosh, it's getting a lot better.
– (gasping) Okay. – [Stephen] Here we go. – [Grace] Uh, twist, whoa. That was a good one. – Ready? – Okay.
– It's getting a lot easier. There we go. Oh, it's stuck again.
– Is it opening? – No, hang on, I need to
grab a pair of pliers. This thing got jammed. – [Grace] Okay, go get a pair. We're getting so close. – One second, Sharers. Pliers coming right up, Grace. – [Both] Whoo! – Tools. – [Grace] Perfect, come, come, come. – Okay, here we go. Okay, Grace, so all we need to do, take these pliers. – Okay.
– Stick 'em on right here, pull this tab back a little bit. – Okay.
– There we go. And should be able to.
– And hold it there. – [Stephen] Hold the bucket real quick. – Okay.
– And twist a little bit. – Okay.
– Ready, and there we go. – [Grace] Yep, oh, keep going, keep going. – There we go.
– We got it, is it open? – Yes.
– Yeah, perfect. What is inside? (Grace gasping) – Ew.
– What? – It smells so bad. – [Grace] What does it smell like? – Uh, can you smell that, Grace? – Oh my, whoa, pee-you. – Okay (exhales), Grace, before we grab– – Oh, whoa.
– Hold on, but we need to grab that thing, let me
grab some gloves real quick, it smells really bad. – Yeah, and grab, like,
nose plugs or something. – [Stephen] All right,
one second, one second. – Oh my, hurry. Woo, it smells so bad. – Got some more tools, okay Now we can get out what's inside. Here, put these on, Grace. – Okay, this is a good idea. – Okay, well, I know why the
person was after this, Grace. – [Grace] Why? – Hold on, first let's
get the gross thing out. Oh, it's koi food that got wet.
– Ew, it's, like soggy! – Ew, it's soggy koi food. Yeah, that's probably
why it smells so bad. But Sharers, this, I think,
is what that person was after. – What?
– Look at this, ready? – Ready.
– Three, two. – [Both] One. – [Grace] (gasping)
Whoa, Stephen, drop that. Drop it, drop it.
– Why, why, why? – [Grace] What is that
doing in the bucket? – I don't know, what is it? It's someone's mask. – Yeah.
– Have you ever seen a mask like this. – That person was in the Sharer fam house, after Rebecca Zamolo. – Wait, what, when? – Like, a couple weeks ago. – Well, I don't understand. What does that have to
do with this bucket? Look at that. – [Grace] Yeah, why would
they put that in the bucket? – And why would it be
over top of the pond. Bucket on the pond and
koi food, with this mask. – Wait, I'm starting to
think about something. – What? – Maybe some other person took that mask and then tried to hid it from everyone and the person we saw today was
trying to get his mask back. – What, what does that mean? – That means this mask
is super, super important and we need to hide it very safely because people are after it. Wait, wait, hold up. – What?
– Hold up. Look at this. – [Stephen] (gasping)
It's an address, Grace. – [Grace] What does that say? – [Stephen] Oh my goodness, look. – [Grace] Is that address the address to the owner of this mask? – 1201 Wilshire Boulevard,
Los Angeles, California, number 314, or 714, I
can't make out that one. What does that address go to? – I don't know, but let's look it up. – Yeah, we gotta figure out
what this address goes to, Grace, this could mean everything. It could be another clue
for the detective board. – Yeah, yeah, you're right, you're right. Come on, let's go. – Okay, check this out, check this out. Let's see, uh, 1201 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California. Search, search, search. – Anything?
– Yes, bingo. – What'd you see?
– We got something, come here. – What'd you see?
– Come here. Wait a second, Rebecca
Zamolo's stuff comes up. – What?
– Rebecca Zamolo's all over this. (Grace gasps) Look at that.
– Rebecca Zamolo? – [Stephen] Hold on,
let's turn it into Maps, let's see what's going on here. Where does that go to? 12021 Wilshire Boulevard. Hold on, let's put a person down there.
– Where is that? – [Stephen] Let's see what the outside of that building looks like. – [Grace] Yeah, let's
see what it looks like. – [Stephen] It's like a
random street in Los Angeles. – Yeah.
– Wilshire Motel. Wait a second. CVS Pharmacy. – [Grace] Huh, keep
going, all the way round. – [Stephen] That's weird,
this is such a random street. Wait.
– What? – [Stephen] That person's in the middle of the street, Grace. – [Grace] What, that's not normal. – Wait a second.
– What is he doing there? – [Stephen] I don't know. – [Grace] He has, like, a moving truck. – Wait a second, could that
person be someone that we need? – [Grace] Uh, maybe. – Something's weird about,
there's no address here, it's in the middle of the
street, that doesn't make sense. – Yeah, something is not
adding up quite right. – Okay, hang on one second,
let me go back here, Grace. – Okay, go back. – I don't know why Rebecca
Zamolo keeps coming up, but let's click one of these
videos and see what it says. – [Man] What're we doing, guys? – It's a Matt and Rebecca video, but what does that have
to do with the address? Hold on, let me break
the code on this website. View page source.
– Okay. – [Stephen] Let's jump into here, okay. – Okay.
– We wanna search for 120, 12021 Wilshire (gasps). – [Grace] There it is! – [Stephen] There it is,
12021 Wilshire Boulevard, number 714, Los Angeles,
California, that's it. – [Grace] Wait, hold up. – [Stephen] What? – Mail!
– Send us fan mail. Wait a second. If this is in the code of Rebecca's video, this means something, Grace. – This means a lot. – Okay.
– This is adding up now. – Let me back track that source code and see who implemented it. – Yeah. – Hang on one second. Okay, look at how many Rebeccas
are in this source code. – [Grace] (gasping) All the yellow. – All the yellow. Rebecca Zamolo's all over this, Grace. I think we need to pay
Rebecca Zamolo a visit. – I think we need to go to this address and figure out why this code
is linked to Rebecca Zamolo. – You're right, Grace. Pack your bags, we're
headin' outta town, Sharers. Next time you see us, we'll
be in Los Angeles, California. Let's go, Grace, come on. – Okay, I got all the
merch packed Sharers, we'll see you in LA. (upbeat music)

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