(radio crackling) – Hello.
– No signal. – There's still nothing.
– Still not working. – Cover all lasers, cover them all. All the lasers, cover
all the lasers, over. There's nothing.
– Not working. – What's going on Sharers,
welcome to the vlog. You saw in last vlog, that we got trapped in this top secret operation escape room, where we've been trying to put these clues and hidden riddles together. We've had no luck. And Sharers, you've been
commenting down below, the mystery riddle answer
that Matt and Rebecca had on their channel. What was the answer to that again? – I think it was, think
with, think with your… – Think with your heart! – Yeah, with your heart. – Okay, so we know that,
but what do we do with that. – What does that mean. – Think with your heart. The only thing I can think
of, it has something to do with this operation table. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Thinking with your heart, so if you– – [Chad] Hmm. – There's a lot of a lot of body parts. – [Chad] Well, there is a heart. Remember when we put the heart in? – [Stephen] We did put the heart in. – [Chad] Broken heart. – Broken heart. If we could think with the heart. – [Chad] Yeah, but the heart can't think. – Something with the brain and the heart? – [Chad] Hmm. – Chad, what does that mean. – Wait a second, wait a second. What if we took the heart
back out of the guy here. – [Grace] Oh boy. – [Chad] And then we
moved it up to his brain. – Oh, think with your heart! – Think with your heart, yeah! – Yeah! Last time we played this
game we were getting shocked if we hit the metal edges of this. – [Grace] Yeah. – [Chad] So we want to be very careful to not hit these metal edges right here. – Yeah, the game master's
trap is super tricky, so let's be careful. – [Chad] Yes. – So let's start this operation,
what do I need to take out? I guess take out that
ice cream cone up there? – [Chad] Yeah, be careful now. – [Stephen] Okay. – Don't want you,
– Careful. – To get shocked.
– Okay, careful. I gotta go wide to get in this hole. (game beeps) (everyone shouts) – Ah! – Did you get shocked?
– Yeah. – [Grace] Wait, you got it out though. – [Chad] It fell, it fell
down, whoa, you got it! – Here's the ice cream cone. – [Chad] Nice. – Okay.
– Now what? – Now the heart.
– Now we gotta get the heart out, who wants to do that? – Okay, yeah Grace, you better do that. – Oh, I don't really wanna
get shocked, but okay. – Be careful.
– Be careful Grace, you got this.
– Okay. – [Stephen] Come on, Grace, you got this. – [Chad] You can do this. – [Grace] Gotta get the
heart, I gotta focus. – [Stephen] Come on Grace. – [Chad] Careful. – [Stephen] That's a good
strategy right there. – [Chad] Oh, be careful,
that was really close. Really close, Grace, get it out safely. – [Grace] Whoa. – [Chad] C'mon, Grace, c'mon. – Whoa, I'm wiggling.
– C'mon, c'mon. – Oh, I got it, I got it, I got it! – You got it, okay. Chad, I
think you have to stick it in the brain.
– Into the brain, so he can think with his heart. – Sharers, smash the like button, Chad Wild Clay can do this. You got shocked last time you did it. – [Chad] I did. – But, I think you've gotten
some skills this time. – Yeah, I think so.
– Yeah. – I think so. – Let's do this, Sharers. – I got some practice in. The strategy, I think is to
go in, straight like this. Last time, I was trying to go to the side, and then I got shocked, so. – [Stephen] Yeah, that
didn't work too well. – Straight in, I think
this is a better technique. – [Stephen] Okay. – So I'm gonna go in very carefully. – [Stephen] C'mon, careful, careful. – And then, I'm just gonna drop it. (Grace gasps) – [Stephen] Yes!
(click) – Wait, did you hear that, what was that? – It was like an unlock. – You're right, it did
sound like an unlock, maybe it's this door. No, it's still locked,
that door's still locked. – Wait, maybe it's this door. – Okay.
– Try it. – [Chad] Yes! – It's unlocked, we're free!
– We're free – [Stephen] Hello, hello? – [Grace] Matt, Rebecca? – [Chad] Wait, what's
this on the board here? – [Stephen] What is that? – S L H. – [Stephen] Is that a number? – [Together] One, three, seven, one, G M. – [Stephen] Game master – Whoa – [Stephen] What does this mean? This is like outer space glowing stuff. – It's like a Lite-Brite toy – What's S L H? – S L H. – [Stephen] S L H. – Share love. love what? – Share the love, homie (laughs) – I don't think that's what that means – Probably not, if you guys know, leave a comment down below. – Yeah – What could this stuff mean? Wait, doesn't it sound
like someone's talking? – I hear voices.
– Yeah. – Where's it coming from? – Hello? – Anyone in here? – Wait a second, I hear
voices from over here, and it says laser.
– Laser Room. – Laser, remember.
– It's Matt and Rebecca. – In your last video Stephen, we found a clue that
said cover all lazers. – Yeah, it's the answer
for this escape room. – Who's in it, is it
Matt and Rebecca and Vy? – Maybe if we listen, we
can understand who it is. – Yeah but be careful,
we don't know who it is, and it could be the game master, so shh. – [Voice behind door] Let me out. – What is that noise, I hear somebody. – It's people talking or something. – [Grace] (gasp) Wait, I
think someone's coming. – [Voices behind door] One, two, three! – [Grace] Whoa, whoa! (screams) – Ah, ah, whoa, whoa – You guys, Chad! – [Chad] You made it! – Oh my God, oh my God. – What happened, what
happened, what happened? – Where were you guys? – We were stuck in this laser room. – We were stuck, yeah! We were trying to get
ahold of, we heard voices. – Is that an escape room back there? – It's like a laser room. – It's a laser room, and it's
not fun, like, we got trapped. – We kept on trying to talk to somebody, you could like barely hear anything– – That was us, that was us. – We were trying to figure
out what you guys were saying, but we couldn't do it, but thanks, thanks to you guys we got
to figure out what it was. They commented and so we figured it out. – Yeah Share fam, you
rock, thanks for going over to their video and commenting down below. – Yeah I'm so glad we're out of here. – Maybe we should go
downstairs and get out of here. – Yeah let's figure this out. – Figure a way out of here. – Yeah
– Yeah (deep rumbling) – You hear that?
– Hello? – [Game Master] Congratulations,
looks like you escaped. In order to get your next clue, you must stay in this room overnight. – Overnight?
– Overnight challenge? – You guys, it's not that bad. We've been here all day anyway. – Actually, this house is pretty cool. – Yeah, we have games all
night long for 24 hours. – That's pretty cool. – It will just be a big slumber party. – Oh yeah, let's do this Sharers. We're gonna have a party here. (clanks)
Whoa, whoa. – [Game Master] No leaving – [All] What? – Delete, wait, do you
think that means that our videos would get
deleted if we go downstairs? (gasp)
– So, we can't eat all night? – [Stephen] Wait, we can't
go down these stairs? – No snacking? – What? (gasp) – What are we gonna do,
wait, so Sharers, hang on. We're in the Game Master's escape room, and he wants us to do
an overnight challenge, but the rules are there are no rules, except we can't go downstairs or a video on our channel might get deleted. – [Chad] That's a pretty big rule – So that's a pretty big rule – [All] Yeah – I don't want my videos deleted. – [Stephen] Wait a second,
whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait. Look at this, all the rooms are wide open. – They're open
– They were closed – They're open. Sharers, you remember on last vlog, we went into this Operation Escape Room, and as soon as we went in, the door closed and we were locked in,
shut and trapped for good. And in Matt and Rebecca's video, they went into the laser room, and they got locked in
and trapped for good, and they weren't able to come out. – So yeah, don't go
back in that laser room, 'cause we don't wanna get
trapped in there again. – I'll be honest though,
it was, kind of cool. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – It's weird, cuz there's
like six rooms here, and there's six of us,
kind of interesting. – Whoa.
– Wait a second, six rooms, six of us, what does that mean? – [Rebecca] Do you think it's a trap? – What does that mean? What does the Game Master
have planned for us tonight? – I feel like he's teasing us
to go into the rooms and then we'll be trapped, and it's
an escape room challenge. – And we're not falling for that. – Okay, so we're not
going in any of the rooms. – I say we stay in the
center and we just like, play games out here, we don't
go in any rooms, you guys. Let's make a deal we're not gonna do that. – Or do we look for clues, Sharers? This is the Game Master's
escape room overnight challenge. He clearly wants us to
play some sort of game, but the question is what game do we play? – I think it's safe to
play pool, you know, we can't go wrong with doing that, right? – Yeah, I mean, I want to
stay in this middle area, I don't wanna go in any of those rooms. I've been locked inside
before, it's not fun. – [Chad] Yeah – I feel like we should just
have fun and play games. – Let's just play games. – Yeah, let's just have
like a big slumber party. – But in the middle,
not in any of the rooms. – [Vy] Right. – All together too, let's not split up. – Yeah. – That's right Sharers,
we are the Sacred Six, we are here to defeat any trap that comes in this overnight challenge tonight, so let's stay in the center of this room. – Okay.
– And let's stay up all night until we can get free. – [Rebecca] We've got this. – Let's stay together. – Let's do this, Sacred Six on three. – [All] One, two, three, Sacred Six! (rumbling) – [All] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa – [Chad] That door just closed. – [Rebecca] Oh, my gosh. – [Stephen] What's going
on, what is going on? – Wait, where's Matt?
– Hello? – [Rebecca] Wait, Matt's missing. – Matt, where is Matt? – [Stephen] Matt? – [Chad] Matt, did he go in that room? – [Grace] I don't know, I have no idea. – [Stephen] Check it, check it, Matt? – It's locked, Matt, Matt (knocking) – He's not responding, is he in there? – Matt?
– Hello? – Matt? – He was right next to
me, we said Sacred Six and I don't know what happened. – But he's not even responding? – Matt?
– Maybe he's not even in there.
– Matt? – Maybe he's not in there. – Did he go downstairs? – Wait, what do we do? – I don't think so, he doesn't
want a YouTube video deleted, he wouldn't just go downstairs. – He won't go downstairs. – Wait, I don't get it, what do we do? Matt's missing, Sharers, what do we do? – Do you know where he
could've gone, Rebecca? – I don't know, he was right next to me. – There's no way he would go downstairs, 'cause then he'd get a video deleted, so he wouldn't do that. – No, he would not,
we've had videos deleted, we don't want anymore deleted. – It doesn't make sense,
because he would answer us, if he was in there.
– The door's shut. – Right, he would answer
us if he was in there. – He's gotta be in there, it's the one door out of six that closed. – Yeah, and I mean, he was
standing like right here. (gasps) – Whoa, right where he was standing. – Wait, were those there?
– There are two balls. – There's two balls.
– Was that there before? – I don't–
– It says six fifteen. – [Stephen] Six and one five, six 15, six and 15, what does that mean? Maybe it's a combination for something? – Okay – Uh, okay, look for a combination lock, like a lock, three digit code, anything. Three digit codes Sharers,
comment if your seeing anything. Three digit code, three digit code. – [Vy] You guys, don't
go in any of the rooms. – [Stephen] Don't go in
any of the rooms though. – [Chad] There's a keyboard
here, and there's a computer. – [Stephen] Okay, what's it do? – Maybe it's the access
code to the computer. – [Vy] Oh, maybe you can hack into it. – Yeah.
– What do these buttons do? Anything, hello, hello, anything? What is that?
– Password. – Okay.
– So maybe it's 613. – 613 try it.
– Yeah. – [Together] Six, one, three, enter. (gasp) – [Chad] Password is incorrect. – Okay, okay, what about 13 six? Like what if we flip them? – [Together] 13 six, enter. – [Chad] Password's incorrect – Isn't it 15 six, not 13 six? – Oops.
– Was it 15? – Oh, okay, okay, give
it a try, try 15 six. – [Together] 15 six, enter. – [Chad] Password is incorrect. – It's incorrect, Six
15, what's that mean? Wait a second, look at that. (game beeping) Look, on the pinball machine,
that green light is flashing. – [Vy] Green light! – Wait, look at that.
– What could that mean? – [Stephen] Should we press it? – [Vy] Yeah, do it. – [Stephen] Here we go, three, two, one. (rumbling) – [Stephen] That door
just slammed, hang on. – [Rebecca] The laser escape room closed. (knocking) – [Chad] Vy, Vy? – [Stephen] Vy? – [Vy] Get me out of here! – [Rebecca] She's trapped again! – [Stephen] Vy, Vy, hello, Vy oh, whoa! Lights are back on,
the lights are back on. – Don't worry, Vy, we'll figure out how to get you out of here. – [Rebecca] Vy, are you okay? – Vy?
– Vy? – Guys look at this, underneath
there, there's a number – [Rebecca] Six? – What does this mean? – [Stephen] Six? – This wasn't here before, we let you guys out of this room before
and this was not here, I would've seen it. – Wait, Sharers, check that, make sure when Rebecca, Vy, and Matt
all walked out of this room, was there a six on the door? Replay that scene and comment
down below, let us know. – Pretty sure I don't
remember seeing this. – Wait, and Vy is missing
now, like I don't hear her. (knocking)
– Vy? – [Stephen] Why isn't
she making any noise? Is Matt's room making any noise? – Wait, let's see.
– Matt? – Does he have a number?
– Hello? – [Grace] No I don't see one. (jiggling door handle) Wait, Matt, wait– – You guys, we missed something. – Wait.
– Look at the top. – [Grace] Oh, right here. – [Stephen] Whoa. (gasps) – [Together] One. – A one, what was that number? Six, so a one and a six. – What does that go to? – [Stephen] What does that mean? – I don't know, and it's weird, every time the lights turn
on, they stop talking. – It's like they're all disappearing. – It's like, somethings odd going on here. – Okay, there's four rooms left open. – What are we supposed to do? – [Chad] We have to stay together. – What's causing the lights to go out? What's causing everyone– – [Grace] We need to stop
the lights from going out. – Wait, guys, guys.
– What? – [Stephen] That game's flashing. – Whoa, it's glitching
out, someone's trying to hack into it.
– Something's going on. – [Chad] Someone's hacking into it. – [Stephen] Someone's
hacking into that, hang on. – Wait, do you think
this is Project Virgo? – [Stephen] Whoa, hang tight,
hang tight, hang tight. – [Chad] Wait, space aliens? – [Stephen] What's going on, hang tight. – [Chad] This is really glitching out, let's get away from this game, guys. Let's get towards the middle. – You guys, no one else can disappear. Don't go in any rooms, we
just need to stay tight. It's an overnight
challenge, so if we can just get through the night,
we'll figure this out, we'll be able to
hopefully get Matt and Vy, we just have to like, stay calm. – Why don't we all hold hands together, that way if the lights do go out, they can't get any one of us, right? – Yes – We're all holding
hands, we can't be taken by the Game Master, right? – I do not wanna go missing. – [Stephen] Okay, we got this. – I think this is the safest way to do it. – Okay.
(rumbling) – Whoa.
– What? – Chad?
– Chad? – Where am I?
– Chad? – Chad?
– Chad? – [Stephen] Hello, Chad. – Where am I?
(knocking) – Chad?
– Chad? – [Chad] I was just standing by you. – Chad, how did that happen? – Chad, Chad.
– Chad, say something – [Stephen] Wait, number on the door. – You guys, he's gone. (knocking) – The lights came back on, he can't talk. Nothing happens after
the lights go back on. All we get is the number, that's it. – Five, what just happened to Chad? – Wait, match this up,
match this up, hang on. Something's going on here, one, six, five. One, six, five, what does that mean? – I have no idea, but you
guys, there's three more rooms, and there's three of us. – No, no don't say that. I'm not going in one of those rooms. – [Stephen] Wait,
Rebecca, what time is it? – I don't know, it's getting late. – 2:53, but look, your
phone still has no service. – And it's low on battery. – Yeah, this camera's
dying on battery, hold on. Let me go grab a battery
charger, where is my camera bag? – [Rebecca] Okay, wait, you know what? I still have my camera. – [Grace] Oh yeah, grab yours. – [Stephen] Is it working? – Let's see, yeah, it's working. I mean, it's heavy, it's my big camera, but, I mean we can use it if we need to. – Okay, Sharers, it's almost three A.M. I don't know what's gonna
happen, my camera's about to die, head on over to Rebecca's video right here so we can figure out what
happens and if we can make it out of this giant escape
room overnight challenge. – You guys, I have a really
bad feeling about three A.M. – Yeah, we'll see you,
– Same. – On Rebecca's video, so,
until tomorrow, we'll see you. Stay awesome, and share the love, peace. Woo!


  1. im kinda confused cause the clue from Rebecca was all 3 shocks heart but Stephen thought it was think with your heart and he still got it correct

  2. All the letters on the door is the number you guys tryed to find the password to the computer 15 6

  3. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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