Game Design & Technology, Master’s Programme – The art of making games

The programme is called Game Design and Technology. I feel the university does a really good job of combining the two aspects of it in terms of how to make your games fun, how to make games engaging or serious, or educative. From the technical perspective, it also teaches you how the teams can work together, how to do your programming for the videogame, or how to make your designers template or decision based from textbooks they give us in class. Something special would be that professors would engage with the students in playthrough sessions in order to test our own games, what we made, whether it be video game or boardgame. It would make us a bit more invested in the art of making games, because you can feel the impact of the feedback that potential customers would give you rather than focusing only on the technical aspects of it. In the future I would like to make my ideas for games come into fruition, either that would be from smaller studio or from a larger company in the industry. Doesn’t really matter because when you get the feedback from people that actually play your games the feeling is so enthralling that it makes it all worth it in the end.

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