G Gotti On Death of her father , Rondo Teaching her How To Shoot and a Funny LA Capone story.

what's up man should point 16 if y'all rock it out with the channel on a hash on a light come and subscribe let me know hey I want to see next the name I see the most in the comment section that's what I'm gonna reach out to and try to get on my channel if you really want to support check out the links in my description you can follow me on all my social medias 16 shot on visuals with a Z but that's nothing me talking let's get to the video I'll kinda see what's over there so la family tomorrow right Elaine I mean as a sister I don't know love love I'll fuckin yeah Nico you know love Laos oh I'm saying I prize me a leaking for like this me and I'll our always been seeing me he don't fight it so crazy right well I forget you I was I was laying down Wanda and she and I had a dream about LA like though bars then I look Rhonda love life crying but I hate cars mom at 6:00 in the morning sewing machine my second dream was meeting Elaine about his sister Lala and he was telling me in our dream like forget all alike fuck that shit excreted me like that's his words I get all this and I fuck that shit but um my relation with a time you know this thing is one when I'm around is they know it's late forever I like la gang everything I'm saying like ain't around still know when I'm around they know like is a lace forever la flight like everything la la crazy so they didn't expect that they know for a fact and just wanted to wonder they crazy when he got killed they know like for some clothes you know think la was tough that was my doll hospital what I'm this school I'm at the hospital Northwestern with my homie every single day helping them in up be helping me walk as far as they home on the first night you guys suck birthday guests I sex man you guys are you dead that's so crazy it's so crazy gotta kill right is it feel like yesterday you know is it you know like what somebody can kill you see the feeling fades away like nothing they forgot about him uh fucker but does it anybody will see what I'm writing day no nobody would hold I'm writing down I say dad if they'd see you later it depends on your relationship ever so crazy nothing about LA so much like any situation that happens I was gonna be empty if LA we said y'all calm like grow nothing you know my my my my bomb but they found me is LA so life is a life so I'm already going to detail I'll go out the beautiful well I've got the ass like like what made y'all I really you know not so tight as far as your sister and I mean before he got killed you know how like a person you could be around somebody bad with them he's gonna saying like me um I'm cut from a tough tough clouds i seared me so me you feel bad luck one I want to be cool when somebody else come around be like I'm stunned why you sucka see around time she told me I was like double huh I had a fight honey career before you films then I go real fight or some argument real fight right you come though John Knicely I was it me but so like that relationship should it ever like be fixed like what a convoy something like that does he like it's not even know fixing cuz I'm gonna fight for us alright everything go why so today I don't got nothin against nobody so what's the point of hold it's not the big issue everybody dance in his back is a curse on female line there was my point – or something – yeah been a lot of females passing away like okay I think you know what the lightest treatment you do you know anything about that as far as like with that intention of all of this I don't want to sit like so what you want at least this tonight y'all not to yard is not friends not a toy it is not funny yeah so you got any like memories what uh la as far as Isis we've said we know what was going fear nobody it is but hey so say something I know other like say that never really made salsa funny sort of crazy said so one day we was all sad me a big king drown and Rondo was teaching me how to sort of man bomb in the bag it's not fucking good in the air whatever yeah I like comments on the back way check it out v hello I walk through the funnel what's up Chloe's because the networks it's funny it had a you thought the finesse registry so I mean the branch agua this is the brita wah-wah-wah get a better so I walk to the front and see what all so it's hella people in it this time time via this hell of people enough he only called me Oh what up I come to the fore take this pedal it's brand new Pelle zips up feeling younger feel when I was growing up bread we young business he take this party's a brand new white all right putting me la at the both the place ago we had the bread pudding see out here at the water I had done he had to let I had the war he found a wider like I you cause they're banned now by Petty's to get anywhere 47 so we need a fan of expelling he like um he call me you got a pool now Waukee Iowa okay please take that bitch put it on you walk out on come on we go he checkout finality we've taken off the social affairs from the Albizia so crazy you know still I don't know stuff no we was just had to make a career that Rhonda no Manu but some good food you feel a little goofy no I just had a Rhonda was fuckin poppy filled up he was copping so you know anything that was around but he was a goof because I wanna just be around Olli was that fun making cribbage said Ron everybody know it was like that one of them knew that we felt weak and and I thought they probably won't I'm gonna anything my home you know watch them you put that bitch I'll put it the world Polly and with a letter Cuddy on over you take off the alley right that JD Bin Ladin yeah David Berlin his career right there so we go right up the bay and Ali get a know we had a lot of fucking everything but these are so funny I miss my home man it's all crazy because one day we was walking across the street right and this is how much I love al a light this helped just so crazy like I had something like who me we walking and she walked crushes me picked out my nail polish truly so he's so funny G I'm like oh no what I do if whoever loves me ice water got my right hand the guys tom is me you told me like there's nobody could say Barbizon give me he like um let me get flat for me you know you have to me solidarity gift left me and never let take march on me I promise you it'll say that because hey we will a save me red we like get have for me to all be able to get slapped me and never lets a merchant it's three exact word I say I don't know what I'll do if I have a left this how much if he ever left me just I'm like I look come Jesus just came on top of my head I was walking me on sunny first green dress welcome crushing some nails up I thought I'm like I don't know what I'd do if he ever loved me like doubles my fucking roll like that type of relationship be right I don't like only got won't be Marcus I really got that real yeah yeah and it's so quiet that you'll find a female that you buy wait it's got over nigger yeah I'm saying so since he bonded with meat and set up a nigga it was a lot of women I like yeah I got it fucking la oh serious Korea bluntly but even if I speak yeah here will never touch nothing here to tow my mom'll love LA at our Korea cookie eat sleep and shit pisses talk whatever so what makes our Ashley so close like was out like that way our first no did it and you we first met it was cool we begin in full you know I can get it getting food much fun gonna be a free are you be our words farms growing the life in a yes so true like you have to really I don't wanna focus uh but now owes you satisfies like yeah getting its Lucy like that that's my boy opens it with you know I'm talking in a room uh-huh look at the camera I'm talking so I had a lot of people that pass the weight like was that the one depth effect just for the most my because I was a daddy's for her daily Fassler yeah I like before I laid my daily appear over the mass when I went through my days my second last frontal was LA all right now googled and the food like my homemade are glow we used to go la I think he ever and I grow up she's make you I don't repair he'll just recently you're right yeah so you know you gotta be a part of Z working off like mixtape albums no thanks no I'm dropping our video think no big thing know what so next uh saw you plan on traffic I want to drop this sound car is late for the summer Sam in the end again I'm gonna drop this why waste our life just kind of fake love I don't know this one I want drop it so how would you describe your your style of music right I'm definitely not our be a fag no as a mommy a female goat cheese it was like I think of that song that was that's a real track yeah that's how I was around you some blue cheese shit you know so every night you know what's so crazy because I'm yeah it's not a funny thing eat the mommy and go as I went to treat them so yeah when I want to treat the real something we like eat that booty but my kind of music is buddy I came mad this grad week I can't it is like a word of huh fuck around on even in dictionary said I don't make good this is me it is me there's some see it's do not gonna fan I'm like I'm all for tonight like I was like I want to go to clubs you see I'm gonna close my special occasions and sing so I have mr. this club with my brother and shit just to go cause it was real special it's very long some night I hate didn't even tell me she loved my raps the event it's like I had a love your voice how long how you read fear me it's not I can't describe I can't put no ver no no no worries away you know that he's like some shit man one here and there something could be looking for me cuz I'm so pretty that's it oh so many people even wait when it when they see me they wanna hear like there's too many but it's like where I come from so I don't run about fairytale chic listen I might say it's true like about there so but I mean I can get in for the other shit like I'm gonna come up y'all I got some shit that's coming out for love you know whatever it takes it not my dream nothing like some sure that's coming out I'm sure up now trying it I am gonna because sister now I just put all the problems that is there like fuckin I'm saying if I deal with them I begin with them selves and I'm like fuck music I love music so yeah I don't really know what the label my music as right now you'll never like give me your feelings and maybe that's how yeah yeah but own things thank you for me getting the more like that a little and I was like yeah so you don't get no light expect the time for your next on the job you're gonna know like expect the time field next on the video yeah let's get busy there first thing you saw them saying yes was she look just just any boy if y'all see the video and then go crazy let us there's no if it'll go crazy me as you love it was it you better so yeah what's the next quest or that so you know before we close out as anything you want to bring up shadows gonna get people know I don't want to get enough okay set up nobody my boy la dreaming game yeah we know we know right um I don't know I let people know your social media in our is it yeah but people know your social media with um my Instagram is ggot see ionic oil a DUP cause you gotta like duck my twitter is got el8 up the spangle a heels Gigi OTP I led ping and that's the better you didn't are you the one more crazy I been dropping shit but I'm gonna because this thing's will soon so we are grateful I I got one more question speaking of you know LA it up I see like coolest people you were like you can say really was like la gang who really rock with me and I know you gonna leave it as that means you got ela crazy I mean no three months like my boy a little pitches off or anything I don't smell anything what I do without you guys like that one nigger like that was my home and I was you know I you know I have muffin girl homie and got a nigga nigga be like getting jealous Rhonda was never jealous knew like doubles my homie yeah like I in my old phone is the picture now Rondo mama had a little tree and Rondo la took a picture I think was out of family today hey Lance he thinks out of ten of my teammates Lola but the pictures like a let you know same one she's from Miami my phone was so fucking around with the Angela name took a pitch like they was in my ear in spelling and I feel like what else any be spending 16 shutting me out I know y'all been wanting me do this mousy much memory for six months they get all our boys don't things I'll be bullet they letting souls are like I really we haven't found me all sad things going on oh yeah I'll lay out I love me I like to keep doing oh said I was sitting back y'all got the same thing right that's over like you yeah name my real name with traviata' don't poke me cuz you bitches Missy Gotti yeah yeah keep doing you gone crazy always you're the best you know thank you you

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  2. All of you are rats.. cos if a nigga appealing. Everoyone shut up n mind dere biz. All dat rondo taught her how to shoot is fucking up rondos character. Idiot thots and faggot niggas. Everyone just b quiet about da case

  3. Rondo been lying on Tay running his name thru the dirt this whole time and it turn out this nigga BEEN trying to point the finger at Cdai so when you think about it can you believe a word his bitch say? You L’A crazy but don’t fuck with his family? Shit just don’t add up 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. U the reason LA not alive anymore “G Gotti”…u having dreams about ur guilt ? …. and his sister whooped yo ass that’s good for u …

  5. I don't think LA knew how Loyal Tay 600 was until it was too late…he was blinded by the Fake…I think that's why he kinda felt like Tay was annoying…I had a Friend like that…thought he was annoying but as we got older I realized he was just loyal as hell that's why he always wanted to kick it

  6. To be from Chicago is to understand us. He didn't diss Tay or her. It's basically saying I no my nigga gone merch on me with his lieing ass

  7. Heard she set up LA 👀.. ofc LaLa ain’t gon fuck with her , she holding back something . Watch how she stuttered when 16 asked

  8. yea rondo a cuck cause i aint letting my girl chill with my best friend every day and be all up in his house wtf. she walking around more than me. remind me of that mario and luigi meme.

  9. These black bitches from Chicago always petting themselves with the fakest weaves smh. Like some horse hair shit

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