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Liquid Nitrogen is great for making ice cream and breathing smoke like a dragon! But what if you drank an entire glass of pure liquid nitrogen is it dangerous could it cause your body harm? First what is liquid nitrogen? As the name implies, It’s the liquid form of nitrogen gas a colorless odorless gas that makes up about 78% of our atmosphere. Nitrogen turns into a liquid at negative 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Much MUCH 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 deggres celsius)of your glass of ice water being so cold there’s lots of interesting things you can do with liquid Nitrogen like at a fun foggy effect two drinks or flash-freezing foods, but while this stuff may look fun liquid nitrogen is Extremely dangerous, if not handled correctly especially if it’s ingested. First, What happens is that the majority of liquid nitrogen evaporates in your throat and turns into gas. There’s a tiny flap in your esophagus Called the epiglottis that is there to stop gas from escaping out of your stomach this traps the cold nitrogen gas Causing it to expand which can cause burns and internal rupturing. Things only get worse as the liquid nitrogen Travels down into the stomach has happened to a young woman in the United Kingdom The extreme cold of the liquid nitrogen can burn holes in your stomach and destroy the stomach lining the damage to hers was so bad That her entire stomach needed to be removed. If not treated immediately This damage to the stomach and esophagus could even lead to death So while liquid nitrogen may be useful for cooking and fun for party tricks Please do not drink it because it won’t be fun for very long *Chokes* We’ve all fantasized about it winning the lottery getting a huge sum of money, And putting all of your troubles behind you but does winning the lottery pay off Does it make you happier in the long run? with the largest jackpots being in the hundreds of millions or even over a billion dollars? There’s no doubt that winning would change your life But what many lottery winners have found is that it didn’t change their life for the better. Over 70% of lottery winners end up right back where they were. Broke. Here’s a few ways that things could go bad for you if you won. The lottery the easiest mistake to make is simply not planning for the future! HERE COMES THE MONEY Millions of dollars might sound like a lot of money, but there isn’t an infinite supply And it won’t last forever if you don’t have a plan! Getting an experienced and trusted financial Adviser who knows how to handle large sums of money will help ensure that it’s there for years to come Another common problem is spending too much. Everyone even millionaires have to live within their means Fast cars, Big Houses, Fancy vacations! It all sounds great, but it can add up fast spend without limits And you won’t be going on those amazing trips for very long… But maybe the hardest issue to tackle is dealing with your friends and family! It’s natural to want to share what we have! Helping out our friends and sharing the wealth with our loved ones. Many lottery winners have talked about how hard it was to say no to all the people who came to them after they won seeking help and many of those lottery winners couldn’t say no even as they gave away everything. They had while there’s plenty you can do to help your chances of staying rich after winning the lottery like laying out a smart financial plan from the get-go being responsible with your purchasing decisions and Staying strong when it comes to those looking for a handout the odds are still stacked against you and more likely than not After all is said and done. You’ll end up right back where you started. Whether it’s a jalapeno a serrano or even the infamous ghost pepper We all have a heat threshold, or level of spiciness that we can tolerate but can anyone handle the Carolina Reaper And what would happen if you ate it the Carolina Reaper a hybrid pepper, Specifically bred to be as hot as possible is the current record holder for hottest pepper in the world! The Scoville heat scale is used to measure the spiciness of peppers to put things in perspective a jalapeno comes in at around 8,000 units a habanero is a blistering 350,000 units while a carolina reaper tops the scale at a whopping 2.2 million units so what happens when you eat a pepper this spicy first the high concentration of capsaicin the chemical that causes spiciness and peppers binds to a nerve receptor in your mouth this triggers an intense and extremely painful burning sensation obviously There’s no actual heat emanating from the pepper, but your brain is tricked into thinking that your mouth is on fire and that you’re burning up! And since the brain believes you’re overheating it immediately takes corrective action to flush out the toxin. You’ll experience extreme sweating accompanied by crying eyes and a runny nose. You might think it would get better once you start to digest the pepper, But you’d be wrong! the pepper continues to wreak havoc on your insides resulting in severe pain and nausea That can last for up to eight hours! But while it won’t kill you or cause any permanent damage There’s not much you can do at that point but suffer and wait it out. Keep in mind you can alleviate some of the painful burning in your mouth by drinking milk, Which contains casein a protein that neutralizes the peppers capsaicin So think long and hard before biting into one of those super spicy peppers this bear is just gonna have to stick to bell peppers for now… Spiders are all around us there are over 35,000 different species and one study of homes in South Carolina found spiders present in 100% of them! Most spiders do not pose a threat to humans and are actually quite helpful in keeping populations of other bugs in check however there are some species whose bites and venom can be extremely dangerous There is a common misconception that the daddy longlegs is the most venomous spider But that their fangs can’t pierce human skin in truth daddy longlegs do Occasionally bite people however their venom will produce a mild irritation at worst. According to scientists the most venomous spider on the planet today is actually the Brazilian Wandering Spider Which got its name because it roams the forest floor looking for prey a single bite from one of these spiders And you will instantly feel pain! immediate symptoms include inflammation of the skin with severe burning and redness Goosebumps and sweating their venom is strong enough to quickly kill bugs birds small rodents and even young children But in adults the venom generally takes longer to work as it courses through the bloodstream further symptoms like blurred vision nausea erratic heartbeats chills and Uncontrollable shaking can occur! There have even been instances of a strange side effect in men where it can make your you-know-what Painfully swell can cause permanent damage while the symptoms are very unpleasant actual deaths from Brazilian Wandering Spider bites are rare! out of the more than 7,000 bites that have been reported there are only 10 deaths that have been attributed to the Brazilian Wandering Spider That said medical treatment is still required so that an anti-venom can be administered and while Brazilian Wandering Spider czar only native to South America There have been news stories of them traveling along with banana shipments to other countries! So the next time you’re picking out fruit at the grocery store you may want to be extra careful Despite strong warnings from the US State Department about the dangers of visiting North Korea the East Asian country is still a popular destination for adventurous travelers seeking an unconventional experience But there’s a lot you should consider before booking your next trip They’re just getting to North Korea can be quite an ordeal a flight from Los Angeles will take at least 15 hours with a layover in Beijing once there though visitors find that North Korea is a Beautiful country covered with mountains and valleys and the capital city of Pyongyang is an experience like no other with its own unique culture food and architecture But North Korea has a reputation as a closed-off and secretive nation for a reason! There are numerous rules governing What tourists are allowed to see and even stricter controls on what they can photograph? And if you do happen to break one of these tourist rules knowingly or otherwise you may find yourself in a lot more trouble than you anticipated! Visitors have reported being aggressively searched and interrogated and some have even been detained or taken prisoner for no reason at all The really unlucky ones who are formally charged with a crime are often forced to participate in a sham And then sentenced a hard labor at work camps where the conditions are miserable long days of manual labor not enough food and crowded sleeping arrangements are the norm! along with prison sentences that can last 15 years or more for even a minor violation! (yeah… dont go or dont try to break any laws) Prisoners are usually released only after serving their terms in full or by special pardon from the leader of the country Kim jong-eun he gained control of North Korea in 2011 following the death of his father Kim jong-il and has been in power ever since Kim jong-eun maintains a strict dictatorship and lives a lavish lifestyle with access to Western goods and entertainment, but at the same time denies most North Korean citizens access to these comforts and luxuries He is also accelerated North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and missile development conducting frequent tests and new missiles and warheads of even greater concern Recent North Korean missile tests have demonstrated that they likely have the range to target and hit the United States US citizen traveled in North Korea may soon be banned and made illegal so if you are considering a visit to North Korea your time is running out just be really careful once you’re there or your trip could turn out to be much longer than you planned with some very unexpected surprises!!!!!!!!! *Hell Exploded on Nutz* While most laundry related mishaps do not typically require medical attention there are some rare scenarios that can result in serious injury or even accidental death! have you ever wondered what happens inside a washing machine once the door
closes and the machine is turned on? Can you survive if you were trapped inside? Let’s take a closer look! One of the benefits of front-load washers is they allow you to fit more laundry into the compartment Which is great for efficiency and to prevent you from accidentally opening the door while the machine is full of water. it Automatically locks once the wash cycle begins but this also means that if someone happens to be inside they
can’t get out! As the limited space in the washer fills with water and you’re struggling to breathe the most pressing concern is obviously how to avoid drowning Now let’s suppose you’ve lucked out and found an air pocket you better hope the washers temperature dial isn’t set to hot standard washing machines are capable of heating water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or about 49 degrees Celsius That’s hot enough for a serious scalding and prolonged exposure to those temperatures can lead to heat stroke! But even with a cold temperature setting, you’re still in for a pretty bumpy ride during the main wash cycle! And it only gets worse from there. The last stage or cycle in most washing machines is called the spin cycle! This cycle uses centrifugal force to separate and remove water from clothing by spinning at speeds of 1,200 revolutions per minute! That’s as fast as a DVD spins! Which explains Why most washer related hospital visits are the result of injuries sustained from being tossed around
inside while the machine is running! So be extra careful in the laundry room and never play in or around washing machines what may look really fun from the outside is actually quite dangerous. If you’re unlucky
enough to get locked inside! The fate of the Titanic is one of the most well known maritime disasters in modern history the supposedly unsinkable ship sank after colliding with an iceberg in the North Atlantic during its maiden voyage in 1912 and far more tragic was the loss of life that could have been prevented ever wonder Whether you would have survived on board the Titanic the RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner constructed in the early 1900’s measuring 883 feet long for approximately 260 nine metres with a total of ten decks it was at the time the world’s largest ship, and undoubtedly the most Luxurious there was a number of factors determining passenger experience however, the primary one as you would expect was based on the class of the ticket you purchased the opulence and grandeur of the Rooms dining areas and amenities available to first-class passengers were far beyond anything that third- class passengers could ever imagine! And let’s not forget the unseen men who worked in the engine room to keep the ship moving! the Titanic’s furnaces required over 600 tons of coal a day! Shoveled by hand around the clock by workers deep within the bowels of the ship These men were known as the black game because of the soot and coal dust they were covered The moonless conditions oinn the night of the tragedy meant the ship’s lookouts were unable to see the approaching iceberg until it was too late To avoid collision while it’s almost impossible to believe the Titanic carried only 20 lifeboats Which was nowhere near accommodating over 2,200 passengers and crew that were aboard the ship! The women and children first rule applied when loading the lifeboats Beginning with the first class of course and as a result the difference in survival rates across classes is staggering in total more than 1,500 people on board were killed upon being violently thrown from the deck and plunging into the freezing North Atlantic water one survivor Described the lethally cold temperature as being stabbed with a thousand knives all over your body the list of first-class Passengers included some of the wealthiest and most well known people in the world! So it’s no surprise that the ship was carrying an estimated six million dollars of cash, jewels, and other valuables on board! and while some passengers tried to save what they could sadly most of the treasure sunk along with the Titanic to the bottom of the ocean nuclear power plants are one of the biggest producers of energy in the world currently providing about 11 percent of the world’s total electricity production. nuclear reactors work by using the energy released from the splitting of atoms to produce steam which in turn powers a turbine that generates electricity Nuclear power is statistically very safe, but what might happen to you if there’s an accident? It’s impossible for a nuclear reactor to blow up like a bomb. But what if you were exposed to the highly radioactive spent fuel rods? Radiation is dangerous because it causes damage directly to the cells that make up your body. breaking chemical bonds and mutating your DNA! Very quick and low dose may leave you feeling just a little ill like you have the flu and your chances of recovery are quite high a slightly higher or more prolonged exposure will start killing off blood cells and damaged bone marrow! and you’d most likely need a blood transfusion to survive! The radiation at this level will also start burning your skin! A very unhealthy way to get a tan. and an even higher dosage your internal organs will be Permanently damaged your brain and circulatory system will start to shut down. And while the exact level of exposure may mean that you’ll live anywhere from a couple of weeks to just a few hours Death is almost certain! But just because you were able to survive the short-term effects doesn’t mean you’re safe… Exposure to radiation carries with it a hugely increased risk of cancer and other health problems later in life and While there aren’t any reports outside of comic books and movies of someone gaining superpowers from
nuclear radiation. well letyou know if we hear any thing. Over the last few years Bitcoin has attracted an enormous amount of media, Business, and investor attention and while trading began as far back as 2009 the price of a single coin has since Skyrocketed, there are some Bitcoin evangelists promoting the currency as the future of money! Capable of replacing or transforming the current banking system others are buying Bitcoin as an investment. Expecting an increase in value over time since there’s a limited number of coins that can ever be mined! In the early days a single Bitcoin was valued at less than a penny! At the time the digital currency attracted the attention of cryptography enthusiasts as well as innovators interested in mining new coins, but at that price It’s no surprise that keeping track of your Bitcoin wallet was not necessarily a top priority. the first documented Bitcoin purchase was recorded in 2010 when a developer in Florida ( i live there) offered 10,000 bitcoins in exchange for two pizzas a Value of around 41 dollars back then what sounded like a fun idea at the time Would now be worth over a hundred million dollars! The recent surge in bitcoins popularity has resulted in speculators and first-time investors trading on exchanges hoping to get rich quick! This has led some experts to believe that a combination of visionaries gamblers and BOTS are responsible for the currency sharp spikes and Unpredictable plunges the extreme fluctuation in bitcoins value has become a common occurrence Where thousands of dollars and gains can instantly disappear in a flash crash in less than 24 hours! Some investors have converted their entire life savings into Bitcoin! only to panic and sell for a lot less than what they originally paid getting destroyed trying to make a quick buck without having any idea what they’re getting themselves into! And aside from the obvious risk surrounding bitcoins volatile price there have been numerous hacks thefts and scams! So be extra careful handling digital currency especially when it comes to keeping your Bitcoin secure! We’ve all heard the Recommendation to drink 8 glasses of water per day and while the science is still out on Actly how much water you should drink each day? There’s no doubt that hydration is essential each day We lose around 2 to 3 litres through normal functions like sweating breathing and going to the bathroom. But can you drink too much water believe it or not you can! Known as water intoxication, Or water poisoning, It occurs when you drink more water than your body is able to handle! Your blood contains a certain level of sodium that your kidneys regulate if that level drops, too low say by drinking more water than your kidneys are able to process at once then your blood becomes diluted and wild a condition known as Hyponatremia. That excess water in your blood is carried around your body where it enters your cells causing them to swell up like balloons! Now most of the cells in your body are able to handle putting on a little extra size. But there’s one place where you definitely don’t want that to happen the brain! your brain sits snugly Inside the skull which means it has no room to expand! as your brain swells and the pressure and the skull Increases blood flow is increased Depriving your brain of oxygen the first symptoms of water poisoning are headaches and nausea, But as the brain swells further you can have trouble breathing experience seizures go into a coma or even die the exact amount of water needed to cause water poisoning varies from person to person and Depends on a number of factors like how much you’re sweating but most of the reported cases involve people drinking multiple gallons in just a few hours! So don’t force yourself to drink more water than you feel like you need! if you let your thirst be your guide You should be just fine. *explodes* If you want to make fuzzy and nuts happy click that like button and subscribe to their Channel! Created by The Community, Polished, double-checked, and fixed by Corey Playz (also i put some other subtitles)

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