Future maker

Sally: What do you do?
Harry: Well, I do a bit of nursing. Harry: And some acting. “And I’ll blow
your house down!” (Deep breath) Sally: Interesting combination.
Harry: Oh, and then there’s the counselling. Harry: I’m also a sports coach. “Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!”
Harry: Then there’s the science, cooking, gardening and some days I’m an artist too. Sally: You’re a bit of an over achiever! Harry: Guess you could say, I’m a future
maker. “Here we go, is it going to explode?” (Screaming) Harry: I’m an early childhood educator. Sally: Ohhhhh. Inspire the future. Choose a career in early childhood. For more information, visit earlychildhood.qld.gov.au/inspirethefuture.

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