Funding an Excellent Public Education

Our community is a vibrant, dynamic place
to live. And our Los Altos School District is one of
the best in the country compared to the top performing public schools in New York, Pennsylvania,
Massachusetts and Illinois. But why do those schools get so much more
money per student than our schools? Because in 1978 California voters passed Proposition
13, a state measure that changed the way our schools get funding, capping property taxes. Now even in a strong housing market, there
isn’t enough revenue to support our schools with public funds alone. After the passage of Prop 13, California schools
went from some of the best in the nation to some of the worst, slashing art, music and
electives. Class sizes soared. A high-quality education requires more funding
than state and local taxes provide. That’s why concerned parents created the
Los Altos Educational Foundation, or LAEF. And parents support each school with a PTA. Each year, your donations to both LAEF AND
the PTA “fill the gap” by providing crucial funding for important school programs throughout
the Los Altos School District. Because of LAEF, every elementary school has
teachers for art, music, library, computer science, STEM, and PE. Because of LAEF, our junior high school students
can choose from a wide variety of electives like band, photography, robotics, and world
languages. They can consult a librarian to research a
project, or meet with a mental health counselor. Thanks to each school’s PTA, all students
have the technology and materials they need to learn, including computers, books, and
classroom supplies. And PTA funds support teacher training, and
campus improvements. The high-quality education you want for your
kids isn’t possible without LAEF and the PTAs. And LAEF and the PTAs are only possible with
your support. Donate today.

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