Fun Facts about Bats for Kids! Learn about Bats with this Educational Cartoon (Microchiroptera)

Right now I am so excited because I have some
fun facts about a really cool animal. That’s right today we are getting ready to learn
fun facts about bats for kids. Okay growing up and even today one of my favorite
superheroes is based on bat. But hold on, hold on, right now I am not talking about
comic books I am talking actually talking about real life bats. Bats are mammals that
have webbed wings that make them the only mammal that can fly naturally. As a kid really
I was afraid of vampires, because they want to suck your blood, but bats are just like
the tales of vampires. There are some bats that can feed on blood. When talking about
bats they belong to a family order called microchiroptera. The word microchiroptera
means, “Little hands.” A fun fact about bats is when bats are talked about they are
divided into two categories. There are megabats and microbats.
Megabats are include flying foxes and old world fruit bats. For example a flying fox
may have a wingspan up to 6 feet wide and they can weigh up to two pounds and lives
on islands in the South Pacific. Microbats are warm blooded mammals and like humans are
covered with hair but unlike most megabats they are not so large. In the world some scientists
estimate that there are 900 to 1200 species of bats. If you don’t know what a species
is a species is often talked about as a group of individuals that actually or potentially
mate, with the same or other types of species. For example a dog and a wolf could mate and
have puppies. When it comes to what microbats eat they eat many pest insects including lawn
grub moths, weevils, beetles, and more. With megabats earlier you heard me say that they
were called fruit bats, so of course they eat fruits and even lick the nectar off plants.
Now when bats are looking for food they can find food in the dark. I am sure you are thinking
how do they do that? Well with bats they can locate insects by making a sound that only
they can hear because it is so high pitched that the sound bounces off of objects and
they just listen to find out where the food is. They are also really good at finding food
because bats can eat as much food as they bodies weight. Some bats eat over 1000 mosquitoes
in a night. Also when bats have babies that are called pups. They usually make one pup
a year and even if there were thousands of bats they could find their babies in all of
the bats because they know their sound and smell. So I hope you enjoyed those fun facts
about bats.

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  1. I'm in 3rd grade and Echo location is helpful for bats because they use it to feel what they touched and to see because they don't use there eyes. I'm 8

  2. I used to stand right up under a whole batch nest as it would come out I would literally had bats flying right past me . It took a little bit of time before I felt comfortable . The first time that they came out and I was near the nest I screamed and jumped back .

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