Fun Facts about Andrew Jackson: Watch our Educational Video for kids on President Andrew Jackson

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from Welcome to Fresberg and it’s time for a few fun facts about Andrew Jackson. First
off Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States of America from 1829 to
1837. With Andrew Jackson people considered him a common man. That was because of his
poor upbringing. His family were poor Irish immigrants and by the age of 14 Andrew Jackson
had lost his father, mother and brothers and was on his own. Now one thing that set Andrew
Jackson apart from other Presidents was he was the 1st President to not only serve in
both the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 and with the War of 1812 this also earned
Andrew Jackson a nickname. That was because as an officer he was known to be very strict
and did everything by the book and didn’t let anybody get away with anything so they
called him, “Old Hickory.” Of course when it came to success being the President of
the United States of America is a big thing, but he wasn’t just successful there. For example
Andrew Jackson was a U.S. Congressman, a U.S. Senator, and he was the Tennessee Supreme
court judge. Another cool thing about Andrew Jackson is today if we want to get around
we can catch a ride in a car, an airplane, or even ride a train, but Andrew Jackson was
the first President to ride a train. Now when it comes to the President sometimes with the
country we have to borrow money to make things happen and of course back then Andrew Jackson
had to borrow money. But he was the first President ever to not only borrow money, but
pay off the national debt and he did that in the year of 1835. Now back in the day the
President didn’t have as much power as he does today and this is credited to Andrew
Jackson for laying the foundation for giving the President additional powers not only then
but making its way up to today to make him one of the most powerful men in the world.
Now every President has something big happen in their term and for Andrew Jackson his big
things in history that came up was the Indian Removal Act of 1830, the Texas Revolution
in 1835 and the 2nd Seminole War in 1835. Now if you look at money today Andrew Jackson’s
face is featured on the $20 bill and that’s why although you see a lot of rappers using
the term Benjamin for the $100 bill, when it comes to talking about the $20 bill a lot
of people call it that one the Jackson. With our Presidents they also like many different
things like Barack Obama loves basketball. Well Andrew Jackson loved sports too. He loved
horse racing and cock fighting. As far as Andrew Jackson he died on June 8, 1845 near
Nashville, TN. So I hope you enjoyed those fun facts about Andrew Jackson.

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  2. y'all did a really good job on this video, I love history yet I found out something new today about Andrew Jackson.

  3. WOW, can't believe all of horrendous crimes against humanity that Andrew Jackson committed that was left out of this video. Most racist President in history

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