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you you how'd your school treat being killed oh okay so this is a main question right so how are the most memorable thing or what happened to you or why was it memorable to you or if you are about more time talk about this this tunnel question and one day there anything you regret from their school trip the gate on your body to your partner face to face okay so what lovely research and winners birthday okay the winners first with athletes go and she'll say hi how are you and then started this vision however their school thank you okay alright sing okay start go how's your school trip in security I went to the haunted house in Gomorrah and that is a most most scary haunted house in total is it did you find this very yes maybe the shemitah is about the shrine Jimmy you know he is the most most familiar shrine for Japanese some it is [Applause] so first question today is what are you afraid of today imagine the same situation please first okay why is radio oh poor airplane oh and why so using these sentences or phrases like I'm afraid though this is to be cold for example I'm afraid that my friend and I might go to different schools so this is not presentation or speech okay so please have a response or questions pretty you'd be the Freddie okay now I'm also question any questions okay pretty clear either you know the meaning or sentence either story okay okay and then after that I'm going to going to share your opinion with the classmates like in a small talk okay right now let's go back question is what are you afraid of and a why okay ready go hi you I'm afraid of ghosts I know I couldn't I can't see or feel ghosts but I have seen in space in good grades when I was a hostel okay thank you very much okay thanks I'm not really that being ignored being ignored like and make conversations with friends when the turn I have to say something then I say something other people will be say nothing then that I'm really afraid of that situations and I don't know what I should do yeah like that so are you a partner afraid of the same things what did your partner say the body opinion so she agreed with me and from that I can realize that she is a very nice like it next please or something okay I am afraid of the next summer vacation everyone will prepare for the entrance exam and I think there are no person that that hang out with me so I'm afraid of being alone in the next summer party sure so your partner afraid of the same thing what do you what does your partner think of you opinion she she is afraid of that entrance exam and I agree with her all right [Applause] the cue classroom the unit 8 question is what are you afraid of how about you Sophie I'm afraid of crime I feel like it's very dangerous here but maybe I just watched too many TV news stories how about you Yoona do you worry about crime not too much I am afraid of spiders though it's silly what are you afraid of Marcus I'm a little bit afraid of small or closed spaces I hate elevators now our are you afraid of with these feet please our tips complete checkmarks okay yes or no okay all right okay now what I have to what I have to do is compare anything with your classmate please okay so uh okay one of the student asks are you a partner are you afraid of this deal and then why why not okay ready go I want you to raise your hand please okay Toby is not pretty to climb when you hand please okay and how about the are you Nerys are afraid of spiders come on our currencies are afraid of a small species like the elevator which which topic did you of the most all of us are not afraid of spiders and there are a lot more dangers and a big insect okay so for you statements Markham s online avoiding you how you feel get out to that regard compare your magazine igloo now and get out are you going to have a group discussion okay make a good opal three or four all right and then for example a student you say oh I most certainly agree that the day because maybe you some situation or experience okay and then a student asked be student Lee what do you think of this P okay and then be seen SM oh it just said that an end up to or be called Papa so BC D student always comments worst and in your opinion thicker so these are like a lutein but do not hate date ask any question or your comment while you have a discussion okay let me go I really can't it's your opinion I strongly agree with that the world is a dangerous place because Japan has earthquakes a lot and typhoon we can't expect what is happening and where and when so I think Marty's so dangerous and she said she is afraid to be alone at night because maybe ghost will appear and strange person will come he sits there are many dangerous people in the world [Applause] so this is a crime rate in Canada 2002 and 12 2012 what did I tell you about climb or 2002 and 2012 so student sitting on the right side say first okay pre describe this chart in the impossible please tell the reason just guessed right you don't know writing about Canada but just guessed right so our time for you here partner face to face please did you want to write safer so the crime rate is degrees good thank you very much I think climate is including because nowadays a lot of Polaris come to Japan to sightsee yes for example in Cooter's there were a lot of series I think many people in the same price the ability of a happening plan is very high so where did where did you get information climb lives encounter or yeah what inference your what makes people afraid the news media focuses on crime the first story on the evening news is usually a story about violent crime on some news programs over 40% of the news stories are about crime why is there such a focus on crime it is because scary news programs are popular I think the media is not like to make make people interested in their news so they tend to pick up the violent crime or something like that and yeah make them interested okay so we already are impressed by the media yes okay good [Applause] in the beginning of the lesson he said so you are afraid of the ghost yes but now what are you freedom right now go to makers speech about this but a baby shot one but now I you have now like a pea curry right so I give you like five minutes okay think like the you don't have to like complete our sentences it's okay sent a cease of or take notes about the speech okay so what are you afraid of and use oil please okay so p.m. reason or example readiness or if you tell the coin unless you tell your opinion again okay so check up on one more time think about this question what are you afraid of first I am afraid after the death but in this lesson I learned that of the death or together you can tell your two opinions are impaired okay are you have a speaker and listener okay for example it's all speaker you don't have to read there in your paper okay just spaghetti okay just a second if you forget something you can take a look after your paper but do not leave like this okay so and listener after listening to your partner's our speech give some otherwise or give some comments oh I so I'm gonna be Wendy sent me so after our you know our this activity you can this person can put more information you know our own kids or her paper writing okay because my are my friends my partner said that under the knife but I think they are I believe the other day both professors and the winners listen I made over my entrance exam yes of course honey but I'm sorry this lesson I'm afraid all with meteor you [Applause] [Applause] and my house there co-coach in my suitcase and I put cockroach from this hotel and so this experience I hate Coco James some other insect so I'm afraid of I'm afraid of media because it was a strong power to change our thought according to the article the world is safer than we expected so the negative impression of our society environment is map was made by media so and also there are a lot of information that contains not true information so we need to choose black man from the information it is a lot of a little hard for us however this article is also media so I'm very confused by the list which like with which I should believe so third is I thought that media makes me you

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