Full English Lesson – 34 – Hot and Cold / Kick The Can / Privacy / What's On TV?

oh look at me I'm really going up in the
world today I'm climbing the ladder of success I'm heading to the top you might
describe me as a social climber let's just hope I don't slide back down
to the bottom again or even worse fall head-first hi
everybody and welcome to another full English lesson I'm really enjoying the
view from up here can you see me waving to you I hope so
Here I am once more talking to you from the birthplace of the English language
which is of course England so without any more dawdling or dilly dallying
let's get on with today's Full English lesson which will start around about… …now! If there's one thing I've learned about
English it's that quite often the simplest words have the most meanings
for example you have the words hot and cold in its most common sense the word
hot describes something that is of high temperature it is holding a high degree
of heat it might be dangerous to touch or drink don't go near the stove it's
hot can you open a window it's hot in here. The word hot can be used in other
ways too something that is popular or fashionable can be described as hot
something that is in high demand might be described as the hottest thing around
cycling has become the latest hot health routine this toy is going to be the
hottest item in the shops this Christmas something that might generate a lot of
interest can be described as hot we have some new hot properties to show you as
an idiom something might be too hot to handle this means that the thing in
question should be avoided or at least handled with care we can't discuss that
topic here it's too hot to handle for us in a stressful situation where you are
under a lot of pressure we might say that the heat is on the heat is on for
the sales force to reach their targets you can feel the heat which means to be
involved in a risky or high-stakes situation an attractive person might be
hot there were some hot models at this year's Fashion Show heat can be used as
a verb to describe the action of introducing heat to something you must
heat the soup before serving it As a slang word the word heat can mean the
police as part of a phrase we can use heat to do something in the heat of the
moment means to act in a spontaneous or unprepared way normally in reaction to
something you do something in the heat of the moment a stolen item that is
being passed around can be described as hot I wouldn't buy any jewellery from him
it's all hot a person who often loses their temper can be described as a
hot-head the word cold can also be used in many ways an unwelcoming response
might be described as cold to be underwhelmed by something can often
create a cold response his performance was greeted with cold silence the
feeling of being repulsed or offended by something can be described as cold you
feel upset and put off by what you saw or heard his humour throughout the
evening left me feeling cold you can give someone a cold stare you look at
them with disapproval and disdain as an expression you might give someone the
cold shoulder – shun someone or to choose to ignore a person directly is to
give the cold shoulder he tried to approach me after dinner but I gave in
the cold shoulder to make something cold you need to cool
it the word cool can be used to describe a period in which you can change your
mind about something a cooling-off period is often allowed so as to give
time for a person to consider what they have done the holiday booking allows you
a cooling-off period of 14 days this means that you have two weeks in which
to change your mind you might go off the idea you cool off
the word cool can be used to describe something that creates excitement or is
seen as impressive something is cool that's a cool bike you've got there for
younger people this particular expression might appear old-fashioned
and not cool during a criminal investigation an
inquiry that has no new leads might be described as having gone cold an
unsolved crime that occurred many years ago can be described as a cold case a
cold thing can also be described as chilled as an idiom you can chill out or
just chill to relax and unwind is to chill I think I'll just stay in tonight
and chill in front of the television general negativity from a person can be
described as chilly my new ideas for the next meeting were met with a chilly
response the phrase come in from the cold means to return to a place or group
that had previously rejected you you are welcomed back and forgiving you have come
in from the cold what does it mean if you kick the can
down the road? what does this phrase mean? if a person is in a situation where they
avoid making difficult decisions or changes they might be described as
kicking the can down the road. That person is avoiding the important issues
and tends to shy away from making crucial decisions. To kick the can down
the road means that you are taking no direct action over an important issue
it's easier just to carry on kicking the can down the road than to change your
ways the phrase originated in American English however these days it is being
used more and more in British English as well the phrase derives from the action of moving forward lazily whilst doing
something at the same time just like you would if you were kicking a can down the
road the government will continue to kick the can down the road until the
next election to go on regardless without making any changes or to
continually ignore a bad situation without changing course is to kick the
can down the road you avoid the problems whilst pretending everything is all
right it's time to take a look at another
buzzword a buzzword is a word or phrase that is popular during a certain period
or is often used generally today's buzzword is… 'Privacy' The word privacy is
a mass noun that means a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by
other people the state of being free from public attention is privacy as a
general social rule a person's privacy must always be respected despite this
there are instances where someone has their privacy interrupted this is often
described as intrusion a celebrity or someone in a prominent position of power
might have their privacy invaded someone in the public eye will often be held up
for closer scrutiny this often leads to not only their public life being
analysed but also their private one as well this intrusion can be described as
a breach of privacy a basic social rule has been broken it would be fair to say
that the right to privacy is something that is generally expected in life
newspaper articles TV reporters or photographers with very long lenses are
often accused of invading a person's private space their right to privacy has
been breached. can you see what I'm doing here I'm
trying to find something to watch on television sometimes it is hard to find
something good to watch I often spend many hours trying to find a decent show
to watch I often flick through the channels in
the desperate attempt to find something that catches my eye you flick through
the channels you flip through the channels you scan up and down the
channels many years ago we used to have to get up and go over to the TV to
change the channel these days we can use the remote control this item can cause a
lot of annoyance and frustration as it often gets mislaid has anyone seen the
TV remote it was here on the sofa earlier but now it's gone the TV remote
is used to control all the functions of the television set including the sound
level and picture controls the sound level is called the volume you can turn
up the volume to increase the sound level and turn down the volume if the
sound level is too high or too loud in this case the word volume simply means
amount or quantity the level is the volume which controls the amount of
sound coming from the TV a person who likes flicking through the TV channels
can be described as a channel hopper if a person watches TV all the time there
we might describe them as a telly addict telly is another word for a television
set a television can also be called the gogglebox the word goggle refers to a
person's eyes staring at the flickering picture and box refers to the shape of
the TV although these days many TV sets are actually flat and take up very
little space television sets come in many different screen sizes from just a
few inches to fit on a small desk right up to the ones that resemble
something you might find in a cinema. Well as you can see time has beaten us
again we are out of time our time is up see you again soon for another full
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live or recorded this is Misterduncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks
for joining me today stay happy drink plenty of water enjoy English and of
course… ta ta for now. 😎

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