Full Bulletin: Lessons to learn from business mogul Mukwano

welcome back from that short break you're still watching division TV news with mirror Athena said do we know take a look at news in business in business tonight Makwana group of companies owner Amir Ali Kamali commonly known as Museum quano passed on recently he was one of Uganda's most powerful businessmen and one of the richest McCoy no group is one of the most active investment groups in Uganda employing over 10,000 people tonight respect to poor Bashar izzy our business analyst on how one can capitalize their business to sustainability from the what I've read in the tributes to McCoy no they said small the father came to abandon 1904 and traded in moussaka in coffee and cotton such as small and by the time McCoy no common Cano stats by bang himself a secondhand truck so if that's morally grows it he saved his money he was a very frugal man obviously there's a story that had only four shots and three is three trousers but you know some of us like you you would've this fool business it's not it's not about how we dress yes you say was that small and we save but we are doing that and things are not adding up well when you save when you move from saving to investment and then because you can't save you well cancel you can't save your way into wealth but those initial savings are what probably provide the initial capital you're talking about to start your business so like he bought his truck from his savings to a secondhand truck went even a brand new truck planning from him from his experience obviously you have to you have to discipline yourself to save the the discipline of saving is important not only for the money you accumulate but for the ability to do what they call delayed gratification so by saving it means eyo with your withholding from your so certain things in so buying the shoe you're putting the money aside or or whatever it may be and that delayed gratification the training that train the training that it gives you makes it possible for you to do the things in business that make you successful so it is down to display yeah absolutely don't discipline and and a bit of background I think yeah and the background but also if you think about it if you if you have the saving culture you're delaying gratification you you're paying your business first before you pay yourself your business begins to walk then even access to other funding begins to become open to you when I was driving they say a red Mitsubishi for a long time so model Mitsubishi you could have bought him when he was chattering planes to import good from Dubai he was still driving a red small Mitsubishi imagine if it was one of us Africans would be well so there you go please be the splint don't rush into you know getting important things and very luxurious things when your business is suffering thank you for Thank You Lina in our daily part of Africa series we now look at the zebras these animals are found in almost every National Park in Uganda even Uganda's only animal keeper the Uganda wildlife education centre has these animals zebras are known for their white and black striped coats but did you know a zebra can move nearly 3,000 kilometers for food he has a report about these interesting animals zebras a single hoofed animals that are native to Africa there was a very close related to horses and donkeys and the same genus Equus the most permanent feature of zebras is the bold patterns on their coats what most people don't know is that zebras have a black skin under their white coats each species of zebras has a different general pattern of stripes the height of mature zebra is 3.5 meters a female is called a male a male zebra is called a stallion and a baby zebra is called a foul though they all live in Africa each species of zebras has its own home area plane zebras live in the treeless grasslands and woodlands of Eastern and South and Africa the grey zebras live in the arid grasslands of Ethiopia and northern Kenya the mountain zebra is fought in South Africa Namibia and Angola rivers eat mostly grass and will travel up to 18,000 miles or nearly 3,000 kilometres from their best in such for food some zebras also eat leaves on twigs [Applause] when you are in Uganda you can find these animals are the Uganda what life Education Center Catawba Valley National Park Queen Elizabeth National Park lag umber National Park and other wildlife hubs from opal of Africa stories of East our website which is new vision that see adult eug /bo of africa i newspaper the son division is was another home of adventures grab your copy every Sunday for pal of Africa stories we now move on to our special report today three thousand you Gardens who are lost you violently evicted from five villages of moving domes fight have resorted to peaceful means to seek justice they were ruthlessly evicted from kam Booya Chicano Shabana can Sarah and brynn Sangha villages in August 2018 when a comparator kun wanted to create a maize plantation in them spotty here is how following the public sensitization session G Maeser last month in movin D town by vision groups partners in promoting access to justice for the downtrodden the 3,000 victims who had been cruelly victim using you can a police and later cope ting another I'm grouped in occupying the one and quarter square mile and went I had to petition Chief Justice basket reveille seeking justice and the release of their leaders who have been detained incommunicado without trial for almost a year the city tycoon one George kawase starting laying claim to the 808 actors in the municipality in 2016 after allegedly buying it from a previous title holder and started issuing eviction notices to the families living there the victim claimed they were being offered a flat shillings 100,000 per acre in composition regardless of the developments on the land mostly houses food in cash crops that most of them rejected but were among you to see Seelye Naomi's akihabara man is a fizzle now they were talking about document Katrina to Avanti it would be a government entity to Gaza along a wall though I can younger I can we am one if a bidding a such shabby talk last hang August fighting broke out when workers of the Tekken reportedly attacked the residents at night and started knocking down their houses during the resistance one of the tech goons Waka's sustained fatal injuries and when police came in the hole one and quarter square miles was declared a crime scene and those identified as the leaders of the three thousand what charged with murder to date police offices maintained that villages are a crime scene and have chest our team of journalists from the area where a you PDF detachment is also deployed scores of houses on the land have been destroyed and the last of the evictees food especially maitake is being harvested by the team's planting maize on the purported crime scene the maitake is eaten and also solved our teams have witnessed vehicles ferrying the victims motoki to the markets okura oh come on Dobbs soon began Giro du monde' vasilica vicuna by Vidya in abba-abba-abba visa catchy Kasauli oh my god by Anika with associate a home Granicus wholly within if younger ones in agony what how is that it will work I saw you eat Eve because what is Muslim by or forget white women Plaza me taking move indeed district chairman Chewbacca Francis emoti is quite bitten says the judiciary has let down the people by keeping the victus leaders numbering about 20 out of reach from their families and non-producing the main court tried it before Potro Lombardi began Barabbas a midday barbecue sees a green beret Avanti debited Devo Houma oku for about city Calabar prison Navy tomb believe it could happen motika mood district in every way we can see God is super important to our Avanti several attempts to get comments from the district Division of Police Commander Martino coil have been futile as he's repeatedly held up in meetings it is double tragedy for many of the victims who have been resettled on the land by a coffee planter who had evicted them somewhere but other victims have lived on the land for generations representing the victims Aaron Kisa of Kizza and moejisha advocate says many of the victims had gardens of coffee and equipped as trees on their land but with no reasonable compensation offered kawase in late 2018 ordered these residents and their families to immediately vacate to maneuver over la moneda home and even feel danger about da ba ba ba ba-ba me go nakaoka ho Korea the lawyers say they file the case at more than the High Court miscellaneous cause number one of 2019 on behalf of Simba's family and other victims of the illegal eviction seeking justice but as some of his clients in prison have been blocked by prison officials from swearing additional evidence in support of the petition the victus July 4th petition of the Chief Justice bad cat over six his agent intervation into the matter after they accused the judge of being biased through their lawyer they accused just his malanga of adopting strong procedure that compels the applicants to file submission before the completion of the pleadings and before conferencing they requested cutter a way to cause the reallocation of the application to an impartial judge 200 Amata direct the judge not to proceed with the matter and that if possible and caused the transfer of the hearing to Kampala on July 8 2019 Cottrell wrote a letter to malanga notifying him about the complaint he had received from the lawyers and asking him to his response so that he could reply them the fictions were upheld despite a December 2018 warning by President Yoweri Museveni to landlords who take advantage of the illiteracy of bona fide Evangel coupons and continued illegal evict them from their land under 9th june the president in his heroes day address to the nation right here netted that bona fide banana holders can not be evicted against their will and can reject conversation offers in December 2016 Museveni appointed a commission of inquiry headed by justice Kathleen bunker merrily to probe an array of issues pertaining to land sector in Uganda that is all we had for you today thank you for watching be sure to catch me news updates and other programs here on new vision TV by visiting our website which is new vision don't see dot youtube /video you can also follow us on social media Facebook is the new vision Twitter is at new vision where Instagram is a division where and our YouTube channel is New Vision TV catch up with me on my Twitter handle I am worth the voice I have to say goodnight but wait for this a fact file

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