Fruit for Kids with Blippi | Apple Fruit Factory Tour

Hey, it’s me, Blippi! Look at where I’m at!
I’m at a super center. But look at what it is. It’s a delicious apple. I wonder how this apple got here. Apples! Every apple at the grocery store
came from an apple field. First you have to pick
the perfect fruit. Like this one.
This one looks really tasty. And after you pick it,
you put it inside the bin with all the other apples. Let’s try and find an apple together. Hum, do you see an apple? Oh, I see one! Yeah, look! It all starts by a worker handpicking
every single apple. And then they dump their sack
into the bins. And when the bin gets full, a tractor picks it up
and takes it away. Now that the apples are
all out of the fields and into the bins, and the bins are full,
now we need to transport them to the trucks! Wow, four giants bins full of apples! And one red tractor. Ok, the apples are now here
at the semi truck. Now we have to load up all the bins
on top of the back of the semi truck with a fork lift. The bins are loaded
on the back of the truck so let’s go! Off to the factory we go. We’ve arrived to the factory,
so now we need to take the fork lift and get every single bin
off the back of the semi truck. Ok, now it is time to clean
and package all of the apples. Look, green apples! Now we need to empty the bins
with all of the apples so we can clean them
and package them. The apples start their
floating journey, while the bins get emptied out. Look, the bins are empty. Wow, that’s a lot of floating apples! Then they get taken out of the water,
and scrabby dub dub, nice and clean. And clean some more. Look out of those bristles. Those apples look like
they are having fun. And then all the apples get sprayed
with some water. Nice and clean. And then they go through giant fans! Once all the apples are all dry
they get sorted. They get sorted by the ones
that look really tasty to eat, and ones that don’t look tasty to eat. And remember,
the not so tasted looking apples, yeah, these are them. They get to go up some fun
apple escalators and then, they get to go down some
radical apple conveyor belts on their journey to make
some tasty apple pie. But we’re not done yet. Every tasty looking apple
gets a sticker. This is the sticker machine! And once every single apple
has its every own sticker, they get put on where I like to call,
“apple beds”. And then the next step is that
those apple beds get put inside of cardboard boxes. And some get put inside plastic bags. Oh, looks like some of these boxes
need their taps closed. Now that the apples are cleaned
and packaged up, we’ve got to store them
in a giant refrigerator and wait for the trucks. We’re inside
the giant refrigerator now! It is very cold in here! This is where all of the apples
get stored. Wow!
Look at how many apples there are. That’s a really tall storage building. Yee-pee! The semi truck
is backing up to the building, so it can be loaded up
with a bunch of fresh apples! The apples are almost ready
for you to eat! We’re currently loading them
into the back of a semi truck! Alright forklips,
just a little bit more apples. Now that the semi truck
is all full of apples, it’s going to deliver them
to the grocery stores. It was sure fun seeing how apples
get to the grocery store with you. And remember, an apple a day,
keeps the doctor away! Special thanks to the Matson
and Rainier fruit companies! If you want some tasty apple recipes, head on over Rainerfruit companies’
Facebook page. Parents, siblings, grandparents,
babysitters! I’d love for you to head on over
to my social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
because I have fun news updates, behind the scenes,
and even free merchandise giveaways! Just search for my name, Blippi.

16 thoughts on “Fruit for Kids with Blippi | Apple Fruit Factory Tour”

  1. Thank you for making a "How It's Made" style video for kids! I would love to see more like this!! Crayons, toys, other food, etc. My son loves watching them!

  2. I want to say that I really appreciate that you are creating substantive content for kids that is more Mr. Rogers and less "Spiderman Meets Pregnant Elsa".

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