15 thoughts on “From Deep Learning of Disentangled Representations to Higher-level Cognition”

  1. In 12:07, are cognitive states low dimensional if that is the case are they sparse? If they are both sparse and low dimensional it contradicts with what he said in his MSS talk in 2012, where he states high dimensional and sparse is better than low dimensional

  2. Adversarial examples is almost always used as an example of complete AI failure, because it is "obvious" that the object preserves identity. But one could arguably do the same to us! As it was already demonstrated in https://arxiv.org/abs/1802.08195

  3. Humans use fuzzy approaches, while computers use precise numbers. Which one can work in this complex world?

  4. Sampling rate * bit depth is a big overestimate of the amount of information in speech audio signals – look at the compression ratios that audio codecs can achieve

  5. No matter how much machine learning or data processing we employ, human intervention will always remain. When Trump is in power, his popularity soars, even though he loses all re-elections to the senate. When Obama is in power, Hillary leads Trump in polls, even though she lost.
    When will humans offset the influence of Cambridge Analytica and other manipulations. When will fake news stop. Can the evil Demon be banished from the net?

    However disentangled leading to representations in higher cognition is interesting. I thought Turing predicted machines can never mimic a human cognition, even consciousness.

  6. Anyone has a link to the slides? And come on camera people, it's not a beauty pageant, it's ok if you show slides instead of the speaker's face 🙂

  7. The intuition for why we current speech models can't produce good unconditional samples (see wavenet) is simply mindblowing. Phonemes occupy a small number of bits as compared with the overall signal (~10/s as compared with 16 k/s)!

  8. What a great mind… and what a moron – fallen into that religion of "doing good" he and 99.999 percent of great minds (less than 1 pct of humANIMALs) alway end up with… giving all these powers (more or less for free and without any control) to the brutal bloodthirsty ruling politico oligarchical predators that inevitably bring humANIMALs where they deserve to end up: self destruction (already nukes were too much, and these NewEvil monopolists will be much worse… all these GOOLAGs, AssBooks or MICROshit)

  9. Wonderful video. You can't help but admire his approach for what is AI, and the way he manages to convey these concepts. Brilliant!

  10. Deepening of learning into a higher cognitive level:
    Very good.
    What and where are the works, who is working on this approach?

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