1. so basically steal kills and hope your team tanks towers for you, fuck up your runes and build like a monkey. Seems legit.

  2. It really looks like Froggen was carried. Don't see anything special in Yi mid, and he didn't anything game changing. If he pick any other champ result would be same

  3. Froggen I'm a fan for a long time now, but you can not tell me you're surprised yi can solo baron, Cowsep does it with ez for over a year now, if not more, with less than 3 items…

  4. At 2:03 he actually did hit the creep thats why his last strike was on the Minion. Yi always Hits the target he used q on last again. Guess thats a bug

  5. Way not to tilt: listen to this beautiful piano playlist. You cant rage to such peaceful musik. And im totally down for hiphop and dnb mostly but this just works.

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