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learning about cultures consumer is a great way to improve your knowledge of French but it can be hard to understand without a naked to help you understand the subtleties of the chokes today I wanted to present you a TV series about the 60s that will give you insights about how French people see themselves through humor it's a service the rascals this is what you will achieve today very simple you will discover a new French TV series and you will uncover the hidden meanings behind the jokes as usual you can download the full written lesson on come in France acecomm on the blog you just have to leave your first name and email and you will get the full PDF for free you can print it save it for later share it with a friend or read it wherever you like in the metro for example if you're watching this on YouTube do not miss my free crash course in everyday spoken French that will allow you to double your Frenchness in just 10 days it's completely free go to common concepts come again with your first name and email and you will have access to lesson one immediately don't miss out Bonjour Asia and India mr. Kavon Frances is a party what is austere vidura house who's serving the response is a French TV series that's called a very secret service in English a very secret service it was commissioned by octi after in 2015 it's a franco-german channel that's very popular it's very Pro European so it's about all the values and fantastic resources that we have in Europe and then he transferred to Netflix in a service the rascals which follow a man called Andre Marilu Andre marrow in the 1960s he is 23 and he joins the service the host animal hosts a listserv is the host animal faucet which is the name for the secret service in France so it's in the 60s we have everything around the 60s historical events cultural events and the customs of the time he does Neil are also kinda secret Jose Monty hey in this series you can see French jerky that already discovered that is very very heavy very very strict and a bit stupid sometimes he meets other spies as well mostly men who are in charge of different areas of the world obviously the secretaries are women because this is what was happening then and what I like is that they're mostly very clever women you have all the political climate of the sixties in France and around the world and what's interesting is well on the humour points with you is that he's young and handsome but he's a bit naive in French we say nah if nice that the objective we have for naive and it's funny because because he discovers all this year icky and political climate sometimes you think you could do better and she actually does better and better as a series go if you like this TV show or series the rascals you might like other series created by Jean Francois ala Jean Francois Allah is also one of the creators of two very very very famous programs in France first a movie well two movies actually OSS sandy set OSS Tony said is very much the same as a service response because it's the same periods the same kind of climate it's also with spies and we make fun of the people in the show and then we have linear olavo which are finished and now but used to be one of the major TV programs in France and made fun of the news every day League in your donor fo for all service response so far you have to season that you can enjoy a Netflix and a third one should be coming hopefully soon why is it interesting for you as students of French well as I said it's about real historical events sometimes the names of the countries are changed but you can see the role of the fictional characters in it obviously they're fake characters but the historical events are real and you can learn a bit more even through jokes because at least you can see that they're happening and you're a little bit more aware of French history and world history the first obviously the biggest one is land upon of the larger land upon older energy which is treated in a very very old-fashioned way which is extremely interesting because we have a different point of view now we have learned a pond of the Joseon Caronia freakin as well Lundy Panos this is on CN : African as well because France had colonies in Africa and the way they were treated is obviously very shameful and you can see how they evolved through this show and what they expect and also how they're treated in a very bad way by French officials we have like this a nuclear as well is this when you clear the test of the nuclear bomb you have cold war like a fraud like a fraud between Russia and the United States and you can see French point of view on both sides which is extremely interesting because also one of the spies is in charge of the Eastern Europe part of the world and he loves it and it's so interesting to see his point of view and this humor on this area and period and at last something that is very French obviously it's like cool above us like cool Abu Hassan Panola Suganya home John so all the links that there were between the Nazis and some French people during World War two and because it's in the 60s that most of the year key most of the older men in this in the series have a connection with the Second World War in a row because if they're there now it means that they were somewhere else before and it counted in their career so this is it's so interesting because they hide some things that it don't they're not proud of or they want they don't want anyone else to know or some others were heroes and you can see how World War two even though it was it ended 15 years before has such an impact on their lives and at last obviously it's not just historical events it's also all the customs and even the the French that was used in the 60s that you can see in the background that is so interesting because not just the clothes it's also the way they speak the way they act and it's absolutely fascinating and it's extremely funny because now we hopefully can make some jokes about it what you notice in Asaf is the roughhouse what's interesting in this show beyond the historical events is how French people see themselves how they see the the society of the 60s for example of funny thing is that thing I love is when you have Americans coming for a meeting with the French spies and at lunchtime the Americans have their lunch box and the French people have to go to the restaurants because they always go to the restaurant and they take like two hours to have lunch and it's such a different cultural point of view that I think it goes beyond the joke it's a different cultural expectation that is extremely funny but there because they very much almost never met Americans before because people travel much less they're very surprised and they absolutely don't understand each other beyond that how French people see themselves it's not positive at all the way that French people see themselves in the 60s is that we are finial senior it's a lazy senior we stopped working at fry we take long lunch times we arrive late we are not very much into work we are in your home in your home is ignorant in new home we don't know much we don't speak other languages we are racists that's something that you can understand especially with this era which was extremely hard French people see themselves as colonial East colonial if this is something you can especially here with the relationship with Algeria and you can see with the French colonies in Africa as well and there had radda radda is when you don't want to spend too much money and you look always it's the money you can make for example there's a funny thing where they captured Nazis I think it's one big Nazi osteo and they just care about getting the money because they have a bonus when they get one and they don't care about what's behind it and it's so funny because they're only obsessed about here are key and the money they can get from it and at last all the red tape as well the red tape in everyday spoken French is called a Papa's la Papa is it comes from lapaki and it's a pejorative word to talk about paper I think red tape all the paper you have to fit in lapa pass they only speak French they're very shava shava it's when you only it's a bit nationalist anyway sure why it's not very positive Shova the arrogance we say I will go in French Ajo go there no static of an area that doesn't exist anymore and the hope will keep going which is nostalgic and nostalgic and at last take care only about the past and that's conservator conservator in French conservator that's about a series about French people that it reminds me about two other ones that if you're interested in you can check its Norseman made by Norwegian people and Blackadder which is made by the British and on both of them they revisit real history of the countries with the modern jokes and point of view that they have now so it's so interesting to see how a culture sees themselves especially in recent events because here it's it's not very long ago and you can still have these point of views in the general culture which is so interesting to understand so I highly recommend you check it out it's on Netflix you can also watch it in on after if you happen to be in France or Germany or maybe Europe but at least there you will have subtitles and that's pretty useful to understand everything don't worry it's an advanced series because it has lots of hidden meanings but you would get some of it and it's very very funny and it's worth giving it a try I know some of my students already saw it and they love it and I hope you do too it will get a theory concepts playfully tell me in the comments what's your favorite French TV series Gary – Siri France s pressing I love it when students share recommendations in the comments because then you can have new ideas of what to watch to improve your understanding of everyday spoken French for example you can write a delay on violence a judo yard avec my fam Giada way our village hostage or a hoiiday avec my fam I loved our village francais I watched it with my wife it's a fantastic TV series about a village in France during the Second World War lots of students love it and I highly recommend you give it a try if you learned something today and you're curious about this series believe the surely free lesson with a Francophile friend that would be fantastic it's the a very good way to support my free work you can share it with a friend on Facebook on Twitter by email by telling your friends about it by telling your French class about it even and if you're watching this on youtube you can put maybe a thumb up that would be very nice you can subscribe to the channel on youtube to avoid missing any lesson and if you want more spoken French don't miss my 10 day everyday French crash course I mentioned it at the beginning of the lesson but lots of people miss it on YouTube so I please don't do that you can leave your first name and email and you will get lesson one immediately it's a 10-day mini course and it is completely free I wish you in bungee nay in Bern soiree if it's evening maybe in bunny if you're going to bed and I will see you next Tuesday Ali sir

22 thoughts on “French TV & Culture – Au Service de la France”

  1. Salut

    En concernant les évènements de Mai ’68 et les années suivantes à Paris, les deux films ‘Les Amants Réguliers’ (Clothilde Hesme, Louis Garrel), et en anglais, ‘the Dreamers’’ (Eva Green, Louis Garrel, Michael Pitt) sont très intéressantes en ce qui concerne la vie des manifestantes et les bohèmes pendant et après la Lutte. Je recommande fortement les deux.

  2. I loved the series, but I noticed the two major female characters disappear very quickly in series 2, the expanded Mary Jo role only partly makes up for it. I notice many French movies and series are quite sexist… as is Hollywood of course, but the stereotype of the French is that they are advanced beyond such things. And living there, I see traditional gender roles are quite closely followed, albeit with feminist rhetoric. No hate here, just observations.

  3. Merci vous pour tout ! Cet séries c’est mon préféré pour apprendre français. Pouvez-vous créez un playlist avec toutes vôtres vidéos en français ? Ils sont très utiles pour moi mais j’aime encore toutes les vidéos !

  4. ARTE a ses propres chaines You-Tube, une chaine québecoise y inclus, toujours intéressantes et souvent utile pour mieux comprendre la culture et l'histoire francophone. Je me suis abonné à plusieurs d'entre elles.

  5. My favorite French language TV shows are: Un Village Francais, Unit 42, La Mante, Marsailles, as well as In the Service of France aka A very Secret Service.

  6. J'ai beaucoup aimé le drame policier «Engrenages», beaucoup d'argot en français et en arabe (je parle assez bien les deux langues), parfois un peu trop brutal et dégoûtant – presque tout le monde, surtout la plupart des avocats, semblait être des criminels 😉🤔 – luckily several series were shown on BBC4 in the UK. In earlier years I watched many US shows dubbed into French, mainly in Quebec I think & a few quebecois folk singers are really good too, both for their humour & the particular old-fashioned French patois they use (I find it comparable in some ways to the way some Indians speak English).

  7. NO series, but Je regarde France3, 19/20 pour: Paris Ile-de-France, Centre-Val de Loire, Poitou Charentes, et Languedoc-Roussillon.

  8. Merci, j'ai ajouté « Au service de la France » à ma list sur Netflix, ainsi que « Call my agent » recommandé par Julian
    J'ai récemment découvert un série français « Osmosis » de 2019 qui est aussi intéressant. C'est un série sci-fi, plutôt contemporain.

  9. Hello Geraldine. Thank you for this recommendation. Can I also suggest "Lazy Company". Very weird but very fun!

  10. Je n'aime pas du tout la serie Au service de la France, je la trouve ennuyeuse. Je préfère Dix Pour Cent ou Les Revenants. J'ai regardé Le Chalet et La Mante aussi, mais je ne les aime pas trop.

  11. "Au service de la France" is my favorite show. It is Kafkaesque, portraying the absurdity of an out-of-control bureaucracy. I also like it because it brings back memories of watching President de Gaulle on American network news in the 1960s. Thank you for your videos which I find extremely helpful and enjoyable.

  12. I totally loved watching "au service de la France" but by far my favorite series has been " dix pourcent" which is titled " call my agent" here in England. It is also available on Netflix. Very amusing and such a wonderful group of different characters.

  13. This must have been uncomfortable to talk about. It's not always easy to talk the negative aspects of your culture. Brava for sharing with us.

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