29 thoughts on “French Greetings (French Essentials Lesson 1)”

  1. Thank oh foe all of these words…. I'm learning ASL also…. I already know Spanish English and now I'm learning ASL and French…. Tins is helping me

  2. Thank you very much Alexa, there is a good video, i am learning french with your videos, greetings from Colombia South America …

  3. Tomorrow is my French exam and I don't even know anything🤭. Please, make a video on how to form a sentence with conjunction, prepositions and others. Also, I want to learn French Alphabets, please Alexa. I your newest sub. Merci 🙏🏼

  4. Hello, I'm new member and I would like to know, how can I get access to the downloadable and printable support guide for each lesson, I'm starting with the first video from the basic section. Thanks a lot.

  5. Best teacher am happy the day I find you thank you very much I appreciate your lessons they are very helpful

  6. As a french guy, i'm happy to see that people are trying to learn my language. Still sounds kind of weird cause of the fact that someone is trying to teach me how to introduce myself despite the fact i'm 18

  7. Bonjour monnom eat Javeria cava comment vas tu? Merci beaucoup pour les classes
    Bone journee
    A beintot
    Bisou bisou

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