24 thoughts on “Freeride Trick Challenge: Learning How to Backside 540 on a Snowboard”

  1. Bro! That last attempt was just full send. That was a perfect example of when, will, a big set of balls, and determination meet fear. Hope you didn’t get too busted up. Putting your body on the line like that gets my respect.💪👊👌
    Regards Tim

  2. If I can offer you a tip I would say get your backflips down first to where you can stomp em on command. Second tip maybe get in some trampoline time and I bet that trick rotation will come around smoothly on snow. Good luck

  3. So heavy!!! Pro tip: Visualize and practice on your bed. Just don’t let your significant other catch you. 😂. I love the full send! Never holding back!

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