Freehanded Freestyle: The Master's Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10)

welcome the battle for $100,000 a feature in Inked Magazine and the title of ink master is just beginning to outlast your competitors you must be a strong artist to have a solid strategy and sometimes rely on the strength of your team and your coaches this week there will be no flash challenge what your fate is entirely in your coach's hands no pressure coaches today you must face off when the faceoff and your team is safe from elimination let's go Steve lose the faceoff and an artist from your team will be going home one member from both losing teams will go home this week in the fight for your own hundred thousand dollars keeping your team intact is crucial every artist from your team that makes it to the finale earns you the power to call a shot in the master faceoff I'm gonna snatch up all those advantages for the finale I don't need them but I'll take them this week we're testing proportion proportion means that everything is in scale with everything else if you don't measure everything out then everything's gonna be all scale and it's not gonna look right since you're the Masters we're pushing your skills to the limit for this tattoo you must freehand your design directly on to your canvases skin without a stencil free-handing tattoos on the skin is insane to show proportion usually you have a reference and you stencil it that way it's perfectly proportioned to freehand it ups the game so much your canvases have been randomly assigned and are completely open you can tattoo any style in any subject matter but your design must prove your mastery of proportion not every design is right for every challenge pick a smart design that allows you to show the best proportion play smart a lot of people are counting on you guys head to your stations we will send in your canvases what's the easiest way to show before something that's proportionate itself thinking any kind of face with a hand it's up to me to win safety for my team we need it the most I'm coming into this week one artist down I cannot lose another artist what are you guys thinking a good way to show proportions would be two objects in relation to each other and and snakes that would be cool so when we get in the middle of it guys because we are a lot of personalities so let's make sure we don't frustrate him at all yeah here comes the canvas canvas this is my team we're gonna be a unit and come up with a design I am extremely nervous about this I'm going up against two guys with three times as much experience as me I got to put my money where my mouth is and I'm over here shivering okay coaches you have six hours to tattoo and your time starts now today I'm looking for these coaches to come out and show us what they do best all right just relax this is more of a battle of which we know they have the technical chops this is to see who can outdo who and who does the best proportion I'm looking at use the bottom strategically I want to be a little creative and set myself apart from the rest of the room DJ's probably gonna do another snake seeds just gonna do the evil stuff I'm free handing a beautiful woman's face with tiger features no one in the room is gonna do anything closely it's this I measure the bottom it's a little over two fingers two and a half fingers that's why I won the draw it like this I know see a portrait is literally the hardest thing to free him this is my chance to show the other team the haters stalkers why I am an ink master it's a very risky move but it shows a lot of balls we don't give a good day dude oh man this is these are great amazing artists that have one ink master so who knows who's gonna win this is like an open seminar you have three different styles happening at the same exact time it's awesome four hours to go four more hours I'm super-pumped that I get to tattoo but there's a lot on my shoulders my whole team depends on me and I don't know if I'm ready for this coaching stuff you mind if I just point yep these two light areas that you have on the bottom are competing with the value that you have up there so yeah yeah okay you can always use more but you know also those just keep in mind the top of the Apple a lot darker than the bottom of the Apple which doesn't really make sense with how the lights hitting it yeah tell me what to add don't tell me what I did wrong cuz I can't take that away no on top of the apples to talk no I'm not seeing it I'm not saying that I'm giving DJ advice but he's not listening I know what I'm doing let me do it look at the right hand it's comanded every single line yeah people think the redeemer coming over here be always good to see old and he's a dinosaur it's more about – what's all y'all has is the other teams can say what they want about Steve but at the end of the day they don't know what their one that's it machines down no more ink we wonder it okay coaches today the fate of your team was completely in your hands let's see how you did Steve let's start with you very smart play using Anatomy as a way to show proportion anything that's remotely off anatomically speaking is gonna scream lack of proportion that hand out in front of the face in the glasses the pipe the hand holding it keep proportion and tell exactly what's going on it really played well thank you so much it was awesome watching him draw this did you guys help him do all those lines that don't line up are you talking cuz we were talking on the glasses there's lines that didn't line up on the cuff there's lines that overlap underlap in the ear there's lines that go with right straight through it if somebody could draw a portrait on skin and knock it out like that I'm listening until I see that Josh talks a big talk but I haven't seen it backed up yet I don't like his cockiness he's done nothing what do you cocky over DJ I love the tattoo man I think it's killer illustration is amazing the detail you got in the hand is as good as anybody else could have done tracing it off the photo as far as hitting the proportion the hand in the apple looks very nice very believable I wish you just did the hand in the Apple the snake the jaw is much thicker than your piece of body where it scoops down this way I just drew that up ahead it's art its objective at a certain point as long as it looks believable the proportion looks right to me thanks DJ's tattoo it's flawless but I feel like Steve had a better understanding of what proportion meant the old man has experience and he's showing it right now Anthony it's a beautiful tattoo the quality the craftsmanship it has great value and shading but the fact that you did a creature that doesn't exist it's very hard to gauge proportion I think a tiger lady exists in the same realm that's an old man with horns this is where it comes down to what is the challenge of the day and what can I do smart to make sure that what I'm doing is hitting this challenge this is the tone of how this is gonna go who really out tricks who in the outside world this tattoo is amazing but here I didn't do my job this flat out feels horrible you

34 thoughts on “Freehanded Freestyle: The Master's Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Return of the Masters (Season 10)”

  1. Who goes in for a tattoo and doesn't care what they get? For me that totally goes against my idea of each tattoo you have to have a reason or meaning!

  2. @ 7:13 the top half of the snake looks like a resting frog. Not trying to be rude. But that is how it looks like.

  3. The hand in anthony's is so ill-proportioned, it's skinny and weird, DJ's snake looks terrible, Steve deserved this win through and through

  4. I'm done with u ink masters lol u never show a winner , nobody wants to watch this shit on t.v. so just enjoy the subs and show us a fuckin winner for once.

  5. Everyone telling josh to sit down when he ends up winning the competition! 😂 I think you all need to sit down! 🤣

  6. Hey dude… wanna sit in a chair for multiple hours while some stranger freehands permanently on your body whatever he sees fit by stabbing you with a needle? Also, your new name is now canvas.

  7. a tiger lady def exists in thensame realm as an old man with horns. u can get implants and crazy tattoos to look how u want to in this realm. they all did great. ol buff dude talking bout the lines on the steves portrait sucks

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  9. I would have taken the tiger lady, if I had to choose between the three. There's something really beautiful and mystical behind it.

  10. Josh is a total fuckin douchebag. I don't care if he's even remotely talented there's no way I'd spend time in a chair with him

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