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Is the campus free speech crisis a myth? Some say yes. They tell us not to be distracted by media
stories of campus radicals shouting down speakers. “Look at the big picture,” they say. “Free speech is doing just fine.” Are they right? That is coming up next on the Factual Feminist. I was recently invited to Lewis & Clark Law School
in Portland, Oregon, to give a lecture making a case for more openness on women’s issues, such as the gender wage gap, or the patriarchal
rape culture. These need to be questioned and debated, not accepted as gospel. Women—everyone—are best served by truth—not
slogans, much less myths. But I was drowned out by chants: “The wage
gap is real,” “The campus rape culture is real.” My speech was disrupted. And video of the protest went viral, and several
news stories cited it as an example of growing intolerance on campus. That’s when the pushback came. Matthew Yglesias at VOX, and political scientist
Jeffrey Adam Sachs in the Washington Post, assured everyone not to worry. Support for free speech is stronger than ever,
they said—especially among college students. As evidence, they pointed to one of the most
trusted sources of data in the social sciences, the General Social Survey. The GSS has been measuring public attitudes
on free speech since the 1970s. And it does suggest, just as Yglesias and
Sachs say, that 18 to 34 year-olds are the most likely to support free speech. But there are two big problems. First, not all 18-34 year-olds are students. In fact, the GSS excludes those who live in
“group quarters”—such as dormitories! Moreover, the GSS measures support for free
expression by asking people how they feel about speakers such as —communists,
homosexuals, atheists. But most of these involve issues that are
much less controversial today than they used to be So what we need is a study that asks relevant
questions to a cross-section of current college students. Fortunately, three recent surveys come closer
to the mark. For example, the Gallup-Knight Foundation
survey, looked at a random sample of 3,000 college students. The survey found that 70 percent of students said they preferred their campus to be an ‘open learning environment’ where
they might be exposed to offensive speech. Twenty-nine percent preferred a “positive
environment that prohibited certain speech.” Jeffrey Sachs cites this as further evidence
that the “kids are all right.” Well, nearly 30 percent of college students favoring
censorship is not exactly cause to rejoice, especially when that figure is up from 22%
two years ago But here is what is most troubling to me:
37 percent of college students said it was acceptable to shout down speakers. I have been lecturing on campuses for decades
and, until recently, no one shouted at me or tried to disrupt the event. My colleague Charles Murray has faced noisy
protestors in the past, but he says, he could always count on someone in the audience telling
them to “Sit down and shut up, we want to hear what he has to say.” The protesters, aware they were in the minority,
would melt away. But recently, at schools like Middlebury,
Berkeley, Claremont-McKenna, Evergreen State, Lewis & Clark—the censorious minority is not melting away. censorious minority is not melting away. Why not? I have noticed one striking change. An increasing numbers of college professors
and students equate speech with violence. I first became aware
of the conflation of speech with violence in 2015. An Oberlin professor explained in the campus
newspaper that by questioning sexual assault statistics, I was attacking victims’ experiences
and their… reactions to those experiences” Such skepticism, she said is a form of discursive violence. The idea that words and arguments constitute
violence is gaining currency. In statement about my Lewis & Clark talk,
protesters said, that while “free speech is an important tenet” that freedom stops
“when it has a … violent impact on other individuals.” “There is no debate here.” And no debate was allowed. The law students who disrupted my talk at
Lewis and Clark were very much in the minority. And students who came to listen did tell them
to keep quiet. But the protesters were confident and determined. Because, I think in their minds they were taking a principled firm stand against violence. But speech is not violence—it is how we
avoid violence. Speech is how we negotiate with one another
in a pluralistic society. The distinction between words and deeds is
foundational to American law—it’s foundational to American democracy. Surveys about what students think about free
speech in general may not tell us much about the real state of tolerance on campus. We also need to understand how students think
about speech, and whether they are captive to a worldview that equates it with violence. And we need to know how many administrators
will tolerate their reign of error. Those who assure us that all is well on the
campus have yet to come to grips with this problem. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section. And please subscribe to the series and follow
me on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.

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  1. Hi all! Hope you enjoyed the video. An AEI scholar has a proposal to help protect free speech at America's colleges, while also protecting individual choice. Check it out:

  2. While under most circumstances I'm against actual violence it seems to me that these entitled children well and truly, desperately, need an object lesson in the difference between their brand of "violence"- what they're calling violence, not the violence they sometimes actually commit- and the genuine article.

    Perhaps people should start making pepper spray grenades and bombarding these little jerks wherever they may be found. It's not lethal but it inflicts just enough pain that some may actually grasp that "microaggressions" and hurt egos are different from real harm.

  3. Those protesters are just hypocrites. If negative speech is violence, why can't we have them arrested for shouting and demeaning conservative speakers? Aren't their words violence too or is it just free speech?

  4. That group shouting was extremely violent, in thought, deed and words. They are the ones who should be brought to account for their actions that are worse than that they are "protesting" about.

  5. I really feel that there is a bias of liberal professors that are much more left leaning than in the past, and have an 80/20 weighting of hiring between them and conservative, or independent viewed professors. They not only teach the students to lean left but encourage them to quash anything other than leftist ideas … thus the more active and aggressive student protests when others are invited to speak at these campuses.

  6. College kids also say 'hate speech is not free speech'. So, while it is true most of them support 'free speech', it is a redefined version of free speech that does not include anything they consider offensive. Which nuters the entire point of free speech laws.

  7. Myth are facts and facts are myths. Welcome to modern world of SJW’s.
    When a group of students can shut down speakers unhindered, then there is a problem

  8. What disturbs me most is an increasingly common equivocation of speech with violence against the listener that disagrees with a stated position. I have lost a couple of my progressive friends for simply stating ideas that criticize ideas like Islam. In each case, they viewed my statements as "racism against black and brown people."

  9. I've given up, I'm sad to say. I see no ending to this PC tidal wave that doesn't end in a Communist America.
    At this point I'm just waiting for the Apocalypse, and hoping it's sooner rather than later.

  10. Most people can loudly and proudly admit "I am in favor of free speech*". You'd need a survey designed to see if views are remotely coherent. I mean some people could have a theoretical commitment to free speech and justify free speech spaces to ghettoize it. Or justify mental gymnastics that allow people to speak provided they can ensure no one is able to hear.

  11. The psychology of the masses is a pendulum, and we're reaching the tip of a swing. Equilibrium would be our salvation, but we keep overshooting it.

  12. Equating Speech to Violence is a Byproduct, among others….caused by the ideas of Pierre Bourdieu such as Simbolic Violence.

  13. I disagree that speech cannot have violent affect on some lives. I don't agree this means those promoting free speech shouldn't absolutely win this conflict. However, speech can have violent effect. I will give you a specific anecdotal example. When I was a child I was molested by a grandparent. I attempted to get help from a school counselor. Her response was "Because you are male it doesn't matter. I have foster children with real problems and you should be grateful you even have a family. Don't come back to my office unless you have a real problem."

    While she did not effect physical violence, I can testify that these words had a violent and destructive effect on my life. If I look at the dictionary definitions from Collins English Dictionary, I can attest that while this was not a physical assault and fails to meet the qualities of definition "1. the exercise or an instance of physical force, usually effecting or intended to effect injuries, destruction, etc." I would still say it qualified in effect to meet the qualities of definitions 2 and 5a. which are respectively: "2. powerful, untamed, or devastating force: the violence of the sea", and 5. "a. to inflict harm upon; damage or violate: they did violence to the prisoners."

    Words can cause harm depending on the circumstance.

  14. Are you doing a reprint of War on Boys? I think it's been almost twenty years since your CSPAN appearance and launch of the last book. It would be nice to get an update on today's climate for boys.

  15. very well said! It's creepy to see how far they have come already and majority don't stand up against them!

  16. Dear Christina, about 10 years ago I worked in the main Brazilian statistical institute: a government agency that is responsible for measuring inflation, population growth, unemployment levels and … gender pay gap.

    Working at this institute I realized that I had been deceived by the media, academy and politicians on this subject, but I could not find anyone who confronted this data.

    That's when – by searching the internet – I met you.

    You have guided me to a whole new world of ideas, from you, I met new thinkers, reformulated most of my political convictions. I left the left guided by you (and Sowell, and Scruton, and Karen Straughan… and a lot of privileged minds I met once I met you)

    I thank you so much for that.

    Brazil suffers the same as the US on these issues of 'minorities' and 'freedom of expression'. Months ago I myself was cursed and physically assaulted by university students and professors in a college where I study (the second most important university here) by questioning – in a lecture – the data of a fraudulent survey on deaths motivated by prejudice against homosexual women (they include as "death motivated by prejudice against lesbians" any death of lesbian – including assaulting lesbian who died after the stolen car he was driving to overturn, during a police chase).

    I always mention you in my conversations on the subject and there is a large and growing legion of people inspired by your work here. Thank you.

  17. These are law students. Law students often become lawyers. Lawyers often become legislators. Legislators often become judges. This is not a good future for our nation to be staring into.

  18. Christina Hoff, You are a sweet bundle of intelligence and logic wrapped with a ribbon of awesomeness. Keep up the good work! I hope to hear you at a function or lecture someday. You have a true grip on reality unlike these fascist pieces of crap on campus.

  19. "Speech is how we avoid violence," no truer words have been said. Because at some point at one of these disruptions someone is going to get up and punch these people in the face.

    On another note its quite odd that these people think that everyone else should listen to their disruption. Why is their speech acceptable but not the speaker's? Very odd.

  20. This "free speech" problem is exaggerated. Only 34% of Americans graduate from college and these protests are at a handful of universities, with a small number of speakers. The vast majority of speakers talk every day at colleges and have no problem. Shouting down a speaker, while frustrating for the speaker and the audience, isn't a freedom of speech violation but an issue of decorum. Words ARE NOT violence and getting shouted down isn't violence. No one's legal rights are being violated here. Unruly students are a problem for college administrators and campus security.

  21. Oh please!!! thay say that free speech is ok really if you're a conservative collage student and if you say anything that doesn't fit the liberal agenda I guarantee you that you get crucified for speaking your mind I feel sorry for these kids today my heart bleeds for these kids that's why I say we need to take back the school's !!! Its very important don't get wrong homeschooling is good but even that won't last long. We must take back the school's !!! And secure our children's future

  22. The anti free speech protests are uninformed reifications of ideological constructs. They are the Nazis, brownshirts burning books.

    Societies that don't enshrine free speech have much more political, racial, ethnic, homophobic and other violence of intolerance because free speech takes away a need for intolerance. When people can speak freely and feel they can be heard they feel less the need to strike out and act unilaterally or force their will on others. The Charolettesville killer was angry his group's march was moved from the main avenues of the city and the ACLU couldn't move it back.

    Before free speech was invented the only way to resolve disagreements was through war and deadly violence, it was necessary to literally kill the opposition. Free speech is an essential part of democracy which makes it possible for differing and opposing factions to share a society and share a world without trying to violently erradicate one and other. Those opposing free speech are only self righteously intolerant and are only against it because their side now dominates. Before, when their ideological tendency was still the marginal opposition they were stallwart champions of free speech and the dominant Right Wing was against free speech.

    Free speech does NOT uphold the power of the privileged but gives ALL, including the powerless tje power to be heard. Without free speech the leftist tendencies would never have attained their dominance from being the very marginal opposition in the West so short time ago – and wouldn't ANYWHERE without violent conflict. Free speech gives a minority of even one person the power to be heard.

    Thus free speech does not cause violence but PREVENTS violence bevause without it the only way to resolve political disagreements is through violence.

    “Freedom only for the supporters of the government, only for the members of one party – however numerous they may be – is no freedom at all. Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently. Not because of any fanatical concept of ‘justice’ but because all that is instructive, wholesome and purifying in political freedom depends on this essential characteristic, and its effectiveness vanishes when ‘freedom’ becomes a special privilege.”
    -Rosa Luxemburg, "The Russian Revolution: Marxism or Leninism?"

    "Joseph Goebbels was in favor of free speech for views that he liked."
    -Noam Chomsky

  23. There can be no social justice without intellectual justice – or free speech or fairness to all opinions. Social justice begins with free speech. Different people have different opinions of what constitutes "social justice" and without free speech anyone's concocted definition of social justice cannot be challenged and tested for bias – and, therefore, for unfairness or injustice.

  24. I would carry a megaphone with me and ear plugs; when these disrupters won’t shut up I would continue my talk 😂

  25. Beef up campus security. Ben Shapiro had five hundred thousand dollars spent on one of his lectures, and it went off without a hitch. If the campus's security let's the general audience know that they'll be treated like adults when they misbehave like little brats, most people will wise up and shut up.

  26. The problem is that you cherry pick your data the same way everyone else does. If a study disagrees with you, you find fault with the study. I agree that you have the right to an opinion but I also think you're setting these college students up so you can use the Free Speech argument to stereotype the Left. You were doing better for awhile there. Let's get back to the solution.

  27. If speech equals action, can i just stop working altogether, and get paid for talking about work?

    Crickets chirping.

  28. I think that the name factual feminist, is oxymoronic, since the term ‘factual’ relate to objective reality and ‘feminist’ relate to a subjective ideology.

  29. Yeah that GSS study is quite useless in the modern political climate if the way it checks on Free Speech beliefs is by asking about gay or other minority speakers–of course left wing students would support those. Unless that gay speaker happened to be named MILO. Now whether they would allow him to speak might be a more interesting question with far different results.
    Also simply asking if someone vaguely "supports" the notion of Free Speech is far from evidence they actually support it. In the recent case of Count Dankula being arrested for a joke, there was no shortage of people claiming they "support" Free Speech yet they performed mental gymnastics to justify his imprisonment.

  30. I was failed by my social studies professor because I said that I disagree that the feminist movement preaches equality anymore. Infact it preaches that men are hateful, hurtful creatures. She and some of the other girls began lecturing me and even making fun of me. Calling me stupid, childish, and many other things. I decided to stay silent and continue going to class but the professor herself decided to never call on me when raising my hand and infact would give me a lower score on tests and pop quizes due to her hatered of what I said the first day. I was shocked, I had not bern yelling at them, i did nothing to disrespect them. I simply stated that the feminist movement in my opinion has become something that it wasnt intended to be. I took it up with a guidence counsoler and was mostly ignored. That was when I decided to stop going to that school. I instead went to a school further out of my way and have since had no major problems like this. It just dusgusted me that someone like that is a professor and would use their power to pressure and bully a student. It disturbed me even more that no one else seemed to care she did it. But thats my story thank you for reading it.

  31. I remember when I saw that video. It's disgusting how warped their poor little heads are that they ironically silenced a woman from expressing herself. Quite misogynistic of them.

  32. How in the world are you a Feminist? What exactly is Feminist about you? According to you, what are the major issues that Feminism should focus on? Please, I'm dying to know that.

  33. Speech is how how we combat bad ideas . and when we strongly disagree , resentment and anger can easily bubble under the surface . When you can't express ideas through words , people will express their ideas and emotions through violence. Speech is how we keep things civilized .

  34. I wish my introduction of feminism was factual feminism at a younger age, time and prejudice against me for being white and male (especially in my childhood years in foster care, focusing on foster mothers and social workers). The levels of discrimination done too me and towards me has done more damage too any feminist movements. Yes, I believe in gender equality, no I don't believe in feminist movement can be salvaged. I'm too bitter and too much damage over the years to ever care to show support. I applaud you for being a better and stronger person than me.

  35. there is no free speech on campus, nor is there free speech in elementary, middle or high school. you get fucking trashed by both students and teachers for speaking the uncomfortable truths that no one wants to face. i had almost no friends growing up because i chose truth and honesty over the bullshit popularity games. try to feminist your way out of that, ya fuckin facist. facist feminist, fixed the title for you. feminism is facism.

  36. Hi i want to make statement, you are the first person to make actual and factual sense on the internet in the last 20 years
    please keep doing this thank you

  37. I'm so happy I found this channel. I was raised in a very… male dominated? home. As in, my dad should never have to cook, clean, or do anything. I had to be careful of my thoughts, speech, attitude, dress, etc in order to be a lady, make men happy, and not labeled a slut. It made me who I am today, but the reason I'm happy to have found this series s because recently my mom has finally started believing in female rights and empowerment, voted for the first time, and all kinds of things I'm so proud of. Unfortunately she has been getting all her info from some misguided and crazy feminists and I can't wait to show her these videos and Christina Hoff Sommers work to hopefully help her have a more rounded, real view of where women truly have made it to and she can be proud and happy instead of sad or angry that she stepped out of her box.

  38. If you like Factual Feminist then you should check out Germaine Greer. She is another rational feminist from the "old-school" of feminism not a modern one.

  39. She is not factual nor a feminist; why don't we just call it like it is, a hungry hag spewing nonsense for a hack organization that is payed to make up information by misrepresenting facts for climate change deniers, religious zealots, etc..? How can she look at herself in the mirror is a wonder, since she has no integrity.

  40. if our individual freedoms are going to be taken away by a growing marxist/left movement with no resistence from traditional america, then we need another mccarthy era-throw the commie/marxists into gulag replicas just like their comrades did to millions of russians, chinese and east europeans.

  41. In Germany at around 1920 the German Nationalsocialist Party formed an executive group (later known as SA). The purpose of the SA was to suppress other party gatherings, provoke fights and basically scare "normal" people from attending such meetings. It's a a bit a sad state of affairs if your left-oriented groups and employ these totalitarian mechanisms usually more associated with right wingers.

    The whole idea of freedom of speech is perverted – it's changed to "You may say whatever you want to say as lonh as it is not something we don't want to hear."

    Say, from my point of view this is a rather totalitarian action that is in stark contrast to the promotion of free speech. Why is the university not removing those students from their campus? After all – the 1st amendment is the 1st for a good reason. And if a group of people shows such a willingness to deny it to others they have, in my opinion, no place at a university where free speech and free though should be promoted. You don't have to agree to what you hear – but you've gotta let them speak and you should have the right to oppose the position presented in a Q&A afterwards.

  42. I'd wish you were my grandma if I didn't find you so darn attractive. Please run for presidency in 2020.

  43. How would they like it, if some loud group disrupted one of their lectures or similar events? It's downright rude to do this. It made me irate and such behaviour is only causing harm and fear.

  44. Start asking questions instead of shouting.intelligent debates need to come back, where each person gets a certain amount of time to talk.

  45. What CHS lectures about and advocates, open inquiry and criticism of established doctrines is not "hate speech" by any stretch of the imagination. She is not advocating for women to lose the vote, for gay people to be criminalized, or for a white nationalist ethnostate. And yet she gets shouted down at college lectures like nobody's business. It's shocking. I'm old enough not to have had this nonsense all around me when I was at university, but young enough to have seen it starting.

  46. Hiding the data !!!! I'm betting they just made up the numbers so the women in the U.S. could cry VICTIM ! They should made MANY full page retractions in all the places this was published and show real data ! Then FIRE the people that wrote this and the editor that allowed it without verification of data !

  47. For goodness sake, is greenscreen shot of a bookshelf containing a clock, a birdcage, a flowerpot, a bust supposed to mean something? I'm just asking because it zooms in.

  48. I found you when watching you sitting in the middle chair between Steven Crowder and Milo the gay man……….. but I LOVED what you had to say.

    I am not Red or Blue, I am Purple. I am the in between of Democrat and Republican. I side with who ever makes sense…… sadly……. YOU Christina are the only democrat talk person I found……. that's sad. But at least I found you……. the only one. A democrat who makes sense. and not freaking out or blurting out or getting defensive.

    I was wanting the girl in the audience to SHUT UP when you were trying to talk. It was soooooo annoying she kept interrupting you.

  49. I think it's obvious free speech is in danger in today's unis especially if you are right wing. We have the same bullshit over here in the UK. University authorities should be doing something about it but instead they just pander to the mob.

  50. I once called myself a 2nd wave feminist, because I wanted equality for all. Now I refrain to myself as a left of center libertarian, because 4th wave feminism, even at it's base, is against everything I used to stay for ( and yes, I know I'm late to the party ). But thank you Prof. Sommers (nice german name you have there btw) for being one of the two feminist on Youtube to actually make sense.
    BTW: Communists should be controversial (coming from someone whoe grew up in a communist country, so I might be biased)
    Yours truly

    Shin (not disclosing my real name, for work related reasons, I work at a gamedeveloper)

  51. Milton Friedman's position was that "Freedom to Listen" is a direct consequence of "Freedom of Speech". By not allowing students to listen, those students were denied their freedom of speech.

  52. Vox is almost totally discredited these days. Only ideologues can swallow the tripe they're offering.
    The reality is that the identitarian Left has woven such a tangle of specious argument, emotive propaganda and outright lie that they cannot help but catching themselves in the web of their own creation at almost every turn.

    And that it's having disastrous effects on things like genuine #metoo victims would seem to indicate the activists have no concern for who gets trampled on the way to realizing their power-agenda.

    One of the more pernicious elements of postmodernism is the drive to control language as a function of subjective realism. If you can successfully re-identify anything, any person, any word that would "threaten" your subjective realism as a violent attack, that justifies you in responding with violent attack. In a lot of cases, any degree of violent attack that is not necessarily limited to just words.

  53. I came across this article where the writer claims the UK has defined economic control as domestic violence. In actual fact, it defined it at as a form of domestic abuse. Abuse it certainly is but the writer has redefined abuse as violence even though the word violence was never used. Be careful, this website is a rabbit hole.

  54. I'm so ashamed of my generation for containing imbeciles that would shout this brilliant woman before hearing her side of the discussion. Your a class act, Christina.

  55. 50 year old definitions of what constitutes "controversial subjects" or "marginal", "minority" or "unpopular" opinion are how you can pretend there is no crisis because there is no crisis for YOU or for your own, preferred speech.

  56. "Privilege is invisible to the bearer of it" so then your own censorship isn't really censorship, your shit don't stink (especially when you're an adolescent undergrad).

  57. Of course it's in danger. Because Feminist's want to silence men. College Feminist's are fascist and agressive . They want control over Republicans and men.

  58. Dude, these people are adults!! They should not be afraid to hear offensive opinions. What is the point of being an adult if you are too scared of listening something that you do not agree with with? That is something children do. Children are meant to be the whiny ones UNTIL they grow up and realise that being whiny is not acceptable any more.


  59. Maybe it’s the university’s commodification of education that is the problem, with students being turned into consumers. The paying of large sums of money for these educations creates a situation where the consumer/customers rights might be at the heart of this level of college disruption. Education seems now to be based upon ability to pay rather than intellectual capability.
    Also we live in a world where many young people have been shielded from the harsh realities of life and from things that may make them feel uncomfortable, maybe due to being driven everywhere and perhaps cosseted, so when they first go into the world they are less hardened than previous generations and find that the world they believed to exist is massively different in reality.
    I think the world will bend them into shape in due course, as it does us all.

  60. Such an important point! The growing conflation of speech and violence is truly a frightening trend. In Canada, where I now live, there is a creeping trend in law to criminalize speech. What they call hate speech may not be things that we want to hear (or even need to hear) but outlawing it is wrong on its face.

  61. I was a college student and the idea of actively disrupting a presentation at a college is something that I could never agree with no matter the topic. The fact that you were shouted down shows more then just a loss of free speech, it also shows a lack of basic respect for the people who are willing to volunteer their time to speak about the subjects that the university or college deems important.

    If one is invited to speak on a college campus it is almost never an impromptu event but a scheduled one with both the students and the campus fully aware of both the person and the topic being covered. Well this can be more of an outline then anything I would find it hard to believe that they would have you speak with no understanding of what you were going to say.

    This means that the actions of the faculty for not stepping in was something that I would consider shameful both for not stepping in to quiet a disruptive student during the presentation but for also not understanding that your material could cause problems within the student body when they first invited you.

    Each speech is a important educational opportunity the same as any of the classes a student is enrolled in. If someone's agrees to speak on a topic they should be treated the same respect and status that a professor of the college would get during their class.

  62. The foundation of most of these problems in my mind boils down to the over coddling of children and a fundamental lack of a knowledge of history. The over coddling leads these children into thinking their feelings and ideas are more important than any other feelings or ideas. The lack of knowledge in History makes them perceive their hurt feelings or challenge to their ideas as oppression or an actual attack. Maybe an over simplification but hey I'm a simple guy.

  63. It is a troubling trend.

    I wonder if the rise in intolerance of certain speech is correlated to the rise in obvious hate speech. When you have people shouting "Jews will not replace us" in Charlottesville, it seems natural to me that they would be shouted down. So, I think those kinds of examples are what many students are thinking about when they said that it is OK to protest offensive speech. But, a civil lecture, like you were giving, is not offensive speech.

    I am embarrassed by loud-mouthed activists that take over lectures.

  64. Unfortunately, universities often produce people who are educated far beyond their levels of inteligence, they end up spouting docktrine they have no idea what it means

  65. Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequence. It's like conservatives don't get that.

    If you say something that pisses off the majority of the student populace and they camp your event, shouting you down and calling you a dog, they are just using their free speech in response.

    It is a myth. Mean words don't stop you from saying what you wanna say unless you're a bitch.

  66. Shouting someone down is not censorship. It's retaliatory free speech.

    You are not stopped from saying what you wanna say by mean words.

  67. Funny how the push back only happens after women start getting shouted down.
    I'm sick to the back teeth of feminism and womens attitudes in general

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