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Hi, I’m Helen. And I’m Caitlin, and we’re early
childhood consultants representing Gowrie Victoria. And we’ll be sharing delivery
of this subject. In early childhood, it’s really
important we get things right from the start. Each child is unique, and it’s
our role as adults to nurture them to become happy,
healthy, creative, and competent citizens. In this subject, early childhood
education, we’ll be exploring children’s learning
and development, focusing on the ages of birth
to five years. We’ll be looking specifically
at the world of children– how we can engender a sense of
belonging in their social world, how we can advocate
for them to be free to be children, and how we can
support them to become potentially everything
that they can be. So if you’re an early childhood
educator, a parent, a caregiver, or are interested
in early childhood education, then this subject’s a great
introduction to children’s learning and development
in the early years. So join us, and enrol now.

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  1. Hi I completed this course but did not receive my certificate and unfortunately you have shut down, can you please tell me how I get my certificate

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