Freddie Roach teaching boxing basics – Manny Pacquiao's trainer talks footwork, punching, padwork

hi I'm Freddie Roach I'm a boxing trainer and today we're gonna get it give you an advanced lesson on how to box I had a great the greatest trainer in the world I think Eddie Futch teach me how to box and how to do this party he trained me as a professional for that nine years I had 54 pro fights 150 amateur fights and you know I started boxing when I was 6 years old so boxing is my life it's what I do I have the wild card Boxing Club in Hollywood California and I get to gym at 9 o'clock every morning and I go home at 8 o'clock every night people say how can you spend that much time in the gym he says well this is what I do and this is my life and I've had 17 world champion so far and Eddie fudge had 22 and I'm chasing him but we'll see if I can get a few more in the near future I hope but again Eddie was a great teacher he taught me a lot about the game inside and outside of the Ring and as I was a pretty good fighter I you know again I had I had a lot of fights I bought Bobby Bobby Sheik home for the title Hector Camacho and I had a lot of good experience and so forth but then when I retired from boxing I became Eddie Futch the assistant about a year later Virgil Hill was getting ready for a fight he was the sparring partner for James Shula and so James Shula had all this attention in his corner and he was training both guys and Virgil Virgil came back to the corner inspiring one day and he I mean he had nobody in this corner so I went up take gave him some advice gave me a drink of water and Virgil asked me if I would help him out and that's how that's how it all happened I mean I had no clue after my boxing career that I would be involved in boxing any more of my life I thought it was over and then Virgil asked me to help him out cause Eddie was busy with Larry Holmes and Ken Norton and all these other guys these big heavyweight champions so Virgil became my first champion when I was 27 years old and I think I was younger to become champion and it was a great moment I mean I wanted to be champion in the world when I was a fighter of course I mean that's every fighters goal I think that should be every fighters Golub you can't be world champion I don't think you should be in this sport I mean there's easier ways to make a living but you know I came out I fought for the title with two champions they came up a little bit short again I wish I could have been world champion but I just wasn't at that level I was just a little bit below it and I tried my heart my best and I gave everything I did to boxing and then becoming a trainer though with with Eddie fudge you know I was at his assistant and gap for five years and Virgil was my first champion in just helping him get to that point was great I mean I felt so good that night when he won the World title he's a four-to-one dog he knocked out Leslie stored in the fourth round and it was a great moment in my life I think probably the best I was very happy and it was almost like winning World Championship myself but well not quite that but at least I had a guy that I represented that he became world champion and so since that time I've been putting a Hall of Fame for my training and I was training to the year in 2003 and you know like like people like to say boxes been very good to me I mean I go back home to where I grew up in the projects in Dedham Massachusetts and you know a lot of people say you know you're lucky you get out and so forth and I think it's just a choice in life oh we all have that choice to get out to get out of poverty or whatever we just make that choice – to better ourselves and that's what I wanted to be so you know boxing again has been good to me it's it's my life is what I do and I'm going to show you today I'm going to show you some technique some real advanced stuff that mr. fudge taught taught me and he made me what I am today and we'll start a little bit on the punch mitts and we'll go from there first we're gonna start with the footwork it's very important I mean balance is everything in boxing I mean if you don't have good balance you're gonna be in trouble I mean you've always got to be in position to either make a punch miss or to throw a punch you should never get caught off-balance and it's it's just like vital it's like building a house you have to have a good frame in your legs of your framing it's a must thing in boxing you have to have good balance at all times and you never cross your feet and we're going to go through a lot of techniques on footwork and I'm going to have so as Francesca helped me a little bit with this come on in from Jessica balances again it's vital to a fighter if you lose your balance you're gonna be in trouble because if you're not position of punch and mega punch miss its it's not a good place to be in this ring and again Eddie Futch taught me to taught me to sweet science box and he taught me a lot of finer points but who started me out though is my father Paul Roche he's a very good training and very good at basics and the thing is I had 150 image devices my dad is my coach and he taught me a lot also and we're going to get into the proper stance now I see a lot of fighters they want to get a little bit too parallel because it makes them a smaller target and it's a good idea of course but we need a little bit of a base of lateral lateral movement so we need to take that when when your shoulder width apart one foot forward backwards there you have a good balance good base and sometimes I like to work on the line so we have this slide in the ring here and face me it bugs me so now our feet aren't parallel but they're like two inches apart is a fine line there but the thing is if you to parallel put your little feet on the line you have no balance laterally your balance is bad and I'll just control you easily so if he's widen that stance just a little bit and don't and keep your shoulders don't get square don't become a big target you want to keep it short here and very good stances so now if I push her she has just balance there where she can go side to side front and back okay and if one foot moves three inches the following foot goes right three inches also six inches six inches they work together at all times in and out beside to side and some of the drills I saw people out with was coming forward with their jab right there is if I move back you come in again see it's all balanced all right I step with my foot move back and then this follows the exact same so I every time I land I'm right on cue I'm ready to punch so we use this positioning moving back and moving forward stepping in back foot follows follows so very good come on fit nice and loose so our balance is right here and we've already again whenever we land a stop and we're in a position to make a punch miss or to throw a punch okay and then we of course back and forth and side to side a lot of people want when they want to move to the right you get a leave with your right foot and slide over okay but a lot of times if you get the tendency to get a little bit square there you have to you have to fight that motion okay so this is where you get drills you using the more like a box where you use the whole ring and go side to side front and back and keep that balance at all times okay so now when you're stepping forward you leave with your left foot and stepping up with your right if you're right in a fighter and then if you southpaw of course this is the opposite so moving backing over your right foot and slide your left foot forward back back you know now we move to our my right your left okay step one step another step step good again you never want to end up in this position parallel it's always good balance right here so we're just going to move move together a little bit and I'm going to lead the dance just for now just for experience-wise and I want you to stay with me okay come closer that's it so the footwork is very important you feel whenever I'm here I'm always in position she comes at me yes so a position to being you know I'll call this online is when you bust me fucks me so well my Lee hood is between Francesca's legs and her leaflets before my war online what I call online is when you can be hit what takes us offline is head movement and lip bobbing and weaving okay but we were in this position we he right on line for me for me to serve but on the other hand she's I'm right in line for her to strike me so this position here's where you want to be so when you step in with your jab it's right there right there and then right back to where it came from you should the jab good step step good again now step back again step step step so the jab is use coming forward as a rangefinder it's probably the most important punch of boxing and again if the jab doesn't land nothing else will but when the jet when you get into the jab does lean and you're in you're in striking area for your other shots to follow that's when you want to right hand you love token you rest recombinations with that of course so the thing is but it's a jab short and doesn't reach me there's no way right hands gonna reach me that so don't waste your time by throwing the right hand and try to get lucky with me okay make sure the jab starts laying them first thing gets Keith they'll get you a range you'll get you in trouble and you'll get you have trouble moving in with with the jab offensively get in your range okay then move them back with the jab you're using more defensively just there you go good now as you notice when I'm coming forward my feet are always in position I step in and slide up and for injustice seven was the right foot and sliding her left foot back in position good job so and again you-you-you feet always have to work together so it's very important and we'll get into some purpose right now and we'll get a few combinations and how best used to use the punishments when I was when I was fighting I was the last fighter that Eddie caught on the myths because he he was getting a little bit older you know and again he's still trending Riddick but when he was 19 years old so he had a very great long long long lasting career so he was the last guy that he taught me how to catch on the myths and I'm gonna teach you alright the punch mitts really a good tool I think in boxing because my fighters when they getting ready for the world title fight so we have the liberty of knowing the opponents and we can study their moves and most of my fighters they don't watch the tapes like James Tony's and Pacquiao they watching maybe once or twice who watched a guy and just get a general feel for what his style is and so forth and I'm not a real big fan on them watching films too much because Sal's many fights and you know they're watching these guys and you usually the tapes of them fighting good fighting and looking really good in these fights and I really don't believe that I should my fighters should make adjustments to fight his to fight his style I'd rather control the situation and you have my father to get him to fight our fight in control surgery but there are certain moves that I will look for you know similarities well or a bad habits that he may have to we can take advantage of and then when I watch the tape and I kind of learned this guy's moves in the style I can I can duplicate that on the myths in that that's what I'm getting ready for this this way the strategy comes from from from for my fighters is on the mitts because I'll simulate what this guy will do you know when you make this move he makes that move every time you do it so now you kind of study that and you know he's gonna make the move so you just analyze the tape and you find his faults and then you take advantage of him if possible and so the myths are again a great tool and it's probably the best thing I do in training is network I've caught everybody in the world I mean I've caught the Klitschko brothers just unfortunate a great puncher Mike Tyson a great punch you know Manny Pacquiao great speed and the it's again this was what I do Tyson thought I was too small to catch him and he had somebody else do it for a while and I was sitting there watching and the I couldn't catch my cold but so I put the mitts on and I said Mike let's go to work and he really fell in love with my MIT work and he even got mad at me one day I think and he missed the MIT and hit me a right hook in the chin almost knocked me out but I didn't go down but he hurt me that but today don't hit me so today we're getting it we're going to go through submit work and I'm going to teach you a little bit of combinations and some moves that Eddie taught me that are very very precise and calculated moves and not something too easy though again and we'll get into that as I show you but combinations are a key boxing but then every time you throw a combination though you've got to be ready for the guy's retaliation because he's going to punch back I mean so this is you know when you throw a certain combination there's a certain counter punch for every a for every punch but then you've got a counter there there attack also so it's a again it's complicated a little bit but it's but it's also in it can be in a simple way if you just kind of take your time and think about what you're doing okay all right let's go to work okay now first punch we're gonna work on is the left jab and again it's the most important punch in boxing because without the left jab you've got nothing if the left jab doesn't get your distance and get you your range and you know nothing else will I mean the thing is is it's a it's a punch of ski I've seen it when World Titles I saw Larry Holmes just about win the world title with his left jab Virgil Hill another one just good great job it's a great weapon out there and again it's I think it's the best punch in boxing because it can control a fight and let's go know when you when you throw the left jab of course your hands up your hands up real nice and you want is this seven with the shot and turn her over you can't you catch it right there now see my Chin's protective on my shoulder and when the jab lands they get right back like a piston fan bang right right back to where it came from again I see a lot of people sometimes they throw a left jab memory back but lo they're open for the right-hand counter shot they so that hidden it's very important to get that right back to your face give me the love chef again again again again good alright now from from this stay in the position now she's landing a real good left jab here right there and now a good punch right off the jab is the right hand as that's coming back there you go good give me 1 2 1 2 1 2 right hand nice and short let me see it again again now with with the right hand of course you want to pivot off the back foot okay you're not just pivoting for show okay you know just pivoting you're driving you're pushing off the floor bang right there like like Eddie told me like you're stepping on a cigarette already you're squashing a bug he says you know you're driving off the back foot you're not just paying for show again you're driving you're pushing off the floor and this will be maximum power in the right hand okay because if you hit me with just your arm punch you know your arm always ten pounds it's not going to hurt me when you hit me with your body weight when you get you you tow your hip your shoulder right through you hit with all your body weight you know they're gonna think they're gonna pay attention to it all right so give me the one two good girl again now get right back in position after that go and stay out there one to do a good job yeah so after she throws the one-two if she lands that shot there my counter of course on the right hand is the left hook so she throws a one two boom I'm gonna try to counter there so she better get that hand back quickly or be in a position to go under my hook and that's why I say balance is a key because if she's in position she she should be able to go under the punch with no problem so one two going to my hook good now puts her right position to hit me with the right hand right over right over the top good when you make somebody miss that badly until there you go and it's a great counter shot okay and again I'm countering her right hand but she's counting on my left okay so this is there's always a counter to every day every time you throw a punch you make it open for the opponent okay so there's always that factor that you actually know that if you throw one to Mike on is gonna be usually going to be the left hook you won't be won't you won't find it on the right hand side that often so the one to its natural form your hook and I feel free to come up with a counter right hand let's do it again right away quick again good again good girl much about there you go so now give me a one two left hook good again again it's a nice short left hook she has here and my counter on the left with she ends at left okay again it's going to be the right hand so she has to be ready to go under my right hand okay boom and then she's got opening it in my body or to my chin again when she when she finished the combination with the left hook my counter is 90% of the time is gonna be the right hand and that's why it's the the more experienced fighters you see it's like when I used to box with Alexa Quayle when it was a sparring partner I mean I used to tell Eddie I says he knows what I'm gonna throw before I do you know I throw a combination at him and then he'd make everything miss and I it's just I was amazed at how easily he made me miss and I was 18 year old young aggressive kid and the thing was I was because I was very excited and young and he had a lot of experience so but if you stop to think about it if if you in with a certain punch you kind of know where the counter is gonna be I mean it's pretty good if she ends with the right hand 90% of the time my counter is gonna be on the left side it's just going to slow down a little bit and just think about this yeah and if she finished it with a little with the left hook right there 90% of the time my counters gonna be in on the right side and I think that's what makes the difference between a good fighter and a great fighter is that these great fighters they can make those moves that are not the ninety percent they can make the moves that are the 10 percent and like a guy like James Toney Hawaii trained you know he's just a gifted guy I mean like when when James says he says you know all you guys have to Train I was born to fight and you know what I think it's true you know I mean he's such a talented guy I mean he has so much talent in natural motion I mean I think the moves that he makes you really can't teach he's just natural and I again I think that James was born to fight he's such a good athlete and then the thing was like but I get a guy like Manny Pacquiao who's just very explosive and when I first got Pacquiao he he had no boxing skills whatsoever but he had power and speed and all we had to do he's come to get him to box a little bit and use his technique a little bit more and it's it's getting better all the time but again with the Morales fight yeah he didn't do as well as I thought he would do he get away from the gameplan and I couldn't get him back on track but that's part of the job of being a trainer of course and you know because I didn't get him back on track I'll take some of the blame of that loss and when we fight the rematch I don't think it'll happen again at least well I'll use all my efforts not to make it happen again that's for sure so now as a trainer I see a lot of guys catching with with the mitts okay and I see some good things and I see some bad things you know and again I'm not a hard-headed guy where I don't think I can't learn so if I see something make some good moves in a minute I'll I will copy them a little bit if I like if I like it and I'll go talk to them and I'll understand the meaning behind it because there's always every punch has a meaning I mean you see the counter shot or said in some up send a punch-up is you know because again not the strongest guy is not going to win the fight the smartest guy is and that's going to happen every time in boxing because you know some people think it's two dummies out there swinging at each other but you know the sweet science it's more complicated than I think anything in life you know and again what but some sometimes I see trainers with the myths though they catch a little bit too aggressively and they reach for punches and they come out a little bit too far like throw a jab at me see I write at the end of the punch are you getting a little bit of a resistance I just catch it a little bit you don't want to come out and catch the punch out here because you've got to let them come to the target okay because well every time you punch a person if he brings his chin to you well you gonna have a field day but that's not going to happen you know so everything you do on the mid should be in my opinion should be relevant to boxing okay there's nothing I do in this ring with mitts on that is not relevant to boxing okay I see guys get real fancy out there behind the back and under the legs and crazy stuff and they put a real good show on and something like this but it's bullshit okay it's not relevant to boxing okay it's not what happens in a fight and everything I do in here on the mitts is relevant to boxing there's nothing I do that's not every move has a reason and every you know and every reason has a counter also so again don't don't come out there and bang with with your fighter and reach too much with the mitts it's a mistake let them come to the target okay just like it's a real fight make it more realistic okay you don't want to catch too widely okay because if you're in the right position if your foot your lead foots point in between my legs and my new we're right in the right position your target is going to be always to your center okay I mean you're not jamming out here over here is to your Center okay and you can use the mirror a lot in boxing for that also because it'd be a shadow boxing which a lot of people don't think is really relevant to boxing because I see people you know it looks funny shadow by it's not right but it's what you know it helps because the mirror doesn't lie to you okay so if you're working in the mirror you're punching your Center is always the target your chin okay so on the myths you can't have it I see guys catching out here like one too like you know who you fighting because you gotta get a big head I guess but it's not really relevant to boxing you catch close to your face okay and that with the target should be that's why sometimes I get hit you know and I don't like getting hit but it's you know going into camp with Mike Tyson I said I'm gonna start catching this guy I know he's aggressive and you know he's he gets on a roll sometimes and he's easy he's very strong and so forth so I you know what I going into them that training camp I says you know what I know I'm gonna get hit at least once in this camp and it did happen once and Mike promised me it wouldn't happen again so I was glad that didn't happen so but again I catch close I get hit sometimes oh but I had to make it real it's got to be it's got to be real in here because when she's in a fight it's real okay and I'm going to prepare her for that and that's what the training is all about so you know when I catch a jab yeah you know she's basically throws it right at my chin and I just pick it off Jeff catch quick little one-two one-two one-two it's right it's right here to Center where targets supposed to be okay and one two hook again get back that's it one two hook right hand again again yeah yeah yeah two two jab right here again hitting right here right here pivot turn it right hand left hook right hand behind that again good job okay so she only hit me once in that little combination but the thing is that's what it's about okay I mean if as a trainer if you get hit once a while it's part of life the thing is combinations very good again we all know we're professionals we know the combinations are and we know head movement after combination very important and coming into a combination also you meet a little bit of head movement you know you just don't want to walk to a person with a stiff phrasing you wanted right here these the little bend here it's like shock absorbers okay so if I do get hit with a punch I can roll with it or I with it okay I don't get hit stiff-legged if I get hit stiff like that I mean Interbrand my and that's where that's what you don't want to be but it's right here is nice balance right there and she readies we're both ready to fire at each other or to make your punch miss okay and that's where the position gotta be into so if I told let's took care of the body now you think about it if I throw a left hook the body position why I really not in position to throw a right hand so it's really listen you know again let's make it simple okay if they throw a left hook good body 90% of the time I'm going to throw a left hook to the head behind it you should in with experience you'll know that okay like when it Alexa Aguayo when he's blocking all my shots and he knew what I was gonna throw before I did and I thought it was amazing at that time and again he had been in the ring so much he was used to it and he saw so many times he knew it was going to come and I was just a young kid but then you know I was a little bit too aggressive in but if you sit down and think about it that's why I'm George Foreman's comeback he he did so well because I mean he was common there yeah I mean this guy you know was he's 45 50 years old and knocking out knocking out young guys you know and it was because he saw everything happening and he didn't it didn't rattle them at all he was comfortable with it he's been in there so much he there was nothing he hadn't seen before yeah so if I throw a left hook the body 90% on my second hook to the head in Franchesca if you think about you'll know that and you just go on to that shot make a mess make it simple right bang bang and then you've got the counter right hand right on my chin again let's do it right hand nice and short very good again I'm punches like that was a beautiful right hand because it was so short and and what fighters make a mistake sometimes of reaching from four punches okay now if you throw a jab at me here in the right hand here now make sure you pivot in the rain so that's a nice short right hand but sometimes people get a little anxious and they start throwing the right hand a little bit long and when the throw right right hand long at me I'm gonna have time to counter the shot okay the thing is a six inch right hand is the best right hand ace you know you write the written position the jab gets you there getting a six inch right hand all right there from you permitted it right through this right through the target there you go right there it's a beautiful shot and that's the shot that will knock somebody out something that's short and they don't see coming because if you throw a long right here now I'll have time to see you coming I'll roll with it I'll pull away from it or I'll step away but I'll do something to count account of that chart where I won't get it won't knock me out and the shots that knock people out of the shots that they don't see coming so that's why you want to go with short crisp combinations you title boxes got you covered with more action-packed videos to get you in the best condition of your life featuring Jamie Campbell Michael Rutherford Jeff Fenech Rustenburg justin fortune and Freddie Roach they'll put you through the phases to show you everything you need to know to improve your speed strength agility and 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