44 thoughts on “Freddie Gibbs, Madlib – Education (Audio) ft. Yasiin Bey, Black Thought”

  1. Three of my favourite MCs on a track. Shoutout to Gibbs, man. Obviously, Madlib brings out the best in him but to include not only Black Thought but also The Mighty Mos on a track shows his growth as an artist. Hip hop is eternal.

  2. I thought this album was going to go hard but instead it's just madlib and gibbs rapping over 1950s ball dancing and jazz music

  3. the album cover features quasimoto blowing up a stash in the far distance which eventually spawns money and cocaine in front of him before a tumble of rats appear running towards the money and cocaine, passing the Hollywood sign. This is by far, an accurate and meaningful cover because most people in LA will do anything for money and the people that fuel the international drugs trade happen to be rich people in demand for cocaine which is supplied from south America. In addition to this, most people in LA tend to boast about their riches but the main goal for people in a materialistic world is to live in Beverley hills or some expensive mansion which is a strong desire for money whatever the cost. Beautiful album cover

  4. I see 2 out of my top 5 emcees.. I click immediately. I'm a simple man.
    2)MF DOOM
    3)Yasin Bey(Mighty Mos) /Tariq trotter(Black Thought real name fake fans)
    5)Mach Hommy

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