37 thoughts on “Francis Ngannou Top 5 Finishes”

  1. Whatever happened to the walkaway KO? Jumping on a KO’ed opponent for a cheap shot makes you look like an ass!

  2. Each time I see it, the Overeem KO reminds me of the PEZ candies when I was kid. You had to put the head backwards, nearly upside down to get one candy. Overeem really copied these candy divices w Francis's punch. The story does not tell if Overeem delivered a treat to Francis from that 🙂

  3. Um cara que nunca levou um knockdown sequer.. Vocês ainda tem dúvida de que ele vai nocautear o Cigano? Eu sou BR mas minha torcida vai pro Ngannou galera.

  4. Cara muito porco, mesmo com o cara apagado ele continua batendo…por essas e outras que tenho muita admiração por Lyoto Machida!!!

  5. I'd have to shot that big ass nigga I'm sorry😬. No way is the head up fade ever happening sorry🤷🏾‍♂️😱😱😱

  6. This Generation u get into a street fight if you get knocked out best believe your opponent is going to continue to bash your face inside out while hes hearing you snoring😴👊

  7. Why would you stand and trade with that force of nature. I can see him going to boxing and doing the same thing over there.

  8. I don't get how elbows became an issue while 5 or 6 rabbit punches in a row is how people are expected to finish. UFC could use some rule changes.

  9. ngannou is a beast! i missed the him before the miocic fight. he was a confident guy. glad he’s back.

  10. This main event on Saturday is not going to the 2nd round. I’d be surprised if it goes 2, 100% not going to round 3. It’s gonna be about who can get the first clean shot in and GG

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