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  1. Very informative but he does cover the same ground as Rick's shows.
    I also find it difficult to sit through ÀNY presentation greater than 60 minutes, especially ones where so much information is given. It's a bit overwhelming. Steve himself seemed to run out of steam. Maybe focus on one region at a time, rather than trying to give us everything at once. This felt like a James Michener novel.

    Note to @ricksteves please continue the excellent work you're doing, but consider breaking these talks to 45-60 minutes.

  2. A carnet is a book and a carnet de dix is a booklet of ten metro tickets. Carnet doesn’t mean 10 of something. Otherwise excellent info.

  3. OH YES CASH ON HAND!!! We left hotel in wee hours to drive to the train station. Almost missed our train to Paris coz we didn’t have the right change for the toll and credit card didn’t work. We lucked out when a single soul was working in the office. We saw the lights on. After some running around in and out of the office, we were on our way. Whew!

  4. Your speech is awesome, but I am extremely disappointed because you did not talk very much about Brittany, or Gironde region which is also great. To sum up what is Brittany, I would say it is a mix of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and French cultures, a Celtic culture. We have our own language, flag, long history, etc… I think your summary is too cliché but I know that you wanted to be quick.
    Brittany is the 3rd most visited region in France after Paris and Provence. It's better than Normandy to be honest, and I fully understand that you prefer visiting Normandy because of the common history with the US.
    I hope you will travel there later and that you will make a special video about this awesome region !

  5. If you have no imagination or ability to plan for yourself and want to be herded around like a sheep, this is for you.

  6. 0:53 Orientation
    – 6:42 Waiters
    – 7:55 Trains
    – 9:50 Driving Tips
    – 10:45 Speed Cameras
    – 11:30 Gasoline/Petrol
    – 13:40 Accommodations
    – 18:00 Food and Restaurants

    24:55 Paris
    – 30:19 Museum Pass
    – 31:11 Lines!
    – 32:02 Getting around
    – 35:37 Sightseeing Suggestions / 4 Days in Paris

    54:10 Normandy & the Loire
    1:11:23 Dordogne & Languedoc
    1:23:25 Burgandy & the French Alps

  7. Having lived and worked in magical France, this fella knows exactly what he's talking about.
    He's one of the best public speakers I've ever heard.
    To talk for nearly 2 hours with no 'erm' and to keep me interested when I know most of this info already, is a great skill.
    Well done sir, you obviously love the country and Rick is blessed to have you on his team.
    Thank you for all your fantastic work, especially regarding France.

  8. France is a place full of history and a guide for Normandy and the day when the allies came in 44 is always welcome.

  9. We live and die by Rick Steve's books. We are fortunate enough to travel to Europe 4 or 5 times a year. We have never been steered wrong by his books. Lastly, France is an incredibly beautiful country to visit – top to bottom, east to west.

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