FOXES: Animals for children. Kids videos. Kindergarten | Preschool learning

Foxes are small mammals with an
orange coat and bushy tail their native to britain but can now be
found all over the world their distant relatives with dogs and
wolves but live in small family groups instead
of pacs and like all omnivores they can eat almost anything coming fox’s a great
hunters carefully Fox speaks up on its pre what a wonderful
sleep boxes have amazing hearing meaning they can
listen for pre under the snow with another great leap the box is able to hunt for mice deep
beneath the snow male fox’s a call dogs female fox’s called vixens and baby foxes are called
copes boxes have comfy burrows for homes here’s a small cup coming out every
borough doesn’t she have lovely Blackfeet and a
great very cold you know what noise a fox makes where they can make several they can you help Park growl and wine just like this the you that’s not a nice noises click on the videos above to see more be using animals and be sure to subscribe

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