Four Soul Conditions That Can Keep You From Freedom

Hi, my name is Jan McKee with Above & Beyond Christian Counseling I want to share with you
today four soul conditions that can keep you from your freedom in my experience
as a Christian counselor offering deliverance ministry services I have
observed patterns and common themes among those who struggled to walk in
freedom this isn’t an exhaustive list but some things that I observe regularly
with clients number one unforgiveness it’s a challenging roadblock to a
successful deliverance that might be unwillingness to forgive this is a
significant condition to our freedom since God’s Word is clear on this the
most notable Scripture dealing with God’s view on forgiveness is found in
Matthew 6:15 but if you do not forgive others their sins your father will not
forgive your sins believers know the importance of this
principle but sometimes fail to live it out then there are lesser known issues
that rise up as well which leads us to item number two apathy this condition
runs rampant in the modern American church culture there are many reasons
for this but we contend that our clients must come to the table hungry they must
really want to dig in and work as if their life was at stake the enemy of our
soul attacks on several fronts he messes with our mind and our emotions and many
are familiar with this battlefield of the mind concept but they do not realize
that the enemy will also try to go after part of our soul that fuels action and
intention that’s our will what’s a remedy for this I often try to
assess my clients desperation to determine if they are going to engage
I’ll ask them how badly do you want it are you willing to dig in and face your
pin surrender your will and seek God deliverance is not passive it’s not
someone going to bat for you where you just sit back and receive no need to be
expectant humble engaged and focused God will not override your will and
sometimes we’re choosing our pit more than we know item number three is
distraction there’s a saying that the devil can’t make me bad I’ll make it
busy misplaced priorities a culture that’s chaotic and materialistic and
conserve they can serve up preferences that stand in the way of what’s
essential in our lives technology literally rewires our brain
and steals our focus sometimes we fall into traps of striving approval and
performance trying to earn the support of others instead of building the margin
of rest and time with the Lord in our day I have clients that come and start
the process of getting free they seem energized focused and convinced that a
deliverance is on God’s agenda for them then life happens distraction devices
the enemy interfere and they drop off I do usually hear back from them when
things become more dire I will often have clients that come for help they are
troubled enough to want to begin the deliverance process then sometimes
something the rails them their schedule gets busy or if something else competes
for their attention however so many times they come back later even more
desperate and determined to overcome I call them at this point ripe for
deliverance when this is their mindset I think the enemy studies us just enough
to read into our actions he knows just how much he can get away with so it
plays on our determination at every opportunity and last on our list is
number four disobedience another blockage to a successful
deliverance happens when we fail to be doers of the word and we deceive
ourselves in James 1:22 speaks to this a lack of obedience will not only block
God’s blessings but our enemy uses legalism as the basis to attack us if we
agree with the lies of the enemy or fail to apply biblical principles for the
application of God intended the door for failure is open we need to be doers of
the word both in our faith for the promises of God and claiming our
inheritance as his children what shouldn’t look to God as our happiness
vending machine but he is a loving father who loves to give good gifts to
his children and like any parent that is especially true when they are good or
obedient if we’re honest we might read its word having some measure of faith
however there’s a level of expectancy we can have when we know we’re holding to
his word as much as possible it’s found in believers that know and
expect the promises of God for their lives
utterly surrendered to him as Lord of their lives and solidly grounded in
their identity in Christ these people do not just pray weak prayers they
expectantly declare God’s truth over their circumstances helping our clients
become doers of the word is often our starting point with them once they
understand their place in the spiritual realm they know how to move in accord
with the father of all spirits the experience his love for them his true
nature and this desire to see them free in Jesus name some clients have I’ve had
in the past had a clear sense of God’s calling on their life one believed she
was to engage in outreach and straight ministry the other was thinking of
becoming a leader in her searches small group ministry but felt and qualified
due to wounds of rejection by her husband and the inadequacies she felt as
a result they both disengaged at some point during their deliverance processes
one became busy and distracted and the other had some unforgiveness towards a
family member that she did not even deal with eventually though when they got
tired of losing ground to the enemy that both dealt with those things holding
them back and ultimately completed the process and I’m happy to report to you
both have moved forward and are thriving in their god-given destiny but above and
beyond we strive to identify potential roadblocks to our clients freedom
especially if they have blind spots in their own lives we can take someone
through deliverance but counseling and spiritual warfare are equal parts
exposing and dismantling the strategies of the enemy
and living out our identity and inheritance as God’s children

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