FOUND GAME MASTER while Escaping TOP SECRET Headquarters! (E2 Quadrant Date Reveal)

– Right now, we are at the Quadrant's top-secret quarters,
where we are hopefully going to go in, find the Game
Master and escape with him. – I found the key card. – Game Master wrote the code so we could get out.
– Get the card, get the cards. It's the Game Master. – [Game Master] Why did you come? – Hey ZamFam, it's Rebecca, and right now we have been trapped at the Quadrant's top-secret
quarters for over 24 hours, and we just found the Game
Master right over there. So right now, we are trying to break him out so we can escape. – Daniel, what do we do? – [Daniel] Let me take
a look at this lock. – Okay.
– Hold on. Let's see. Matt, do you remember in
the clue room you found that device with the fire on it? – Yeah, yeah. – Okay.
– This thing? – [Daniel] That, I think we can use that. – You think? – You're gonna use this as a
spy gadget to unlock the lock? – [Daniel] Exactly, I think
I can fry the lock open. – I'll switch you.
– Okay, here. – ZamFam smash the thumbs
up button right now, because hopefully this works,
and Daniel does it right, so we can get the Game Master, break him out and get an
escape out of here and stop E2. – Okay, ready, here we go. Okay, yeah. – Got it?
– It worked? It worked! – [Daniel] Get inside, get inside. Let me shut this, I'm going to shut this. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. We don't want anyone to
know we've been here. As of right now, the Quadrant
has no idea that we are here. Matt has the Quadrant
mask, and Daniel and I have been in black spy
clothes the whole time. Matt, this is so weird. – I know, we've got to
get him out of that. – Talking to the Game Master, okay. So, how long have you been here? – [Game Master] Couple weeks. – What do they want with you? – [Game Master] It's the
device, they need it for E2. Have you been in the clue room yet? – Yeah, the clue room. We saw clues in there but
we didn't know what… – What?
– The Quadrant is coming. You need to hide. – Okay, come on, come
on, come on, come on! – Daniel, you locked us back in. – [Daniel] Go, go, go, hide, hide, quick. Locked, locked.
– Look, tons of storage! Get behind the boxes,
get behind the boxes. – Behind, how?
– I don't know. – [Daniel] Hide, hide, hide, hide. – Let's see what we can see. – [Matt] They locked us in. – They locked us in, okay, come on. Daniel, can you see anything? – [Daniel] I'm gonna put
my camera through, hold on. – [Matt] What are they doing? – [Daniel] They're
putting handcuffs on him. – [Matt] How are we gonna get those off? – [Daniel] Oh no, how are we
gonna get him out of those? – [Rebecca] I have no idea. – [Daniel] They're bringing him out. Okay, okay, okay, okay, hide, hide, hide. Did you see that? The Game Master pointed at his wrist. – I think that's where they put the key. I saw the key for his handcuffs. – Oh, for the handcuffs.
– Oh, okay. – Exactly. – [Daniel] How are we gonna get that off? – I don't know, but we
need to break out of here. – We've gotta get out of
here, we're locked in. – [Daniel] Right, we
should've got the little. – The device.
– Yeah let me. – Yeah.
– Yeah, of course. – [Daniel] Let me see if that works. – Okay.
– Here, take this. – I got you. – This lock is different.
– What do you mean? – It's like there's no electric wiring for this that I can fry. It needs a physical key. – Okay, so we're trapped in
here until we find a key? – Yeah. I mean, the only key we saw was the ones that maybe
they have, I don't know. – They have, the Quadrant has the key. So, wait, are we trapped in here? – [Matt] We've gotta
look around for a key. – Look around. I mean,
there's not going to be any in here, right?
– No. Look, there's a key! – Over there, it's outside!
– How do we get that? – [Matt] Maybe we can use the boxes. – The boxes, Matt, how?
– Here Matt, I can take this. – I don't know, maybe we can break them down somehow, and
put them all together and then reach out to it and get them. – There was a string. Last time it was like an escape room and there was a magnet,
and we put a string and we got the key, but
the key was on the ground. This is the exact replica of
Stephen Sharer and his sister. What if that was all training? – For right now.
– For E2. The Game Master knew this
would possibly happen. – Wow, okay.
– Okay, so. – I don't see anything
anything in the boxes. – [Rebecca] Okay, it's like… – [Daniel] Yeah, the boxes are empty. – Plastic round things. – Plastic round things?
– I don't know. – There's like pipes, too? – Pipes?
– Yeah, it's like a PVC pipe. – [Daniel] Oh. – It looks like they're
using this room for storage. – Weird.
– Why would they put… Matt, hold on. – Oh, I see where you're going,
I see where you're going. – Right?
– Oh, okay. – They probably had no idea,
when they were using this as storage, that you could actually
use these to get the key. – [Daniel] Oh, okay, so
we've got to build this up. – Okay, let's see if that's long enough. – Yeah, let's see if we can reach it. Got to be quiet. – [Daniel] Ooh, almost. – Okay, so it needs maybe one more. – [Matt] Hold on Bec, I almost got it. – [Daniel} He's almost got
it, he's almost got it. – Just gotta, it's like.
– So close, so close. – Okay, I think we need something too, to get the key off the hook. This isn't gonna be enough. – Oh.
– Maybe here? – Yes.
– Okay? – [Daniel] Alright, try that. – Let me see. – Is there anything else down here, I'm gonna keep on looking around. – [Daniel] Okay. Go, try. – [Matt] Almost have it
Bec, you almost have it. – Almost.
– Oh, okay. – [Daniel] There it is. – Oh!
– Get it. – [Matt] Careful. Bec, you don't have the hook.
– Okay. – You need a hook.
– A hook? Okay, well where do we find a hook? – I have an idea. What if we took this one off right here. Moved this around, clip this right here. And we use this as a hook,
right here at the end? – Oh, okay, okay.
– Yeah, let's try that. Okay, Oh, Matt, I hope… – [Matt] If this doesn't work we can't afford to let this thing fall. – Smash the thumbs up button ZamFam. Do you think this is going to work? We have to try.
– So close. – Okay.
– So close. – [Rebecca] Maybe knock it up. Ready, three, two, one. – [Matt] Ah! – [Daniel] Almost there. – [Rebecca] Come on, Matt. – [Matt] I'm trying. – So close.
– Okay. Oh no! – [Rebecca] Okay, no, no, no. We can do this, look, come on, look. – [Daniel] We knocked it down. – [Rebecca] Yeah, we knocked
it down, that's perfect. – [Matt] Then we can drag it back. – [Rebecca] Exactly. – [Matt] Grab it. Put it like on top of it. – Okay
– There you go, almost got it. Drag it back, drag it
back, you're doing it. You're doing it, Bec. – [Daniel] Good job Rebecca. – [Matt] Go, now get it on the other side. Oh, yes!
– Okay. We got it.
– Yes! – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Daniel] Aren't they taking him in for questioning right now? – Yeah, we've got to hurry. – [Daniel] We've got to hurry, yeah. – [Rebecca] Hold on, if
I can do it down here, okay, Matt can you reach and grab it? – [Matt] Yeah, hold on. Got it
– Got it! He got it, ZamFam we got it! – Sorry, I got excited. – Yeah, so excited.
– Okay, okay, okay. – Do we even know if
this is the right key? – Well I'm hoping so,
– It has to be. – [Daniel] Why else would it be here? – Three, two, one. – We did it, we're out, look. Another lock. – Daniel.
– You know what? – These locks are the same,
they have the electrical wiring. I think we can fry it.
– Do you think it'll work? – [Daniel] Yeah, hold this. – [Rebecca] We need to get in there because they're interrogating
the Game Master. – Got it, got it, got it, here it goes. – What if they're making him
take a lie detector test? – The interrogation room's in here? – [Daniel] That's the
way they took him, right? – Yeah, this is where
the Game Master went. – I just hope it's close.
– Okay, be careful. – It's unlocked. – It's unlocked.
– Okay, be careful. – Daniel, you don't think they know how to make the lie detector mixture, do they? – [Daniel] Well they had that
vial up in the clue room. – [Daniel] Maybe they're learning how. – Yeah, maybe they're learning. – Let's get inside.
– Okay, get your mask. – I'll go in first?
– Yeah, let Matt go in. – Okay.
– Do I look okay? – It's unlocked – I don't have any gloves again. – [Daniel] Oh, man. – You've gotta cover your hands. Just get in. – [Matt] I'll tell you if it's clear. – [Daniel] Okay. There's the Game Master, what? – [Matt] Two-way mirror,
they can't see us. – Oh, it's a two-way mirror.
– They can't see us. – Exactly. – This is perfect, now
we can know exactly what questions the Quadrant's
asking the Game Master. – [Quadrant] You can only
hold out for so long. – There's a mic in there
too, we can hear everything. – Mid April, what is that? – That must be when E2's happening. Some time in mid April,
you guys, that's coming up. – That's so close. – The boxes, in the safe. – Yeah, we saw the two boxes
with two different codes, and then the Game Master also said the clue room was important. – Yeah.
– It might be in there. And they can't figure it out. – We've gotta get in there.
– Yeah. – They have all the answers,
but they don't know it yet. – He's not breaking. – That makes so much more sense. That's why they trapped him. They need him to operate the device. – Oh.
– For E2. – They're leaving, let's go. We've gotta hear what they're saying. – If the Hypnotist comes,
then the Game Master will tell them how to operate the device, and we won't be able to stop E2. – [Daniel] You're right. – Okay, they're coming, they're
coming, hide, hide, hide. We need to follow them, and you heard what the Game Master said, we've gotta get the keys, and we have to find those two devices. – Exactly.
– Okay, let's go. – [Daniel] Let's go. – He has the handcuff key. Do we have the device, Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah, I still have it, here. – Okay, let's go.
– Okay, use it again. – [Matt] The Game Master. – [Game Master] Don't forget
the two things I told you. – We're gonna get you out. – Alright, let's go. Where did they go? We need to find the handcuffs
for the Game Master, before he gets hypnotized. – Did you hear that? Oh, yeah. – [Rebecca] Is that the one with the key? – [Daniel] Yeah, I see
the key on the wrist. – Okay, so how do we get
the key off the wrist? – I have a plan, we're going in. – [Daniel] What are you going to do? – [Matt] I'm just going to bump into him, get the key, they won't even know. – [Daniel] Oh, okay.
– Okay. – [Matt] It's called the bump and run. – [Daniel] Okay. – We're gonna hide over
here so we can see it. Alright ZamFam, let me know if you think this is going to work. Right now Daniel, we're out of options. – I know.
– Okay. – [Matt] Excuse me? I think I found a clue
for the Game Master. It was hidden over here,
did you even see this? – [Matt] It's right
here, have you seen this? – [Matt] It was hidden right over here, you should check it out. – [Matt] You know what,
I might be mistaken. Carry on, I'm sorry to interrupt. – [Daniel] He got the key, he got the key. – Oh my gosh Matt, I can't
believe you did that. – I know. – So now we have the key for the handcuffs for the Game Master,
so we can get him out, but we still need the two devices, and the clues are in the clue room. – [Daniel] We're running
out of time though. – Okay. – Yeah, the Hypnotist is coming. – I think we need to split up, you guys. Maybe if Matt and I go down to the safe, we grab the devices, Daniel you can figure out the clues, we can communicate with our earpieces.
– [Daniel] Okay, yeah. So when you guys get to
the vault just radio me. I'll head to the clue room, let
you know when I'm there too. – Okay, well let's go, come on. – [Matt] Yeah, okay,
go, go, go, go, go, go! There's the vault, there's the vault. – Good.
– Daniel, are you almost to the clue room? – I just got into the clue room. I'm here right now. Okay, so what am I looking for, guys? – Okay, the first thing
is a five-digit word. – Five letter word? – [Rebecca] Yeah, five letters. Maybe it's in that treasure chest. – [Daniel] Yeah, I'm actually standing over the chest right now. – Maybe it's that, and
then there's another box and it's the one that smells like orange. – Orange, okay.
– Orange. – [Daniel] Orange, orange, okay. What should I focus on first? I'm here, should I go to the chest, or should I figure out orange? – Maybe the treasure chest first. – [Daniel] Okay, okay, I'm over the treasure chest right now. – Okay ZamFam, we'll need
your help, so look for… – [Matt] The power just went out. – The power?
– The power just went out. – [Daniel] The power went out. – [Rebecca] The power's out? – [Daniel] The power went out over here. – ZamFam we need your
help finding those clues. I don't want this to turn into
another challenge overnight, ZamFam please go look for
the clues in the clue room!

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