FOUND GAME MASTER SPY at Abandoned SAFE HOUSE with STEPHEN SHARER! (Secret tracker device found)

Haizi if it is Rebecca and we are back here in Los Angeles so I saw in my last video that I was somehow hypnotized by the gamemaster and then I have the Thai Stephen share in an abandoned treehouse what he's doing what just happened the last thing that I remember is that I was in a pool after jumping 20 feet high and I have no idea why I did that you guys also know that while at the mansion myself and seven other youtube channels including the matter Rebecca channel received a message from projects for ago did you guys get a text message yes projects so we thought that projects are go in the gamemaster we're working together but after solving the different clues on each of the different channels and putting them together you guys helped us spell the phrase that the gamemaster wanted us to figure out in that spell I am NOT projects or go I am the game master so now it seems like projects or go and the game master aren't working together and I don't feel safe here so I'm gonna be going to a safe house in Los Angeles with even shares so we can get all this stuff figured out and so him and I can both get Dee hypnotized I honestly do not trust any of the other youtubers that were at the mansion except for Steven share because I think they might be working with the gamemaster for a projects or go and I'm just really confused wait is Chad wild clay FaceTime to me right now what should i do what do i I'm an answer just don't say anything good okay okay going you guys well moons it good but I'm trying to track down speech error but anywhere do you know where he is no no I haven't seen him since the mansion Matt viana doesn't know either so she's not with you yeah he's not with me right now yeah we're a home we're just gonna be probably just hanging out and I'm a few appointments I have to get to today and just like relaxing no no maybe maybe yeah okay yeah yeah we can we'll definitely do that but we'll probably just like be hanging out here just relaxing okay okay by the I chair it okay so that FaceTime call with Chad and female even more suspicious I think I'm going to try to get a disguise on so no one can tell who I am while I'm out in public all right Sam Sam time to get a disguise what do you find a thing for wigs yeah I've used these weights before look there's even this bag that looks too fake look at shape what's that one right there down that could be mine maybe okay kind of thinking about doing this pink wig comment below if you think I should dye my hair pink like this some comment below okay I'm gonna keep these weights down how many dresses sunglasses and we're gonna head out Rebecca these are pretty bad I know but we just need these until we get to the safe house oh this is gonna have to work Matt at least the gamemaster won't be able to recognize nice feel like I'm on an episode of scooby-doo maybe not the best disguises but at least the game master won't be able to see us and you can take them off as soon as we get to the safe house or Steven chair and reshare army so let's go right Hamptons so we're here at the spy shop to get some spy equipment so we can make sure that the gamemaster cannot find us whatsoever and to make sure he does not get into this like I think and now we're heading to the safe house to meet up with Stephen chair great share and we get on hypnotized even share increase share should be inside we have a passcode that we have to do so they know it's us so back in master you you're safe yeah there's that all right that's like you're here oh you guys so many things will show you guys okay well I actually have some more gear I'm going to check out the whole house Wow like this teeth house is so cool yeah perfect so what word did you guys end up getting master right yeah you guys remember seen the rainbow yeah yeah so that was the order I guess someone got read someone bought words and when you put it together it said I am NOT project Zora go I am The Game Master oh whoa two different people yeah it might be I mean I have no idea I think it might be one of the youtubers that were with us could be so there's like Carter share Lizzie share you guys Chad wild clay Weebly Carl and ginger yeah so I don't know I feel like it might be that's been really suspicious really he really has and he really has been trying to figure out where we're at at all times which i think is seen as well where others see fellas no no no I said we work together I said I didn't know where you guys work yeah but you guys I got a tennis spy gadget so I want you guys to come over yeah one I want to really try right now just to show you guys what it does and basically you spray this on an envelope and you could see the writing inside without poking in the envelope yeah what does that work so I guess it's like the gamemaster sent us something and we didn't want to open it we could just test it and see if or if we wanted to know if it was from the gamemaster we could actually spray this on this you can literally read there is like there's like a carrot it's a coupon and stuff let us know xanthium in the comment section below if you want us to show you all my gosh it is that we got and if you want us to do a video with them yeah maybe we would like capture the gamemaster that way yeah the thing that we definitely need today Matt Matt God is this it's most commonly used as a metal detector but in this case we can actually see if there's any bugs yeah so we basically need to make sure nobody bugged while we're here at the safe house you don't think the safe house the stage I don't know I think we're at that point we just so Sam Pham you guys know I might have been hypnotized by the gamemaster and same with Steven and so we have a professional hypnotist coming that I called and hopefully he's gonna help figure out why we act the way we do I think I should actually you start checking you guys here first to Steven you with yes we're just sure the keymaster know you're here something in my phone what is that it's a little mini tracking device it's so tiny it's a destroyer we're gonna destroy it okay first though Ricky was leading – oh my gosh is this how the game masters been tracking us do you think the game master knows we're here I'll take your ring off have you had this on the whole time no she's got one – oh very good tract oh my gosh I'm going to go destroy ball – these tracking devices the mini jackal prices and warmed anomaly because I looked throughout the whole property and see if I can find a surveillance actually set up some surveillance and this house is completely safe okay and we'll get set up so we can get to you at the time okay all right so are you ready to get Dee hypnotized how does this even work she had recommended this hypnotist and basically they can t hypnotize you if you've been hypnotized so they can figure out what the trigger word what we chive did didn't you just say he faced I'm doing was acting weird yeah but she gave me the info at CVX and I feel like it's not related so wait I think they're there hello are you are you the hypnotist come on hey thanks for coming her bike there long you tell me what happened um I guess it started when I was exploring underground my house and I think the gamemaster lived there he trapped me I ended up in a warehouse I don't really remember anything and then I ended up jumping into it how did you watch the video case a watched it on a web like a laptop yeah I found that laptop in the treehouse oh yeah so what made you think that you were well I opened it in the treehouse and then some video started playing and all I remember is that oh wait so both of you watched a video on a laptop yes I have a very strong feeling laptop is the keyword wait you have to test them before you know the keyword and why aren't they reacting to the more laptop right now I'm the professional here you just have to listen to trust me are you both ready yeah yeah wait guys I'm actually writing like you think this is a good idea I mean yeah we have to get the human it dies I don't want to work for the gamemaster yeah we've got to do it this is our only choice yeah thank you guys – close your eyes listen to just the sound of my voice I want you to visualize a laptop do you see the laptop yeah okay at the count of three I want you to visualize the laptop closing ready one two three is a laptop clothes yes now that you're listening to just the sound of my voice we're going to play a little game we're going to figure out the code in your brain starting counting down from 10 are you both ready yes 10 9 8 7 remember we're playing a game the both playing a game full remember you are the masters of your brand you're the master of your own how do you both feel yeah it's another meeting I need to get to but I'm glad that I tell people thank you what wait that was it how do we know you guys are d hypnotized I guess I think it were good I feel better well if the word was laptop then it seems like it worked right I can't shut the laptop and even do it the proper way you didn't test the keyword did you guys even pay him no I didn't know he just got up like what yeah and the gamemaster showed up you

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  1. Why do you not trust Chad wild clay EnV quaint they are not project zorgo are the Gamemaster they are trying to stop project zorgo from hacking VidCon and I saw it on their Channel they are not project zorgo they are trying to stop project zorgo they're not working what project zorgo they're trying to stop Pockets

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