Former Kiss Rocker Gene Simmons Talks About His New Book, ‘On Power’ | TODAY

71 thoughts on “Former Kiss Rocker Gene Simmons Talks About His New Book, ‘On Power’ | TODAY”

  1. They need to relax a little. I get their job is to stir a situation but let him finish speaking. I don’t see his statements as being too wrong. Although I will say that women and our appearances can give us a helping hand or knock us off completely. It’s not a sure thing

  2. Gene Simmons is a very intelligent man if you ever listen to him about his life ect…Very interesting his is a man of knowledge.

  3. I am sick of these celebrities pretending that they wrote their own books… give me a break. What he hasn’t made enough $ off of us regular people? I give him credit for Kiss, but it takes a lot to write a book.

  4. Kind of ironic that these women are all made up and one has had plastic surgery but they are complaining about looks being important.

  5. Shocked Gene is right here on all points. Too much cut the crap reality for the bot ladies and brain dead demographic? Yeah.

  6. That was funny when he says, "I`m on your side!" He keeps cool when these ladies get confrontational with him.

  7. It's weird because in the book, he never mentions owning an LLC or any other real substantial business ideas. It is really just a book about powerful personalities and how they acquired that power. It's actually a pretty decent book as a sort of motivational piece, but there is really little solid business advice.

  8. Hahaha. The title says it all!! So they've finally hung up their wigs and put down their lippy? Thank goodness!

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