Former CIA Agent Teaches Self Defense

what about biggest concerns as a husband as a father and a father is the safety of my girls I've always said knowing how to properly defend yourself is the key to saving your life back by popular demand is former CIA agent Jason Hanson to share ways you can protect yourself in unexpected situations how you feeling man I'm fantastic still good to see you thank you I'm gonna show you four basic self-defense moves anybody can do them so I don't take any training at all okay I love that now we have a very special assistant today this is my daughter Georgia how you doin Georgia alright first move is called a down slap down slap down slap bad guys approach me you want to put your hands out right obviously so doesn't get close to you but as he keeps coming he know something's gonna happen you call it a double face yeah exactly your your hand is already out there so you don't have to reach far and it's totally that's really sudden I'm side and you're like right in the middle sentence anywhere like it may break his nose but more importantly it could save your life yeah so I think Georgia if you want it you know all you're doing is slapping down super hard on the face whenever you're going to go on that side cuz you're right-handed right yeah I get out of the way or not yeah you listen to me you down slap that cell phone right [Applause] again yeah why not oh now he's wide down slap what else we got coach all right next one is called Dracula so I mean I had two Dracula Dracula so it's called Dracula because one it's a quick elbow to the face but it's the move that Dracula does what he throws his cape so if I go like this that's Dracula I'm protecting my face but if I'm sitting here with this guy and I go out there oh he's taking an elbow to the face so do the track you let you know elbow the guy in the face that way he can't attack you're harm you okay you have to come back on this side can you ask can you ask the person who's attacking but you might standing to the left a little bit it's like you're pulling drag to this cave right in front of your face very exact you let him okay so I go like this yes yeah Drac aminos sir macula hem yeah now here's here's another benefit of the Dracula and why I'm putting on these boxing gloves right now or at least attempting to is if you Dracula you're protecting your entire face yes so if you put that up right now either of you and I sit there I can't get it yeah hey why you give me that are perfectly blocked yeah okay it's like punching a brick wall yeah so fight do this barehanded I could easily break my here sure sure just what you want the bad guy to do it right I like that I'm gonna just walk I might even do my show like this what do we have next all right throat strike Oh Shiro is very vulnerable it doesn't matter how big or strong you are you can't protect your throat right so if you take your hand and just go to the bottom and push it on each of your throats yeah feel how sensitive it is they're gonna choke or throw a lot sure but instead of punching straight out cuz again we don't want to injure our ownselves you do a hammer fist so if I go here oh that's that's gonna take him out that's gonna give you a chance to escape a safety yeah yeah yeah just quick to the throats it will hurt like living daylight to give you a chance to get a while see you know what she can punch you want to see no well hold your hand up you want to nail it no you want to do it look a little I taught her how to do this already now like you member how to get you remember your stance got all that don't go easy on him he's in the CIA and I'm gonna he's gonna series be ready to ready oh yeah yeah why are we punching means yeah Bob that's what I wanted yeah yeah yeah you have one more yeah so very last one is the eye gouge the what the eye gap okay so how does that just like the throat no matter how big and strong can't protect your eyes right so a lot of people think you're supposed to use your finger but you can injure your finger of course you can miss right instead flap use the thumbs so when you slap the side of the face the thumbs naturally find the eye sockets and then you just drive them in like that and then again you get to run away and be safe well the bad guys on the ground so boom boom and he's gone Jason I got to tell you you know we're joking around a lot this this isn't that funny stuff and this is really valuable information to have I'm gonna try to remember this you can remember this stuff I'll try yeah we'll never have to use it but yes it's easy to do I mean slapping you're gouging anybody can remember that right no that's good stuff now we're not done yet when we come back Jason has one last CIA secret to share on how you can protect yourself so stay with us folks

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