Food Fraud and Quality Knowledge Centre

Are you sure the olive oil you have bought comes from the region indicated on the label? Or that the fish in your plate is what you have ordered? What information helps you decide what to buy? Food fraud is the violation of EU food law with the intention to deceive consumers for financial gain. Every year food fraud costs between eight and twelve billion euros in damages to the industry. It causes consumers to lose trust in what they buy and harms the reputation of honest businesses. Food fraud may also pose a health risk to consumers, for instance when cheaper allergenic ingredients substitute expensive ones. The Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality investigates these issues and helps to ensure food authenticity and quality in the EU. We collect, validate and disseminate knowledge and make it available to EU policymakers regulating the food-feed chain, to competent authorities in European countries and to citizens. To do this: we create databases containing the composition of food products, such as wine and honey. We set up networks of experts to collect and disseminate knowledge. We help to introduce science into policymaking. We develop and harmonise analytical methods to check product authenticity and quality. Find out more about the Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality.

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