Food Crises ,Food Pantries and the Middle Class

didn’t you’re working on my food and I
really started to think about stuff I did a poll on my channel and I asked the
percentage of people who feel like there are higher middle or lower income and
it’s unanimous that most of them feel like they’re lower income and then I
asked how many people lived in a bubble home once in their life or lived in it
now and it was unanimous that they lived in a mobile home at one time in their
life but as Americans there’s a great big population that’s falling through
the cracks and what do I mean by that well there’s a lot of us who make too
much money that we can’t get food stamps but yet when the taxes all come off and
everything we’re much lower income than the low income people there’s a lot of
us out there that can’t afford health insurance there’s a lot of us that don’t
get government assistance but yet we have lower income than the low income
people or just as low and as I go through these cans of food from the food
pantry I’m really reminded how the food pantry is something that is a
life-sustaining source for so many people think about it a lot of people
can’t get food stamps now I know in different states the food stamps are
very different here in Pennsylvania the food stamps are pretty high especially
if you have a family but having a food pantry to be able to go to it’s such a
blessing to people like me because the taxes come off there’s really nothing
much left think about this even my youtube even my youtube income I get a
lot of taxes that have to come on that and by the time the taxes come off
there’s not much left yes we’re living off of my YouTube
income and yes we are low income but I have to pay taxes on my videos I’ve got
to make taxes on making an living on YouTube but the food pantry has been
it’s such a blessing to me because this is one expense we really don’t have to
spend much on because it’s food that I can get and I’m not taking it from
anybody else because this is what’s left this was the nitty gritty that was left
after people King a lot of the people that come to these food pantries also
get food stamps so they get the majority of food from the food stamps but then
they come here and they just get a little bit of this and that but for
someone like me who can’t get food stamps I don’t have any dependents
living at the home it’s just me and my hobby this has been amazing shudder to
think what’s gonna happen in another five or ten years I mean what’s gonna
happen if we don’t have any food pantries my food pantry is church owned
and it’s Church operated so the local church is what’s helping all of us I
mean cabbage like this for some reason here I can’t grow cabbage whenever I try
to its bugs come after it or it doesn’t want to grow and I like cabbage but even
at their local grocery store they wanted 69 cents a pound
well this cabbage here is a good five pounds I don’t have that kind of money
to be buying cabbage but because of my church pantry I’m able to go there and
I’m able to get whatever is left I know I have a really unique situation because
once a month this food comes from the local pantries and what’s left they give
to us and then what we don’t take of course you know goes to the local farmer
or goes something like this to a landfill you know I’m really starting to
enjoy foods from all different kinds of countries I mean because this food
nobody wanted because it was something very different and even I am gonna have
to figure out how to make it but how many other Americans are like me and
we’ve fallen through the cracks because you don’t have government assistance but
yet we have a need a real need and that’s where our local churches come in
so many people watched my video above me right here right here
well I talked about how you can get free food a lot of people did what I told him
to do they went to their local area they searched on the internet and they found
their food pantries and you know what I know at least six people that are doing
what I do and actually are able to glean carloads of food every month and it’s
keeping it out of the landfill so what’s going to happen to people like me and
what’s gonna happen to people that do have government assistance
I do believe a time is coming where we might not have it anymore or not have
near as much of it our government our world the United States is broke it’s
broke we’re living on borrowed money and on
borrowed time how many Americans are broke how do you know how many of us
have to rely on something like this I’m stocking up now and I’m preserving my
food now because I know someday there won’t be a food pantry for me a lot of
people don’t want to think about it they want to bury their head in the sand and
they want to just not worry about it because they say there’s always going to
be there’s always going to be charity and places that will help and that is
true but you know what what if there’s always that what if but it’s not to put
fear in people’s hearts it’s not to put fear in people Oh
all of these prepping channels that want to put fear and say doomsday is coming
no not at all in fact it’s internet sure I see it as an adventure because I’m
taking food that people never heard of and I’m gonna see what I can do with it
– kids adventure to me it’s not a hardship I’m very thankful for this
opportunity to be able to come on here and have the food pantry and share my
food pantry videos with all of you I can’t begin to tell you how many people
have talked to me about the food pantry and how it saved them and it’s really
helped them but they’re not just thinking about having the food pantry
for month-to-month they’re starting to get the mindset of Tessy they’re
starting to say you know what Tessie I’m thinking like you I’m thinking what can
I get at the food pantry that I can put in
my prepping closet that’s right you’re prepping closet you know you don’t have
to have a room you don’t have to have a large house you don’t have to have a
basement you can turn any area no matter where you live even if you live in a
tiny house you can turn that into a space where you can prep a lot of women
are telling me that they don’t have a trim but they have a closet they took
out some of their old clothing and they’re making a prepping closet and you
know what they’re prepping with pantry food pantry food odds-and-ends
a pantry food and learning to make this food and learning how to eat this food
you don’t have a choice when you go to a pantry and choose what you get at the
pantry some people can find their favorite foods there while other people
find food like me and they have no idea what it is but they’re learning and so
you take the food you learn how to make it and you learn how to cook it and you
learn how to prep with it so my friends I hope this video helps you to learn how
to prep and you don’t have to go out to the grocery store if you’re someone like
me and go to a food pantry use that food pantry to do your prepping don’t just
get what you need for the day or the week or the month look long-term my
friends think about it what happens if your local food pantry was closed next
month what would you have to provide so I hope you enjoy these videos and I hope
he gave you something to think about you know as Americans it’s not to be
fear it’s to be better and so we turn these things that we see in the
headlines and turn all this negative news and we turn it into something that
we can learn from it and we can use it to better our lives this food pantry has
bettered my life and it also better my life because I can make videos and share
with you in tangible ways how you can make a difference and you can be in your
own life you can be a positive force everyone will see you guys tomorrow

100 thoughts on “Food Crises ,Food Pantries and the Middle Class”

  1. Tessie, you are very wise and blessed. Thank you for your videos and all the ideas. Also all the ideas in the comments. What one person thinks of another may not have and it will help that person out. Everyone’s situation is different but sometimes the solution is the same. We do what we can. We sell things from around our house on eBay to help get things we need. We just sold a Christmas stocking and a coordinating little pillow. Also a microwave bacon pan. We weren’t using them. I don’t think we ever used them. So started going through stuff and gave some away, sold some and repurposed some things. I take mom around part of the neighborhood in the wheelchair and we find all kinds of things – clothes, sheets, chairs (I think we have enough chairs to start a church lol), flower pots – we have eggplant, basil, tomatoes green onions etc. growing in the pots we found, tables, games, toys, blenders, hand mixers, toasters, dishes, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, on and on. We may not find much food but the other things make up for it. We make it fun. My hubby is amazed at what I can carry on the back of that wheelchair. Lol.
    We also pick up the newspapers for people that are out of town and we can have the coupons.
    We also keep an eye out and have had to call the police a few times. Mom has dementia so she can’t do much. She is on hospice which helps with meds, supplies, lotion, shampoo, adult underwear etc. & a Home health aide 3 times a week for an hour. She also gets checked by a nurse once a week. It also keeps her out of the hospital – she fell one day and they did the x-rays right here at our house. Thank God nothing was broken just a little bruise and soreness.
    We had to do a lot of our own research to find some help. Finally her health insurance sent a social worker that really helped us out. We have told people in our neighborhood to start there and see what help they can get.
    We live in a small older house. We make it work. It gets a little crowded with a wheelchair, hospital bed, oxygen concentrator and tank, etc.
    We have an old car and my dad’s old truck for transportation. Mom can’t get in and out of the car so when she needs to go someplace we have a section of our public transportation system that for $3 one way we both can ride and it’s equipped with the wheelchair ramp so she doesn’t have to get in and out of the wheelchair. Not sure if any of this will help anyone. We just do what we can do.
    We stock up on food when we can. A little at a time adds up.
    God bless all and again love your videos.
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. I was just talking to a young mother of 2. She works 30hrs wk $300 take home). So just over $1200mo for rent, utilities, personal care & paper products. Food is from where ever she can get it. Several of us will be helping her, so she can graduate from trade school this spring .. Our larder is shared and their pantry full. 💕 Give a hand up, not a hand out.

  3. Good evening Tessie, Here is something most people don't know. Grocery stores pull their produce every week. Years ago when we were gardening a lot I contacted 4 of our local grocery stores and ask the managers about the produce they pull and throw away.
    The managers I spoke with told me the days they pulled their produce. They all said they would put it in boxes and set it be side the dumpsters for me on those days. When I first spoke with them it was about putting it in my compost bins.
    After the first run to pick up the produce I found there wasn't anything wrong with the food, Maybe some of the outside leaves on the lettuce or cabbage was a little worst from wear or the tomatoes might have a bruise or something.
    The stores just can't keep the fresh produce past so many days and they have to pull and discard it.
    So, I called the managers back and ask them why didn't they donated all the pulled produce to the Salvation Army and the local soup kitchen? They told me by law they couldn't do it. And either place wanted to claim the produce that was set be side the dumpsters even after they were offered to do it for them.
    I ask them if it would be alright if we ate some of it? The managers said I could do whatever I wanted to with it. They freely set it outside and anyone that wanted it could have it for whatever purpose they wanted it for.
    So, for a few months we picked up the pulled produce and saved some of it, gave some away and composted a ton or more.
    I would like to share this with those people out there that can't get the government help they need or just are scraping by to call the grocery stores in their area and ask them about the pulled produce. Stores also pull all the frozen products the week of the the best by dates. Example if a frozen pizza had a Best By Date of say Friday they will pull the pizzas that will reach that date as far as a week before that dates is reached. If people don't ask stores then there is Nothing ventured nothing gained. Wouldn't hurt to ask, they might say no and they might say yes.
    I know there are youtube videos about dumpster diving in grocery stores and Walmart's dumpsters that the people load pickups full. It seems it would be best in the fall and winter months because the food doesn't spoil.

  4. Today it seemed like there was a person begging for money on every corner-I was taking some food-boxes of cereal ect & a man drove up with 2 kids & a wife & said “what are you going to do with that food? It makes me nervous seeing all these people❤️

  5. About the income, I can tell you a story… 🙂 Back in the day I (first half of the nineties) I was working in a factory for a salary that was 50 gulden (approx 25 dollar) more than the social minimum. When you're living on the social minimum income, you get tax support to pay your rent, you don't have to pay local taxes (for the garbage), when your washing machine was broken or wanted a day to a zoo you could declared it, oh and if you were living for a few years on that kind of money you get once in a year a few hundred bucks (i'm feeling pity for you bonus). But with that 50 gulden more, the situation was different. The tax support for renting a home was reduced with 50 gulden, and the local taxes was reduced but still you have to pay it and all the other stuff was gone. Half way the nineties, the factory went almost bankrupt and 11 people (including me) were fired, I can tell you that it was a relief, I really liked my job but the idea of having more money to spend was a good band aid 😉

    About the cabbage. Cabbage needs a lot of fertilizer (from the chicken coup is excellent, because there is some calcium in it too). Over here we have those nasty butterflies and their evil kids too, but an inexpensive net keep them out (or you can spray them with nettle tea).

    When it comes to a pantry, I can show you mine (partial, because my back isn't that good at this moment). Behind every row there are 2 rows more with cans. Oh and the 2 pans are stuffed with things in plastic bags (like peas and flower for example), and the bottle of whiskey is for the moment that the pantry is empty and I don't have a dime left to buy any food 😛

  6. Or you don't get enough food stamps to survive each month. Our food pantry keeps every thing they can in the freezer. So they don't give it away. They just keep it until they give it away. People on Medicare and Medicaid do not get much in food stamps or other help. We struggle ourselves as I am on disability and my partner is trying get on disability and has been trying for over 2 years. People with money just don't understand.

  7. Tessie: watching your videos I often wonder what is going to happen to you later in life when you're getting older and you can't do all the work you are doing for yourself now. I am alone and I have to pay cash for the smallest help, like shoveling snow or yard work. I rely on my social security check for most of my needs. I hope that the taxes that you are paying on your You Tube videos will guarantee you a monthly social security check at the very least. Especially, if l understand you correctly, that your husband is older than you are. It is so hard when you are a widow and alone. Take care of yourself. You are a very beautiful person. Inside and out.

  8. Hi I'm a disabled widow raising 2 grandchildren now for 9 yrs. My 9nly income is Social Security. I get no child support. There's 3 9f us n I get 22 dollars to feed these kids with. I don't understand how they figure it but it really sucks. We stop doing Christmas birthday all of that. I just can't afford it. I'm struggling to pay my house taxes. I can't even buy myself a pair of socks. We gave up tv 5 yrs ago . I have to say after watching your show it helped me to save a bit more . I already turn my breakers off to hot water washer dryer n stove which makes my electric bill 70 to 80 a month. I turn of the air condition as well. Don't use it. Now we go to bed on school n at dark 7:30pm well I went n bought 2 oil lamps n I'm looking for more. And this will enable me to turn all switches off except for refr8dge. This will make lites even cheaper! Thank you my friend!

  9. Good video Tessie. My local food pantry is operated by a church, and they will only do monthly baskets. They will not distribute and leftover or “expired” food. So much goes to waste when people are in need. Thank you for bringing awareness to this issue!

  10. Wow I had a flashback in Wisconsin I remember the huge fields of cabbage long rows very pretty but oh my goodness after the fields are picked and the cabbage that is left rots it was such an awful stench I've lived in several trailers and we make to much for help but not enough to pay our bills prescriptions and medical Bills I have a 30$a week grocery budget with a stick no sodium diet hard yes but we make it great video again just love you have a wonderful and blessed day hi owen heehee thought I'd sneak that one in

  11. The need is GREAT! I can't stand the thought of people going hungry especially CHILDREN. My family is blessed with a very good income so I take it as my responsibility to help people. Sometimes it is so very hard to help. I contacted 2 of my kids teachers and asked if I could pay off the negative lunch balances for the entire class. The teachers looked into it and were told it was impossible. There is so much bureaucracy, so much red tape, so much fear over lawsuits. Then I reached out to each of my children's 3 schools and asked what was needed for the school food and personal hygiene closets that the schools have. I didn't hear back from any school! So it is frustrating to want to do something sometimes. My son's high school has quite a few homeless kids. They have a washer and dryer at school and showers etc. I decided the day after Christmas I will go to Walmart and buy a lot of their personal hygiene gifts sets 50% off and donate. I am just guessing that teenagers really care about smelling good and looking good. I thought some nice gift sets would be special. Not sure but just trying to do something to help the kids that my kids go to school with everyday.

    God bless! I am so happy you get all that food!


  12. Good Morning, Dear Tessie 💞
    Happy Monday 🌻 🌞 💟
    Hope you and Kenny are doing well 😊 🌼 🌻
    Thank you so much for the video is very informative ❤

    I too prepping for a while now,we are in a hurricane area zone, also looking forward to
    starting my garden again in Spring time in zone 8A and 8B 🌹🌸❤

    Have a great and blessing day you and Kenny 💟 God bless you both 💞
    I Love you my Dear Sister Tessie 💞 🌼 🌹

  13. Tessie, I think real soon, people who would have never dreamed they would even set foot in a Food Pantry, will be depending on them. You give people so many great ideas on how to pinch those pennies ! I love reading the comments when you do these videos.

  14. We are considered middle class but healthcare is killing us! My husband is on Medicare but I have to pay $685/month for mine. And this is for a $6600 deductible. I'm healthy and on no medications. We grow most of our own food and I have a pantry.

  15. My 24 yr old handicap son gets foodstamps,he has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and can only move his fingers nothing else…
    He got a small raise in his disability starting in January, then got a letter stating his food stamps would be going down making him make actually 4$ less per month than he DoD before..
    Tell me how that is a raise??
    I wonder about the future of America….
    I think we all need to do some form of prepping..
    God bless you Tessie for yet it to help people…💞💞💞

  16. So true. We have our own business and I’m sick and can’t afford health ins. But govt says we make to much so we have to pay out of pocket. Most of our money goes to workers paychecks every wk and then in materials. The workers get all sorts of help. We feel like we are on a hamster wheel and very tired.

  17. New Hampshire has a population that falls through the cracks. Some are seniors on fixed income. Some are families with minimum wage jobs. They may have to decide between winter fuel or food. Jim & I will both be over 70 in 2020. Jim works full time on our family farm. I work part-time outside the farm. I help out on the farm, but do not want to pull a wage. Our farm falls into the 1% class of working family farms in the USA. It keeps us going and does contribute to the local community. You are correct Tessie, managing your family budget has become a full time job. It is wise to have a pantry. Buy in bulk with friends/ family/neighbors. Even though we are stretched financially, we are asked to contribute to food pantries, buy school supplies and snacks, and more. Keep sending out your message Tessie.

  18. When you shop, use coupons when you can! I use quite a few different ones to help money go further. Try the ibotta money saving app if you haven't already – it is a lifesaver and it doesn't take much time to use. Here's a link in case you want to check it out:

  19. I'm glad you mentioned the strain on middle- class families. It's absolutely true. They set the income eligibility so low that the majority do not qualify. It can get very stressful, especially in a winter climate. Do you pay for heat or food.

  20. If your having a problem with garden bugs use dish soap mainly Dawn dish soap and baking soda mix and spray it on to your plants mixed with water. They don't like the taste of soap and it won't harm your plants. Only do this in the evening not morning or heat of the day you will burn ur plants but when you water them it will rinse off and then you will have to apply again if you start to see them again. I live in a mobal home and i love our trailer. ✌❤

  21. I have been blessed with a home that has no payment. I have been prepping. Putting things back. I have been canning. Made stew last night that came from my pantry. It was nice. Still looking for things to can!!! Thanks for the video!!! Love you sweet girl!

  22. We are middle income, still struggling, used to live in a mobile home and now looking for one to buy. Tessie, let's all pray that everything just gets better.

  23. We always have a garden, even growing inside for greens, this is such a blessing that we can grow food from the earth! God is so good….and you can preserve and store that food! And chickens, awesome–this is where with a little feed and care, you can get more food, this is where it's at! Yes, Tessie, learning how to preserve and use and rotate food! You're awesome, girl! We love you out here in MN 🙂 Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN 🙂

  24. Tessie I'm going in 30 minutes to a church to gleem food nobody wants n Thank u because you've taught this 62 yr old woman how to make me food for the month.LOVE. HUGS. PRAYERS N MORE🙏🙏😄💖💖🌹

  25. How do u find the food pantries and how do u start getting it ? I hv never gotten it because I was not sure the rules or where to go . And u touched on health insurance, do u know a health insurance company that is reasonable to pay for out of pocket while not employed – like u said we make too much money to be eligible for benefits

  26. Yes, I am in the Fall Through the Cracks category. Where I live, we have the Greater Boston Food Bank. This is a huge operation, supported by the many supermarket warehouses. They receive tons of food. Our local churches who have a food pantry, almost entirely drive a truck into the Boston food bank and load up on supplies, bringing them back to the church. Then, the church volunteers sort and stack the items for the food pantry days, which range from once a month, to twice a month, usually. There is a real surplus that is donated to the huge food bank, and it now goes out to all of these communities and is used well, not wasted. Some of the churches also give out food which has been donated by their members; but for the most part, if they have access, and a truck, they sign up to go to the huge city food bank and load up on tons of supplies each week, or every other week.

  27. I so wish we had food pantrys here . Our food banks? (Ont canada) leave those I know that go? Depleted. 3 days of food they call it. I'm very thrifty, resourceful..I tried to help my friend put a frugal meal together. I felt her desperation. I feel for those that depend on our foodbanks

  28. I make 22 an hour and I’m broke lol. After bills and expenses there’s not much left over. The economy sucks. Housing costs suck. I’m even worried about when I retire if there’s even going to be social security left anymore. I’m saving while I can.

  29. I love your raw truth. food is priced for the rich and food stamp users. those who fall through the cracks really suffer because If this. the pantry helps set that bar straight. the stores get to write off the pantry donations, that are expired goods or close to expire. for food that's way over priced to begin with. it's all a big scam. shame on anyone judging. if your not in anyone's position please do not judge. I don't believe food stamp program a waste of my tax dollars. I see many useless government officials and programs wasting way more than the stamp program provides. it's one of the few programs using tax $$ as it's intended.

  30. Your video is so true. We are a family of 4 with another of Gods blessings due in july 2020. Though my husband makes a decent wage, after taxes and living expenses money is super tight for our food budget. We end up having to buy cheap more processed goods over healthier options because it's just to expensive. Food prices have skyrocketed. Even for a gallon of milk we are paying $2.58. Where it used to be 1.28. I tend to look at my babies and worry what it will be like when they are buying groceries for their families. Food should not cost so much when its needed to survive. Yet it's to the point that if you can't afford food it's like the government is saying you shouldn't survive. This economy is going to hell in a hand basket and it seems we are special delivering ourselves there. What you said needed to be said. I wish more people had the courage to speak the truth. Thank you tessie

  31. Greetings Tessie..having children to claim gives people a real break..but what happens when you have no children but the same household bills?..the middle class is dying out.. either your rich or your poor.. food pantries can only do so much..they can only give what's given to stamp cuts are coming once again this year and it only hurts the work requirements for people who already can't work such as the disabled and children, mother's with no childcare.. people just assume that people who get food stamps don't work anyway and that's simply not people have assumptions because they can't understand what it's like to want.. working people pay their bills but there's simply no money for food after the bills are paid and if people can't give of themselves especially people who do have money then there will be fewer food I've said before Tess your food pantry is better than most you actually get tangible food..some food pantries have such abstract and random items you can barely make a meal from what you get.. again people who do have,have to give so people that don't have can's sign of our times, there's no empathy no sympathy for anyone elses plight except our own.. crime will only get worse because hungry people won't stay hungry.. they will do what they have to do..most people don't know how to access food pantries because they're not publicly advertised.. let's all be kinder to one another and if we have let's pass it on and give it😁😁..let's strive to be better ..great video Tess .. blessings to you and your family 😇 😇😇 😇

  32. Yes we live in a trailer and we are low income we don't get food stamp they said we didn't qualify so I'm going to reserve on growing my vegetables and we never get no help from no one its been hard since we lost our business to a bigger company now my husband works for the state of Mississippi but he dont make much but I'm going to check around to see if I can find food pantry here to help us if it was for a company donation for a ham this Christmas we would have one we can't afford lots of things but I love to hear from u you are great at helping us low income families

  33. We have been so low on food but we didn't want to ask our church for money that's so crazy but we were inbarrest to ask

  34. great video Sis , Lord only knows what tomorrow will bring that is why I say save it up, stock it up and can it up. we have to drive an hour to the nearest grocery store so I don't go often but when I do I am looking for bargains .this past week I found fifty pounds of potatoes for 13.00 which is a really good buy for my area. so I am canning them up and I got 36 quarts, that will go a long ways ,I get two meals per quart feeding three people. have a blessed day friend

  35. My husband makes good money and we struggle to sometimes feed our family of 5. The bills we have takes a lot of our income,so I think its great that a food pantry is out there. In my state you have to be almost homeless to get to go to a food pantry. So its great that it is out there. God bless

  36. I use pantries also when I don’t have enough money to buy enough food to last. My medications have gone up so high even with insurance. For instance just one medication co pay is almost $68 a month due to illness I am unable to work and do get disability. With each raise social security has I go further in the hole because my copays go higher. I never break even. Sister is going to teach me couponing like she does. So excited about that. She stays way ahead and probably won’t need to shop for a couple years but rotates.

  37. We are considered comfortable middle but I consider myself more frugal, more traditional in my spending and ways. We are moving toward a lower fixed income now that hubby is retiring. Having lived in our RV for a year voluntarily I understand the need for simplicity.

    I love your channel for frugal tips.

  38. A lot of folks who go to my pantry won't cook beans or rice. We have gotten spoiled by instant food items. I like the ild fashioned way of cooking.

  39. Really good video Tessie. Thank you for addressing the middle class, because yes, the taxes take so much it bumps you down quite a bit moneywise. Here in CA, like everywhere else I suppose, the food prices keep going up. I think that 2020 will see a lot more food price hikes and a lot more people suffering. The a.m. news today had a story about more people in L.A., who have jobs, can't afford rent and are living in their cars. Safe parking lots, who have security and bathroom access are starting so people can be safer sleeping in their cars. If the economy was so great, I don't understand (even with CA's ridiculous taxes) why so many are homeless here. Very sad. Take away food pantries and it's going to be even more challenging for many more.

  40. Victoria Reggio — Excellent point on the credit card debt. I have a friend who is very, very intelligent, but has gotten himself into a financial bind even though his take home pay is now $60K a year (72K before taxes), and he is single. When we met we were making $27K before taxes. He is having trouble changing his mindset about becoming financially free. Until people believe in their hearts they can do okay without using credit, and put the credit cards away and live beneath their means, they will not make the changes needed – like finding less expensive places to live, cutting cable, and not having expensive cell phone plans and more cars than they need. The heart and the mind have to work together to pull out of the materialistic pits that are all around us. Learning to say "No" to ourselves is such a valuable lesson.

  41. Tessie, you are so right! Even if you're staying above water right now, remember, the price of everything is going to continue to go up! Buying food now and storing it away is a hedge against inflation and a smart thing to do. I consider our buckets and dehydrated and freeze dried foods as part of our retirement plan. The current price of many of the products I stored is now double what I paid. Growing your own saves even more! Keep preaching, Tessie. 💗 Blessings and have a joyous Christmas. 💚🎄💚

  42. I don't know what it's like to be middle income anymore. When I was we struggled raising 2 kids. P Trump has put through cuts on disability and food stamps that go into effect in January. He also does not like food banks and pantry's. Low income people will be having a harder time than ever. Learning how to skimp and do without is necessary to keep a roof overhead and afford some medical care.

  43. Cabbage here is normally .99/lb. In March it goes on sale for .49 or so. Good thing you can get a lot out of a head of cabbage! Lol

  44. I lived in a small mobile home with my two toddlers years ago as a single mom and would use blankets or plastic wrap to keep the heat in and boiled water for baths when our water heater stopped heating. I got $52 in food stamps and WIC and worked full time. Paying my lot rent and gas for my older car was my top priority so I taught myself how to cook tons of things and stopped buying processed foods to stretch my money. My kids are 7 and 8 and I'm still just as frugal but learning to set small amounts aside helped us buy our first home

  45. Very interesting. I also live in a mobile home and what I found very surprising I’m near about the same area as yourself. Small world indeed!

  46. We are the richest country in the world. No matter your politics, no ones child should go hungry. And shame on us as a nation if they do. Period.

  47. In 2009 till 2011 we were in small town in SC PA. My husband was not able to work due to heart issues from Agent Orange and I hadn't worked in years because of spinal fusion. He got 384 dollars a month disability, thankfully our house was paid for. We had a wonderful church pantry in our town, they literally kept us fed . You could go twice a month and they would fill your cart. They gave so much stuff out! A lot of people didn't want to have to do the cooking so they always gave me extras of things no one wanted. I dehydrated a lot of the canned beans, mylar packed a lot of the dry goods and canned the fresh foods they gave us. I still have a lot of this food today in my storage. I think you are right and things are only going to get harder in the years to come, so people need to start thinking about what they will do. THanks

  48. I used to be middle class before I became disabled (injured on the job). I understand where you are coming from. Yet, now that I am on disability, people think since we get a "raise" every year it is good. Take last year. I got a $21 "raise". Oh, that is good? My food stamps went from $52 to $43. My rent went up $24. My cable and electric went up. Now, this year I am supposed to get a $12 "raise". Oh, my food stamps went from $43 to $46 a couple of months ago, but on the 1st, goes back down to $40. My rent goes up another $20. The cable and electric are also going up. So, we are worse of of these "raises" too 🙁

    To beat all, the one place we could go to in order to get fresh produce, dairy and meats has shut down. The couple of churches here are so loaded down. I come from an improvised area of the country. But, I still work hard to prep the best I can.

    All in all, though, I am so thankful for the Lord and His care of me. He provides.

  49. Tessie, I’ve never lived in a mobile home, but have lived in a very small home in the UK. I pay a high level of tax but am careful with my food spending… so it really helps…. I think food in the USA is really expensive compared to the Uk. There are lots of families that fall through the cracks and food banks are essential.
    I think we just have to worry about today sometimes Tessie…

  50. I don't think that you have to worry about food pantries going away as this is a tax right off for lots of stores. Places donate the goods and get a write off.

  51. Hey all you Tessie fans aka Tessie family,I have a question. I know many of you are Christians. My family has battled anxiety and fear since about end of Oct,about a custody case. It went in our favor,but the stress level hasn't gone down. It's a stressful situation. I want to know how does one fight spiritual battles? Prayer,I know. But we pray steady every day. Feel good for a bit,then stress again. We need peace,and need it heaps. Any suggestions?

  52. I had no idea you have to pay taxes on Youtube, how sad! I live off 12,000 a yr. and I work. very sad indeed!
    We are taxed when we work and taxed for everything else…. super sad, but some how we make it!
    I receive nothing from our government, no foodstamps nor anything else…. I pay all my bills every month with little left over, and I'm still very thankful! God is good all the time, Amen! Love you :0)

  53. My son lives in Atlanta Ga.He is single .He has a 6 figure income.He pays outrageous rent.The taxes that comes out of his check is high,plus he has to pay more taxes at the end of the year.He talks about getting second job just to make more money.

  54. You can get food stamps if you make 2000 you can get 15 dollars you might qualify I don't think you're bringing home two thousand a month you and your husband might qualify you just have to fill out the form

  55. I live in Penn they thought my husdand was working and told us we can get 15 dollars in food stamps even with him working but he was not he's very sick so I got it straightened out but I think you two would qualify. It only takes a couple mins to fill out the form you have nothing to lose I would still try

  56. Tessie I live in a mobile home. I’m thankful I have a roof over my head and not homeless or renting . I understand what you mean about food stamps. Hubby I live on a fixed income retired, our monthly income is below average. . I don’t get any help. The sad thing is a lot of people on food stamps sell them to do drug abuse too. Most elderly are lucky if the get 15 dollars a month. It’s the elderly that suffer ,the ones that have worked all their lives can’t get nothing. It turns my stomach to see how food stamps are wasted too. I know people that get them that are just to sorry to work, They buy food that’s not healthy ( junk) like processed meals that don’t require cooking.,Chips loads of soda cookies cakes ,just pure out wasted. They don’t know what it’d be like to cook a pot of pinto beans and rice. Ok I wrote you a book. I’m sorry!

  57. You said a mouthful, Tessie! You go girl! I have seen and thought about this for a long time. Luckily I have skills to grow and preserve food. When our children were small and my husband lost his job and had difficulty finding another job. We went to DHS to figure out if we could get assistance…..not for us, but for our girls. Food stamps and insurance….we told us to come back when we had used all our retirement savings! This was when I began to see that our government wasn't really looking out for us and we needed to rely on ourselves. Keep spreading the word…..Tessie! Love your channel.

  58. I love your content. It's my first time watching your channel. Do you have a hearing issue? No disrespect intended and I understand if you don't want to answer.

  59. A lot of we retirees have a difficult time making ends meet sometimes for the first time in our lives. When something breaks, it's hard to come up with extra money to repair it. It can be a struggle.  One thing I have been thinking about is what if I am not well enough to run out to the grocery store every week as I do now. Prepping makes sense for that situation too. Your ideas would be very helpful for many seniors for many reasons. TY

  60. Tessie can you show what all you dehydrate so we can see what we can do? The only thing I had trouble with was carrots. They were so hard and when I tried to add them to a soup ick. What did I do wrong? I cooked them forever. Is there a certain time to dehydrate them? Can you do more dehydrating? I also can lots so both would be great.

  61. As a UK subscriber, I have no idea how the tax system works in the USA. I believe here, we can earn around £11,500 before we are taxed. If a sole income came from Youtube, I doubt it would be enough to pay tax on here. My channel is not monetised, I have no idea how much a creator/influencer can make. Lots of people talk about making an income from their videos, but, I have never heard anyone share figures. Maybe in Pennsylvania, you incur other taxes. Medical insurance is probably very expensive for you. Here in the UK we have the National Health Service so we don’t have medical insurance unless we choose to have Private Medical insurance but we don’t opt out of the NHS. We can choose to pay for private treatment if we want to spend our earnings that way. A prescription here is £9.00 but those on low incomes, the elderly and children don’t pay. I think we still have a very strong middle class here, but what we used to call Working Class is now probably the unemployed or people on the minimum wage. I think our minimum wage is around £8.50 an hour. You do well Tessie and you are an inspiration to many. Love Jane x

  62. ~~~ My dear friend I wish you and Mr. Chevy a wonderful Merry Christmas. …Yes you are so right about Pantry. …We all need to think now. And thank you for your videos my friend. P.S….your son Scott Merry Christmas.

  63. True the $ we makes by the time we get taxed theres nothing left. We are struggling even cold to turn the heater down to save money. Life is hard.

  64. We are thankful for our food pantry due to a lot of hardship never experianced in my 49yrs. Of marrige. Our rent raising every month to over1700. a month not enough left for food for the past two years. But our food pantry came in handy thanks to God. Only we go if needed . Dont like taking if someone else needs it more. Thank you.

  65. This is a very important video
    It upsets me that there are people that really need help and can't get it and others not needing it but get it
    People buying second homes this is true .I hope you are getting help with health care because that is really important
    We must always remember God is our provider and not to fear
    Fear is not of the Lord

  66. Your right on ssd average in pa is 1300.00 a month on ssi its 770.oo month plus 200.oo food stamps all dr free and meds free ssd you pay 139.00 for your insurance and copays for meds and dr you do math ssd you worked to receive ssi you didnt ssd is poorer than ssi but god provides oantry helps all and im blessed

  67. merry Christmas to you and your family. my mom and I go to our local food pantry too. I use as much as I can for prepping. and if I don't need it then I give it to neighbors that need it

  68. I'm sorry, but I will have to disagree with you. Our economy is booming and there are Jobs out there. That's your decision to stay home. Both me and my husband work and we live conservative. We never had to go to a good bank. But as far as people are hurting is hogwash…Trump 2020

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