Food Chains , Food Webs , Energy Pyramid Education Video for kids by makemegenius com

this video is from dummies dummies make me genius back up did you I see more science videos go dude are you guys out as you guys may see genius back yeah well it is free hey lucky man can you give a bike to me if I tell you something about pizza and food would you give a piece okay tell me do you know where all food comes from wow you are right we humans get all our food from animals and plants let me tell you more about food plants are only living species who make their own food they use sunlight carbon dioxide from air and water from soil to make their food this process is called photosynthesis so now you know plants make their own food all other species like animals and we humans are dependent on plants now see a giraffe is coming it is eating the plant species who only eat plant are called herbivores Oh what is happening a lion is coming oh it is attacking the giraffe it is killed the giraffe and is eating it species which eat other animals are called carnivores so you have seen plants make their own food other animals eat plants and some other animals eat those animals who eat plants so all are dependent on plants this is also called food chain it starts from plants in food chain plants are known as producers as they produce food the species who eat plants are called primary consumers and the species who eat species depended on plants are called secondary consumers now there is one more part of this food chain these are fungi and bacteria and soil when animals die these fungi and bacteria in soil decompose their dead bodies they become nutrients these nutrients again are used by plants to make food see here when lion dies its body is decomposed in soil by bacteria and fungi and it turns into nutrients then these are again you by plants these fungi and bacteria are called decomposers decomposers are important part of food chain let us see other food chain here rat eats acorns fruit which comes from plant and snake eats rats eagle ii threat eagle dies it gets decomposed and plants use decompose nutrients to produce fruit the food chains which we saw which have one producer one primary consumer and one secondary consumer are called simple food chains actually life is not so simple look at this picture this is very complex look at the rat it can be eaten by cat also or it may be eaten by snake plant can be eaten by goat or by rabbit these kind of complex food chains are called food web as they are very interconnected like a spider web so now you know a lot about food food chain and food web now can you give me a piece thank you I was so tired and hungry I wanted energy to continue do you know why we need food ok ok you know we need food to get energy energy is required by living being for growth also for movement we need energy similarly when species reproduce they need energy also as grow up or grow old our old tissues get damaged or new cells are produced this process also needs energy now from where this energy come from most of the living species use sun’s energy this energy is transferred to body by a food they eat Sun gives light energy which is used by plants to make their food by photosynthesis these plants are eaten by primary consumers and energy is transferred to them now secondary consumers eat these primary consumers and energy is transferred to them too so does giraffe get all the energy from plant which plant gets from Sun or does lion gets all energy from giraffe which giraffe gets from plant the answer is no actually ninety percent energy is lost when it passes from one part of chain to other like ninety percent she has lost when giraffe eats plant similarly ninety percent energy is lost between lion and giraffe look at this pyramid it is called energy pyramid this shows that energy available becomes lesser and lesser as we move on the top of food chain to understand energy pyramid let’s assume plants absorb 1000 units of energy from Sun when giraffe eats it ninety percent energy is lost so giraffe only gets ten percent of energy this means energy transfer from plan to giraffe is a hundred and five of a thousand units of plant energy which is 100 units now when lion eats giraffe ninety percent energy is again lost and lion gets only ten units of energy so now you know more about food and energy can you give me one more bite please give me one more bite you already have so much energy I need more food to get more energy sorry man so you’re going to summon UW telling you done making for science videos ooh it also has lots of interesting facts in PowerPoint presentations for children [Music]

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