Florida High School Shooting Teacher: ‘I Just Prepared To Die’ | TODAY

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  1. This broke my heart. What a sweet teacher to hug and kiss her students like her own children. I haven't survived a school shooting, but my school had to go on lockdown when I was in seventh grade because there was a gunman outside (we were told he entered the seminary building though I'm not sure this was true). I remember my sweet math teacher trying to comfort a girl who was crying and I was just terrified because my twin sister was in a class right below mine. I can't imagine the trauma these people deal with still.

  2. When she said those kids will change it all I’m thinking of is this should’ve been stopped after columbine 20 years ago five years before I was even born

  3. I lost it when they played the video of the SWAT team coming in and you could see their hands shaking uncontrollably when they were told to put them in the air

  4. that clip of the swat coming in and seeing those kids shake is horrible I am only 13 but knowing that can happen to me is horrible I hope this stops

  5. It is inconceivable how you go to school to learn how to read and write and then you gotta learn also how to survive a mass shooting!!

  6. I know this is not important but the interviewer in the beginning of the video was blinking so much I got distracted tbh and it was annoying anyone else agrees ?

  7. Think about if she had followed protocol though, many kids and an adult probably would've died. Love his poem.😢😢😗😗

  8. The fact that someone would do this is heartbreaking. The lives lost breaks my heart. The injured breaks my heart. The victims who could have lost their lives breaks my heart. The whole thing, breaks my heart.

  9. The video of the teacher on one of the moring shows seems hard to fine

    She said the shooter was dress in full police gear with mask in one of the video,s that suppose show cruz he has no gear and only seems to have a small bag with a weapon that he pulls from it.

    WE all get it wrong at times but the teacher said the shooter she saw look like a police officer

    Sad but some will wonder if this is real
    Some wonder why the officer did not do his job
    some wounder if this is fake from all the Gun control talk coming out from this

    A sad day for all and if fake as some will say its even a sadder day for this nation and our kids, way of life and the world
    for the same people that gave the US 911, have been calling for attacks and love places like schools and yet the school system nation wide has been at the bottom of the list for up dates from the FBI, CIA, ATF, Home -Land and local police as well.

    one has to wonder why this kid was so up set it seem like a good ideal to attack the school as he did

    Just a note to thank on

  10. The teacher has some hilarious facial expressions god love her! Rewatch it and really analysis how unemotional her eyes are!
    Anyone with acting experience would laugh at this! Yes I do like how the 911 operator knew how the shooter was coming back.
    Doesn't matter how many mistakes they make, people will still believe it regardless.

  11. These teachers are AMAZING. The first one kissing all her kids and showing them love of it meant it would be the last bit of love they’d ever receive, and the second one telling her students that they won’t get to the kids before they get through her and that it’ll hopefully give them enough time to get away or hide or whatever. These women need to praised for the rest of their lives. Thank you thank you thank you for being so selfless and just being nurturing. You two deserve everything ❤️

  12. I dont care if this is from a year ago but one thing for sure We NEED to have a teacher like the elder lady who ACTUALLY cares for other students

  13. These are so sad it makes me actually cry for them but I don't think any one should be carrying or be owning a gun!

  14. the 911 Operator during these situations will say that the shooter is going to come back if they know there are more people to shoot in the classroom! Its so obvious why are you people questioning that? Its so that they can prepare barricades etc while he/she is gone

  15. I can’t imagine what is going through their heads, in the video where they put their hands up I can’t see the poor kids shaking, and I can understand why, this is truly heartbreaking.

  16. When she read the text messages it had me crying. I can't believe such young kids had to go through this. I will pray every night from now on for these children and all schools.

  17. Teachers who care abt their students.. Awesome.. One of my teachers left the school when a fire cracker went off and came to my school and was laughing abt it saying the school could've blown up, but he wasn't waiting for anyone.. Nice to see teachers who care enough for their students to give up their lives

  18. —It's interesting that a warning about the intentional use of school shootings to subvert the Bill of Rights was published by a retired US Navy intelligence office in the early 1990s (see William Cooper – "Behold a Pale Horse"). All of this mess was foretold, and nothing is as it seems to be.
    —Study history: "Operation Gladio" and the "Strategy of Tension". Watch the YouTube documentary "NATO's Secret Army". You will immediately understand everything that is happening in America today.
    —The spectacle of public attacks, whether real or hoax, is not random. These attacks are carefully planned and conducted to further a political agenda – the destruction of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the elimination of the USA as a sovereign nation.
    —Don't be fooled; this is a form of covert war, and TODAY has aligned itself with enemies of America.
    —Just a polite reminder: every American's right to keep and bear arms is both natural and unalienable. These rights were neither granted by government, nor can they be repealed by government. The highest foundational laws of our nation clearly prohibit government – federal, state and local – from acting in this matter. CONGRESS HAS NO POWER WHATSOEVER to enact any law, no matter how seemingly "reeeeezonable" – if that law even infringes upon our rights.

  19. "It's different this time because of the children": “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” ― Adolf Hitler

  20. You guys remember when the only think that you would worry about in school was homework? Now there are these people shooting up our schools..

  21. Istg if I was a teacher there and they were kids in the hallway I whould have opened the doors and let them innnn tf

  22. I remember once my teacher kissed me for literally NO reason. In this situation you can kiss me but not for no reason

  23. Each school should have a specific knock that's code for open or closed.

    Of course it would be a school secret. Unless the shooter goes or works in that school, they wouldn't know the code.

    I gather it might be hard to get your brain to function properly in those moments, but a chance is a chance. I'm thankful that the teacher broke protocol for the students, but maybe it won't always have to be that way.

  24. " whats going on , in America?"

    " i dont know, but these children are going to change it, this young man , and all of his schoolmates are going to change it "

  25. R.I.P Everyone Who Died They Never Deserved to Die Especially in That Way 😭😭😭😭😭 And I Hope the Victims Familys Recover 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 And I Hope Anyone Who got Hurt Recovers 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. His poem that was talking about how life is like a roller coaster and it will sometime stop is really scary, almost like he knew he was going to die

  27. Kids are spinning guns on their fingers because they are depressed and severely injured mentally.
    Poor kids and victims of those kids. May no kid grow up to be a murdere 🙏🏻
    It's sad how they develop these feelings through the years and its unfair that it happens and no one but a psychiatrist can help to avoid. Jeffrey Dahmer explains that very well.

  28. I feel sick when someone tells me about a school shooting because knowing that someone's planning to shoot you or your friends or your teachers even, any child is despocable…

  29. They should have like a system to text 911 because in these situations were you have to be quiet you really can't be that loud especially when you're not safe

  30. Teachers should not have guns . Why do you think Ireland , Britain , China , etc have so little school shooting / gun violence rates? This is tremendously upsetting , the reporter is tearing up and that is telling of an urgent problem .

  31. My friend and her family knew Alyssa and tomorrow we are going to have an active shooting drill. I just feel so bad for her that she has to go through this every year.

  32. Took them 90 minutes?!? IF Cruz has enough ammunition do you know what he would have done in 90 minutes? Do better America… do better.

  33. I can't believe how much pain those teachers are going through thinking that they had to do with it and that's why the kid died

  34. I'm scared that this will happen to our school. Students have been saying they shoot up the school. It hasn't happened but I think one day I might happen.

  35. When she said .. “ If anyone comes through that door to harm you , I will be your first defence , they will have to shoot me first and maybe that will give you a chance “ .. I broke into tears..

  36. I wish they would not say shooters names all over the place. In videos, on the news, in articles they always say their names as if they where idols that everyone should know. That is what they want, they want everybody to know what they did.


  38. Have gun saved more lives in America than it has taken ? I will never understand you guys. From France, that’s the main reason why a lot of people think American are dumb. How dare you accept to live in such an environment!

  39. this kinda hits hard cause my school gets threats like ALL the time and i never feel safe at my school. it kinda sucks cause the schoil year just started and we have already gotten 2 threats.i pray that nothing bad will happen to us.

  40. The part where the old woman said that they have to go through me first broke my heart because now I know how much teachers have to go through to take care of us while we get our education done. And to take care of us 💔😢😖

  41. As a high school student, I’ve never thought that everyday I would refuse to use the bathroom during class or go into the hall unless necessary because I’m scared I’ll be trapped outside.

  42. How to not get shot at school 101 Step 1 dont go to an American school
    Step 2 be nice and kind to everyone
    Step 3 bunk as many school days as possible step for be in the farthest away seat in the class
    Step 4 wear a bullet proof jacket under your jacket
    Step 5 take all drills seriously

  43. This is honestly a really hard, emotional, and a true nightmare Topic to talk about. I hope that one day this will stop. Those poor kids I just wanna hug them because I hate seeing people in pain. Poor kids, I’m a kid myself I’m 13. I can’t ever imagine this happening to my school. Ever.

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