48 thoughts on “Flipaclip masters”

  1. on the top of the vid they spelled "Animations" wrong they spelled it "Animaitions" they were supposed to spell it this way: "Animations" X3

  2. Why did you make it look like you made it when you put your channel name at the top maybe show there channel name too!

  3. As músicas me emiosonarão queria mostrei para todos os meus amigos … e esso virou uma fofoca na escola sabiam? Nossa né ? Muito legal

  4. 9:15 Me:LET ME SEE YOUR FACE,Tinky:No,Me:Now,Tinky:nope,Me:Pulls Mask off,Tinky:000000000000000000oooooooooooo0000000000000000000

  5. Ну,ну,полегче
    Кому-то надо знать определение слова «мастер»
    Я не могу назвать мастерами больших людей из этого топа.

  6. 2:14 can’t you see that this person is a tracer?? Why would you put this in here!? All I see in this video is tracers and frame-sliders. 😡

  7. 4:15 ok please tell me why kedamono is here I mean he is not your oc maybe you are a POPEE THE PERFORMER fan

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